Daily Show Essay

Comedies Influences on Politics When people think of politics people think of Democrats and Republicans. Most people think those are the two views of politics. However many people have different views and beliefs when it comes to politics. But where do these views and beliefs come from? Many views and ideas about politics come from shows like the Daily Show. The Daily Show has a negative impact on peoples views and opinions on politics. The Daily Show is a comedy show which gives false information which people tend to believe.The host of the Daily Show is a stand up comedian named Jon Stewart.

The Daily Show also happenes to air on a channel called the Comedy Central. The Comedy Central is known for obnoxious comedies like the Chapel Show and South Park. So why do people take the Daily Show seriously and use the show as a main source for news? Television tends to have a huge impact on people. Main stream media tends to stick in peoples mind and constantly stay there.People use the Daily Show as a main source of news because “The Daily Show delivers the news in a way better suited to our ever-shrinking attention spans.

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” (Zinser, 370). This information staying in our head affects our views and opinions which among those are political views. Daily Show mainly considered as a satirical television program. The Daily Show makes a living off turning real world news and making some sort of joke out of it. As Zinser says “ The Daily Show uses real events as a vehicle for comedy” (365).So why do so many people watch the Daily Show? Well most people watch the Daily Show for its humor.

Regardless of your reason of watching the Daily Show, the show can have a huge impact on many of your opinions on the world including politics. As Zinser says “ The Daily Show shapes peoples perspective on the world” (366). Many would argue and say that some news is better then no news. Fake news does not have to be all that bad. The Daily Show has a benefit which normal shows do not. The Daily Show can does not care about what the show chooses to say.The Daily Show does not mind offending certain parties or people.

As Zinser says the Daily Show is “unburdened by objectivity” (371). If you have similar views to Jon Stewart and the Daily Show it can be easy to watch the show. People tend to be bored by regular news shows and choose not to watch them. If it were not for Jon Stewart and the Daily Show a lot of people would be uninformed citizens. How are people suppose to change the country if they are uninformed. America is a democracy so its all about the people.The Daily Show known to be a political comedy television show know for its satire.

The Daily Show tends to give out fake but believable news to viewers. The Daily Show has a negative impact on peoples political views and opinions. Some might argue that the Daily Show is good rather than bad. However thats usually the opinion of its viewers. The Daily Show is on the comedy network what goo can that do for viewers.

Fake news can have a person think a wrong way. The Daily Show is bad if viewers are going to use it as a main source for news.


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