Data gender. The blue part is showing

DataAnalysis Primarydata analysis (Quantitative)After doing the surveyon 30 people who have visited and stayed in Sylhet for the purpose of tourism Ihave collected analyzed following data:                                                 The pie chart is representing thegender.

The blue part is showing the percentage of men and red part is forfemale who have visited Sylhet for the purpose of tourism. Among 30 people 24persons or 80% were male and 6 persons or 20% were female.                                                                      The pie chart is showing the ageof the sample group.  The blue portion isfor 21-24 years, the red portion is for 25-28 years and the Yellow portion ispresenting more than 28 years. From my survey I have found out that 22 personsor 73.3% were between the ages of 21-24 years; 8 persons or 26.7% were between25-28 years and 0 persons were more than 28 years.

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From here it can be noticedthat, young adults are more fascinated towards tourism.                                                                                             The pie chart above is showingthe designation of the people whom I have surveyed. The blue part is showingthe portion of student, the red part is for businessmen, the yellow portion isfor service holder and the Green portion is for others. Here 24 persons or83.3% are students; 3 persons or 10% are service holder and 3 persons are doingother jobs. Among these 30 people students are more likely towards tourism.

     Q1. Do you like to visit different places?                                           The pie chart above shows thepercentage of 30 people who like to visit different places. The blue part showsthe percentage of people who like to visit different places and the red partshows the percentage who doesn’t like to visit. In my survey all of the 30people or 100% like to visit different places.  Q2. Have you ever visited Sylhet?                                             The chart aboveis showing the percentage of the people in my survey who have visited Sylhet.The blue part is showing the percentage who has visited Sylhet and the redportion is showing who have not. In my survey 93.

3% or 28 persons have visitedSylhet and 2 persons or 6.7% have not.Q3. How many days you have stayed there?                                       The pie chart is showing how manydays my respondent has stayed there. The blue is for 2-4 days, red is for 5-10days, yellow is for 11-20 days and green is for more than 21 days. In my surveyamong 30 53.5% or 16 persons have stayed for 2-4 days, 7 persons or 23.

3% havestayed for 5-10 days; lastly 23.3% or 7 persons have stayed in Sylhet for morethan 21 days.Q4. How did you hear about Sylhet? (You can choose more than one)                The bar chart is showing thepercentage of how my 30 respondents have heard about Sylhet. Most of the peoplehave known about Sylhet through internet and television. A good number ofpeople have known from newspaper. Some people have known about Sylhet throughradio, tour operator and magazine.

 Q5. What was your main mode of transportation?                          The pie chart above shows thepercentages of the main mode of transportation. The blue is for personal/rentedcar, red is for airplane, yellow is for tour bus/vehicle and green is for othertype of transportation. In my survey 73.3% or 22 persons have gone to Sylhet bytour bus/vehicle, 16.7% or 5 persons have gone there by personal or rented carand 10% or 3 persons have used other types of transportation.

Q6. Which areas should be developedaccording to you? (You can choose more than one)            The bar chart shows the percentagesof areas which should be developed. Most of my respondents have chosen thevisiting areas (63.3%) to be more developed. Secondly the transportation(43.

3%), thirdly accommodation (36.7%) and other areas (16.7%) should bedeveloped.  Q7. Which factor was more important to you? (You canchoose more than one) The bar chart above shows the percentages of thehighest important factor about Sylhet. From my survey I have found out that thenatural beauty was the most important factor with 90% or 27 people. Secondlyopportunity to see the natural areas with 53.

3% vote, thirdly the weather with46.7% and lastly opportunity to see wildlife was important for my respondents. Q8.

What impressions has your visit given to youabout Sylhet?                                          The pie chart shows thepercentage of the impression of my respondents towards different areas ofSylhet. The blue color is for area with preserves and cherishes nature, the redis for beautiful town and orange is for town with traditional cultures. In mysurvey 63.3% or 19 people think Sylhet as the area which preserves andcherishes nature. 20% or 6 persons think it as the town with traditionalculture; and 16.7% or 5 people think it as beautiful town.

 Q9.What activities have you been doing or will you be doing while visiting Sylhet?(You can choose more than one)


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