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Dang Le Nguyen Vu Essay

In the context of globalization, the economics of Vietnam has grown up quickly. Entrepreneur is the main key which drives the Vietnamese economic forward. Dang Nguyen Le Vu is one of the most successful entrepreneurs in Vietnam. He creates thousands of jobs for employee and brings Vietnamese’s coffee to the world. However, He has been given the title “The king of Vietnamese’s coffee “by Forbes magazine which is the best magazines for business.

In this part of my report I am going to illustration you the biography of Dang Nguyen Le Vu. Dang Le Nguyen Vu was born in February, 10 in 1971 in Nhatrang, Khanhhoa. He was become a high school student in 1986. . His family was very poor. They were living in the poverty rural area. After his class, Vu was helping his family crops and bricks for the local kiln. Vu was a brilliant student in high school.

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He studied undergraduate at Tay Nguyen University in Buon Ma Thuot which is the coffee capital. When he was studying in third year at university, he realized that he wanted to be a business man not a physician after seeing his father illness. At that time, He only needed 2 million Vnd for his father treatment but it was impossible. He promised himself that he have to change his family life. However, his ambition was building the Vietnamese coffee industry and bringing it up to the world level.