Dallas Museum of Art Essay

Dallas Museum of Art ReportWhen I entered the building, I could feel an atmosphere that was rather calm yet lively at the same time. I decided to pick the Dallas Museum of Art because it has variety.

The museum has works from various cultures and I enjoy looking at paintings more than anything else. This being my second time visiting the museum, I had more of a chance to enjoy all that was open to the public that I did not get to see when I first came with my fashion design class when I was a junior in high school. I never felt intimidated when I walked around in the museum, it felt very welcoming, clean, and secure. I like when museums have a sense of calm because it makes them museum appears more beautiful. And just like every museum, security is placed at different stations inside the building to protect the art and I think it is good that they are there because not everyone is capable of following the rules. While I was in the museum, I spent most of my time looking at paintings and I found the painting of Saint Gertrude by Miguel Cabrera to be quite beautiful. Painted in 1803, Saint Gertrude’s face appears quite serene to the viewer and has religious appeal as well to those who are Christian or Catholic.

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The serene expression on her face makes her appear very beautiful in a motherly way in my eyes. And while I was there, I saw a marble statue known as Semiramis by William Wetmore that was carved in 1873. This statue has a classical feel to it and I adore statues that look classical because it makes them appear timeless. And it is that timelessness that gives the statue beauty. Though it appears fragile, I am sure it will be seen by many for many years to come.

The last work of art that I enjoyed was an oil painting by John Sargent, which was titled Dorothy and it was made in 1900. What I like about oil paintings, is that it is a media that allows for the painter to create realism. The painter gives life through a range of colors, which you can see when you look at Dorothy’s face. The colors scheme the painter used helps depict that she pure since she is a child and the gentle pink hue on her cheeks shows that as well. And it is just a nice painting of a child. While I was walking around looking at the paintings I found a few that did not quite catch my eye or interest.

I would have to say that Bather with a Cigarette, painted by Yasuo Kuniyoshi in 1924 was one of my least favorites. From what I learned in class, I can tell that this painting lacks the illusion texture, which is an element of art that is incorporated in many oil paintings.Also, I learned in class what is considered to be “Fine Art” in the art world and I kind of do not see how this is “Fine Art” in my eyes.

It feels as if something is missing whenever I look at the painting and it slightly bothers me. Though I will come across paintings that I like and do not like, that does not mean that I cannot appreciate art. Art comes in many forms and art is not always meant to be “appealing” to the viewer. And I have gained more appreciation for art thanks to the Art Appreciation class because I have gained more knowledge about the arts and the art world that I did not know about before. I enjoyed my trip to the museum and I cannot wait to return back again because I really do love art. I wish I had more time to look at all the art works because there is just too many to see.


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