Dangers Facing College Freshmen

Dangers Facing College Freshmen After high school, many teens decide to enter college. Ready to experience life as an adult, high school graduates go out freely and ready to explore the world. We are unaware and clueless of the dangers ahead. Suddenly, things change when we come in touch with reality and realize that college is not all fun and games. Use to the security of our parents, we do not expect any problems or dangers to approach us.In college, the security is not really there anymore and different dangers start to rise, specially as a college freshman. These dangers are often overlooked by many students, which can be overwhelming.

One of the first dangers college freshmen face is a lack of sleep. Whether one stays up all night partying, studying, or Just watching television, the amount of sleep you receive will be the key component in how you succeed in life during college. Not sleeping can cause many negatives effects with social status and education.Not only will it interfere with students’ education, but also with your physical body. Vive earned through experience that sleep is vital. Without adequate hours of sleep, the body drains, causing one to function improperly.

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This effect on the body often results in missed classes, late work, and sleeping during class. As a college freshman, this is not the correct way to start off. Not only is lack of sleep a danger many college freshmen face, extreme weight gain is also a danger and fear. In college, students will face many temptations.Food, being the most common temptation, is one of the easiest to give into. You can eat whatever you want, whenever you want it! French fries, cake, ice cream, candy, soda, and pizza is always available.

We’ve all heard of the well-known “freshman fifteen”. This weight gain is real. This unexpected weight gain is put on by freshman due to an overwhelming amount of stress. Students think that eating will Just take all of their problems away. They later realize that constantly eating was Just a temporary ease. A busy schedule causes exercise to be difficult to make time for.

This makes the weight gain easier and the losing weight harder. The last biggest danger faced by college freshmen, and one of the most difficult, is identity confusion. Everyone faces a point in life where they are searching for who they are and their purpose. I personally think that this phase in life is typically harder for college freshmen.

College gives students a new environment, new friends, a new mindset, and new interest. This sudden life change causes you to wonder. Peer pressure, drugs, sex, and other influences usually start taking over ones’ mind.

In this point of life, many people break down and take a turn for the worse, but with a good purport system, awareness, and a mind of your own, a college freshman would go through this transition with ease. In my opinion, being a college freshman is a very difficult task. It is an entire new By Laurelled life and the chance to make something out of yourself. Your grades, attitude, and mindset play a huge part. These dangers can be overcome by anyone entering college.

There are many dangers faced by college freshman and they can vary by each individual student, but the most common are lack of sleep, weight gain, and identity confusion.


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