Cyber-Sex Addiction Essay

Cybersex Addiction: Pleasure causes relationship, career and self-respect death “I am playing with myself; you want to watch,” “any women want to cyber,” “will you play cam to cam with me? ” “C’mon make me hot”-Cybersex addiction, a drug arguably more dangerous than cracked cocaine which promises a kingdom without day or night and shinning with endless sexual attractiveness. Increasing use of internet as sexual outlets has become one of the most interesting developments over the last few years.Through the Internet, pornography, sexually explicit material, and sexually focused communication known as cybersex is now available to every household that is connected to the World Wide Web. The spouse, the children, the siblings, and the extended circle of relationship of those accessing Cybersex are at risk of finding themselves swept up in a wake of consequences bought on by this contemporary form of sexual expression.

The definition of cybersex addiction is controversial due to the fact that it has not yet labeled as diagnosed disorder (Jones and Tuttle, in press).According to the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorder (DSM) “internet addiction is classi?ed as a “technological addiction” (Grif?ths, 2000b), or more generally, one characterized by “human-machine interaction” (p. 538). In fact, Internet addiction was considered for the forthcoming DSM-V “Behavioral addiction” category but was rejected due to a lack of research evidence and will instead be included in the appendix (Curley, 2010).

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This DSM-V category ensures that the word “addiction” will be applied to more than just drug use, and validates the concept of behavioral addictions, potentially including Internet addiction (Curley, 2010). ” In general cybersex addiction is The internet is affecting human sexuality as profoundly as the birth control pill. The children of 21st century are the first generations who commonly will have their initial sexual experience online. Virtual sex toys already exist, sexual activity stimulate over the internet. Everything one need for a complete sexual experience does exists in the virtual world except the touch of a real human being.


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