Currently, state. They are evacuating people, resources

Currently, humanity is experiencing many social, economic and political problems. But the most important problem we are facing worldwide and with no way to control it is the environment. Only this year have happened and continue to happen some important events that affect the environment and therefore our lives in the short, medium and long term.Earthquakes, cyclones, hurricanes, typhoons, avalanches, tsunamis, epidemics and forest insects are some of the natural tragedies that have happened this 2017. Man can predict some when they will happen. Others is just to prepare the best they can for when they pass evacuate and after the tragedy, recover as soon as possible.

In California people are having problems with the forest fires that are coming to the cities. Many people are still dead and some are homeless. The fire has eaten the majority of the state. They are evacuating people, resources and animals. President Trump gave the order to help, but what they have been able to stop the fire is almost nothing or a very low percentage.

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Most people have lost their properties and are looking for a solution, because the fire has not stopped. The villagers are afraid of losing their family and their home. When people return to their homes and see the disaster provoked by the fire, it only causes them to cry of sadness and desolation. The fire is driven by dry conditions, strong winds and small burning fractions that disperse because of the wind.Fire spreads to other directions during the day. Compulsory evacuations took effect in some parts of the state and the announcement of the loudspeakers of a police car said: “It’s time to leave.” The fires also injured more than 100 people who were treated at hospitals in the Napa and Sonoma area for fire injuries or health problems, including burns, smoke inhalation and shortness of breath. The fire claimed the lives of at least 17 people.

So far this year, 19 people have died in California from fires. The highest number of deaths from this cause in the last decade according to figures from state firefighters. Given the difficult situation that is being experienced throughout the state of California by severe fires, almost 300 counties in Orange, the Governor decreed the state of emergency. Volunteers are alert to notify the authorities about some type of emergency.

In the midst of the catastrophic situation in California, experts emphasize the importance of taking urgent action to respond to these events.Firefighters warn that it could be worse if the fire continues to expand. The Californians can not hold back the tears when they return to the land where their house was.A resident recalled the conversation he had with his partner about the plans he drew of his house, destroyed by fire.

The immigrant, who arrived 15 years ago to the United States with only the clothes he wore, was optimistic in spite of his tragedy and said that starting over will be difficult but not impossible. Uniquely, the strength and will of these people makes them feel challenged to continue their lives in this place.The evacuees only managed to take away some belongings, documents and objects of sentimental value in the middle of the emergency. Some have not been able to return to their homes and do not know if anything of them has remained standing.


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