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Customer Service Essay

HPIX Case Study Customer Service HPIX CEO, Tom Gaudiosi discusses the unparalleled customer service provided by his staff, which has launched his company into the spotlight after only seven years. As we were forming our first Exchange, (PAHPIX) in mid-2002, one of our objectives was to provide unrivaled customer service. Dr. Mark Etter, HPIX’s Medical Director, stressed the need for our management staff to be accessible to our physician clients. Our cell phone numbers and email addresses were widely published.

Almost seven years and tens of thousands of calls and emails later, HPIX has established a customer service reputation unique to the industry. The ability of our subscribers to contact and communicate directly with an HPIX executive sets the stage for a prompt and effective response to the physician regarding the issues at hand. These issues run the gamut from reporting and adverse outcome to claims, coverage questions and risk management concerns, to changes in practices or procedures. The key point here is that our physicians can contact us and we respond promptly.

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A recent example of this occurred in early February, 2009. During a lunch meeting, I received a call on my cell phone from the head of one of HPIX’s largest groups. I learned that one of the physicians in the practice was recently been involved in an unusual situation regarding his hearing on a pending malpractice claim. The physician was quite concerned about the unexpected and ill-tempered reaction of the judge and the potential impact of the judge’s reaction on the disposition of this claim.

Once we were informed of this concern, and had the opportunity to review the relevant correspondence, I immediately contacted HPIX’s Vice President of Claims and Executive Vice President of Insurance Operations to discuss the situation. After about two hours of research, including contact with our claims representative assigned to the case and defense counsel, we were able to communicate back to our client. All concerns were addressed and laid to rest. That evening, I received an email from the physician who had initiated the earlier contact. He thanked me and my staff for the prompt response and investigation.

The situation was resolved the same day as the call was initiated. The best way to summarize this is to quote directly from the physician’s email that evening. “……… I believe this service and concern for the physician is what separates HPIX from other malpractice insurance Companies ……. it is this service that will keep the company ahead of its competitors for years to come……. ” We Don’t Just Sell Insurance; We Provide Solutions HEALTHCARE PROVIDERS INSURANCE EXCHANGE 30 South 17th Street, 11th Floor Philadelphia, PA 19103 Phone: 215-979-1503 Fax: 215-979-1020 Visit Us On The Web at WWW. HPIX-INS. COM