“Cultural imperialism” and “cultural diplomacy” Essay

“ Cultural imperialism ” and “ cultural diplomatic negotiations ”IntroductionPossibly, & # 8220 ; cultural imperialism & # 8221 ; and & # 8220 ; cultural diplomatic negotiations & # 8221 ; are sufficiently immature, but it concerns merely word combinations.

Mankind ever tries to take definitions to different phenomena, in peculiar in domain of political relations, in such manner the words & # 8220 ; political orientation & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; myth & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; propaganda & # 8221 ; hold appeared.Cultural imperialism and cultural diplomatic negotiations can be considered merely as more or less aggressive method of propaganda activity.The procedure of clearance of relationship between news media and propaganda is as two instruments of cultural diplomatic negotiations and cultural imperialism.What is the purpose of cultural diplomatic negotiations and cultural imperialism: forming of political governments, determination of some economical jobs or something else? A big usage of sing definitions makes uncertainties that the purpose of distributing thoughts can be contain in one word. Most likely it is a composite of purposes. But what political relations is more successful? & # 8220 ; Whip & # 8221 ; political relations or & # 8220 ; coat & # 8221 ; political relations?New era, era of globalisation, era of powerful mass media has opened new chances for propaganda.

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A adult male is grasped from Television every twenty-four hours ; the stuff chosen by journalists has turned out in a watercourse of immense sum of information. & # 8220 ; It is [ Television ] the important beginning of information about the outside universe & # 8221 ; . ( Negrine op. Cit. , ibid. , p. 100 ) .

Naturally that if even journalists have no adequate clip for reading of the information, what hopes may be for mean witness to construe this information right. & # 8220 ; Television is a & # 8220 ; to a great extent selected reading of events & # 8221 ; ( R. Hoggart & # 8220 ; Bad intelligence & # 8221 ; . London, 1976, p.x. ) .

In the watercourse of the information a witness managed by ain biass and moral brought from without is constructing from the information knots a image of his ain universe. Peoples received the chance to cognize so many things without larning anything. At the sense degree a individual understands that he is manipulated ( likely because of that witness & # 8217 ; s grasp of journalists are so low ) . From the other side the information incorporating firing subjects of the twenty-four hours, aggressively and easy for understanding given, wakes up in a individual so powerful impulse which it & # 8217 ; s really hard non to be obeyed. As ne’er before a adult male has become such unprotected against foreign influence, the inquiry is what political orientation will be more right key for this or that state. From the other side despite that a adult male has learned to acquire over big distances for a short clip, people have non became closer one another.

It may be called & # 8220 ; the theory of unknown people & # 8221 ; . Unknown people are doing apparels for us, selling nutrients, unknown people are supporting us as a Police, unknown people are learning our kids, constructing our houses. When we are going by coach or by plane our lives are in the custodies of unknown people. Why non to allow these unknown people to take ownerships of our heads ( through Television and sound talkers ) ?May be supposed that this infinite being free from critical reading in human consciousness offers the chance for implementing of civilization ( in context of cultural imperialism ) . But aforementioned statement has rearward side every bit good. Since the boundary lines between that as supposed is personal and private and that is non so, have no the same sense as were before, people have worked out the unsusceptibility against information aggressiveness.The chance of comparing may hold its influence ; entree to big sum of information Lashkar-e-Taiba people to compare thrusting thoughts with the world. Thus the motto & # 8220 ; Dreamland is good because it is fantastic & # 8221 ; is non working any more.

Before the World War II in universe political relations merely 10 states played indispensable portion. After the War practically all states began to play their parts in the universe political relations. Economic and political grounds have come to the state of affairs when the political orientation has become the well developed scientific discipline. Cultural imperialism every bit good as cultural diplomatic negotiations have appeared in the consequence of development of political orientation and propaganda. Differentiation of political orientation, foundation of politics-ideological composites, entree of scientists to practical political relations ( J. Kennedy, T. Kissinger ) and taking portion of scientists in creative activity of ideological systems every bit good as organisation of expert centres in this field – all these resulted in foundation of whole system of steps on foreign policy, peculiarly in cultural diplomatic negotiations.

A needed influence utilizing ill-mannered methods of cultural imperialism can be barely have an affect, states at which the cultural imperialism can be aimed have excessively likely opportunity of manoeuvre. Cultural diplomatic negotiations and cultural imperialism as a portion of ideological war became a strategic arm utilizing a elusive instruments of influence. Possibly Chechen War became one of the failures of cultural imperialism. Here should be mentioned that spiritual factor has played an of import portion. It is one of the ground that confirms impossibleness of ill-mannered influence can be applicable.It may be supposed that a peace after the war in Chechen, long-drawn-out Israel – Palestine struggle and Desert fox, is in status of sufficient delicate balance, that can be ground for decision that cultural imperialism International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t applicable at all, since it would directed at a state playing an undistinguished portion in universe political relations, and would be identified in clip and met by opposite steps, effects might be tragic.On the contrary cultural diplomatic negotiations is the war without victims. To avoid any impact of cultural diplomatic negotiations a state can merely in instance of the isolation from foreign universe is available ( Iraq, North Korea ) .

Since that it is one of the mark of the totalitarian province, but it & # 8217 ; s non excluded that the government will take its powerful ideological machine at its people. It & # 8217 ; s all the same for the cultural imperialism but merely within the bounds of one province. If one of the intents of cultural imperialism in foreign policy would be the spreading of a political government, so in instance of totalitarian state the purpose of propaganda, creative activity of myths, political orientation became in general the support of a government. Excessively much energy must be spent for the support of information units.Purportedly that cultural imperialism every bit good as cultural diplomatic negotiations is aimed by one state or a group of states at other state. Sometimes instruments of political influence are aimed at population of the ain province, for illustration at representatives of a big group of national minority. In this instance the usage of aggressive methods of cultural imperialism can non be acceptable, since in this manner a serious national struggle can be provoked and the concatenation of 1s has flushed within the district of the former USSR in the beginning of 90-th old ages.Real demands including economical grounds in regular spreading of the information have occurred.

Needs in instrument of selecting of this information have came. In pattern it could be realized together with the development of technique of printing of books in XV – Sixteen centuries, when in Europe the first periodical imperativeness appeared. Journalism became a particular type of activity. Propaganda started its development before: the method of influence upon the opposition, societal political instrument of categories. The & # 8220 ; relationship between paper and reader was this being changed from the ideal one of a tutorial and rational nature, to one of a market character & # 8221 ; . ( A.J.

Lee & # 8220 ; The Origins of the Popular Press 1855 – 1914, London, 1976, p. 121 ) .Journalism may be non-connected with political relations, but propaganda can non. As a powerful arm propaganda ever aspires to enlarge an application of its instrument: the word was added by a text in authorship. ( Pamphlets, cusps of the clip of the Peasant & # 8217 ; s War in Germany, Pugachyov & # 8217 ; s letters ) .Journalism possibly from the minute of its birth has grasped 3 maps. The first 1 is the selecting and lighting of the facts of every twenty-four hours life, the 2nd map is the spreading of assessments and heads and the 3rd one is different shows.

The complication of relationship of such definitions as news media and propaganda is determined by that the news media is more particular definition sing to propaganda. The phenomenon of news media has many senses. The periodical imperativeness has wider domain of involvements than propaganda. It includes every twenty-four hours informing about facts and existent events. In this regard propaganda is a portion of periodical presswork. From the other side news media is the complexness of proficient agencies of circulation of information messages and stuffs of propaganda ( newspapers, Television, wireless ) and at this manner news media is one of the instruments of propaganda machine.

Propaganda has its ain distinguishing characteristics in application of agencies and arms of its influence. In its armory there are posters, cusps, exposures, agencies of mass media. Journalism addresses merely a big auditorium and its activity can be determined by system of agencies specially foreseen for circulation of its publications.

Propaganda is an ever-lasting comrade of the periodical imperativeness ; hence many journalists are propagandists every bit good. Even in the media there are many propaganda stuffs or stuffs related to propaganda, are beyond from periodical imperativeness. Newspapers are printing official governmental messages ; Television canals are transporting out direct interlingual renditions from meetings. This propaganda can non be related to ain creative activities of journalists, hence for naming of the propaganda, which is professional work of journalists, can be used the term & # 8220 ; Journalism propaganda & # 8221 ; .Periodic imperativeness has its an of import mobilizing influence upon people and stimulates societal activity every bit good. It seems that news media is called as & # 8220 ; literature made in a haste & # 8221 ; and in comparing with classical fiction literature it ( news media ) must hold less influence. A fiction literature uses more crisp, more bright and nonliteral word.

But news media, likely because of consequence of engagement, has the strongest & # 8220 ; impulse & # 8221 ; influence upon heads, waies and behaviour of people. Possibly one of the secrets of this influence is the alone combination of agencies, which are available for news media. World of the fact which has been taken from the present twenty-four hours plus magnetic strength of an thought plus apprehensible word and representation. Disappearance of one of these three above-named agencies destroys a composite of the modern news media. For periodical imperativeness a concurrence of three constituents: energy, propaganda and promotion, – may be compulsory, since it & # 8217 ; s the strong factor of influence upon a societal consciousness.Propaganda is closely bound with a scientific discipline political orientation.

The political orientation partially is the method of believing which taken from without every bit good as propaganda serves for political orientation can non incorporate such idealism definitions as truth, objectiveness, nonpartisanship. Harmonizing to its character propagandais tendencious but non nonsubjective.Soviet theoretic scientists have been tried to turn out Scientific characteristics of propaganda through the term & # 8220 ; the true of an thought or a head & # 8221 ; acknowledging by that the right of elect, doing up sociables myths and political orientation, to run with human consciousness.Though propaganda ever brings to a adult male a moral and waies ab excess. The inquiry is at what degree a adult male can be operated and how many different political orientations are aimed at a adult male, has a individual the chance of a pick in that – what semblance can be used?It should be mentioned that mass media at the definite point must back up political power every bit good as province construction. & # 8220 ; So long as newspapers remain remedy of political authorization, they are beyond unfavorable judgment ; one time they challenge that authorization, they suffer the full force of its reaction & # 8221 ; ( R.

Negrine & # 8220 ; Politicss and the Mass Media in Britain & # 8221 ; . London. 1994. P.

47 – 48 ) .Is a beefburger the portion of national political relations? Who is more popular: Uncle Sam or Mickey Mouse? Can Michael Jackson, for illustration, to instill a love to American civilization? These inquiries could be analyzed through the theory of creative activity of myths.It & # 8217 ; s necessary to advert that creative activity of myths every bit good as political orientation and propaganda comes sufficiently closely to finding of cultural diplomatic negotiations. If the undermentioned reading of creative activity of myths would available: as the procedure of constructing of the image system with the topic presented as indispensable for a individual societal world, in this instance the difference with the topic of cultural diplomatic negotiations is non so big. In instance of doing the inquiry more merely and to find the purpose of a myth is to supply the chance of orientation, the difference with the intents of cultural diplomatic negotiations becomes less. The job is every bit usual since in context of political scientific discipline ( Ortega, Gasset ) myth is bound closely with political elite which is working out political myths distributing upon all about.

In myth there is non bounds, but cultural diplomatic negotiations is aimed at determined existent topic. In this instance myths doing up by cultural diplomatic negotiations are refering the creative activity of myths as a portion is related to whole object.Returning to aforementioned it may be concluded that a legion industry of amusements or & # 8220 ; pop industry & # 8221 ; can non convey all burden of cultural diplomatic negotiations. Positive feelings of civilization of a province must be formed in development.

The word & # 8220 ; diplomatic negotiations & # 8221 ; supposes non urges but a procedure of thought. The urges are matching to mass industry and love for popular music is traveling off so rapidly as a feeling of repletion after eating a beefburger.Besides that since cultural diplomatic negotiations is tilting for the support of the elite and the influence must be extended to the most intelligent and educated population therefore the instruments must be delicate. For illustration the vocal of Elton John & # 8220 ; Yellow Brick Road & # 8221 ; ne’er can instill the love to England but if the sound path would be provided by representation of the Big Ben, House of Parlament and other great creative activities of British architecture, an first-class consequence might be achieved.Therefore for the cultural diplomatic negotiations it would be more sensible to sell the Television image & # 8220 ; Variety Fair & # 8221 ; with harm than to gain much on a pop-star concert.It can be supposed that if the pop-industry is ever aimed at gaining money, cultural diplomatic negotiations has to work with harm for itself and able to do money merely in indirect manner.

In general the distinguishing characteristic of pop-industry is internationalism, for illustration, the Disneyland is available non merely in the USA but the Freedom Stature can be seen merely in the United States of America. Instruments of cultural diplomatic negotiations every bit good as cultural imperialism must be alone.Why the rude methods of cultural imperialism have non been refused at all? Probably in this period these are more operative. In one of Eric Berne & # 8217 ; s book the undermentioned illustration was described: when grasshoppers were offered to two groups of people and the first group was made to eat the insects up and the other group was merely offered to prove them. In consequence those people who were made to eat the insects, in general, called the gustatory sensation qualities of grasshoppers as good. The other group which merely tested of its ain free will said negatively about its gustatory sensations.

Eric Berne explained this instance by one of the quality of the human psychic: when something is imposed to a individual our head makes us to love it. In any instance for a some clip. The other reaction when this influence is completing.

In the clip of & # 8220 ; the cold war & # 8221 ; many Western wireless plans can be heard in the USSR, such as & # 8220 ; The Voice of America & # 8221 ; , & # 8220 ; Radio Liberty & # 8221 ; . After the decomposition of the USSR really tendencious & # 8220 ; The Voice of America & # 8221 ; became non-interesting and lost its audience.By the manner it did non enlarge the understanding to the USA. It may be excessively simple illustration.For illustration can be used a powerful agitation USSR & # 8217 ; s influence upon the former members of East system and what it resulted in afterwards. All illustrations have one common characteristic: an action ever turns by opposite action.

Even an action of political force per unit area such as Soviet armored combat vehicles in Czechoslovakia, Afghanistan and Chechen, American B 52 over Vietnam and rackets Patriot over Baghdad. Regardless of that how many old ages or yearss mankind has come without wars, the methods of ill-mannered influence will be continued in future The inquiry of effectivity of these steps is opened.In the clip of running of Napoleon the newspapers of France started to depict this event get downing from the rubrics such as & # 8220 ; the Blood-thirsty Tyrant Got off from a Cage & # 8221 ; and this events were finished in articles as & # 8220 ; The Emperor is taking his throne & # 8221 ; . This specialness of news media has been available till present clip.

However despite that which methods have been applied: mild or heavy, cultural political relations must be understood by them for whom it has been carried on. Therefore it & # 8217 ; s barely to state about cultural imperialism, for illustration, provided by CNN in regard of Russia or China, or Japan. There an English address can non been understood. In general, a big cultural groups in regard of their linguistic communication are really conservative, experiencing itself in its consciousness as a portion of a immense linguistic communication group. In this connexion one American stating is really interesting: a individual who speaks one linguistic communication is a citizen, a individual streaking two linguistic communications is an immigrant, three linguistic communications is a drifter. When it & # 8217 ; s known before that the words won & # 8217 ; t be understood a statement can be impressed by gestures ( Khrushchov & # 8217 ; s shoe in the session of UN ) or by apprehensible images ( Iraq armored combat vehicles in Kuwait ) .

If the military struggles would be left, since province and commence electronic mass media must take determined policy, because on the contrary ( Television is a & # 8220 ; to a great extent selected reading of events & # 8221 ; ( R. Hoggart & # 8220 ; Bad intelligence & # 8221 ; . London, 1976, p.x. ) ) , and cultural imperialism is going more and more active. In instance of sing a news media as an of import sender of province propaganda or political orientation, in the most powerful and developed states the concatenation: authorities – journalist – audience won & # 8217 ; t be full because of rule of pluralism, equality of political factors and establishments. Besides that since the competition battles for audience the modern mass media lost their chance for strategic planning. For case even the USA has worked at the image of its state shown the question of the USA President.

For the political relations of the USA this fact is non positive. But the modern ordinance of mass media played here their portion. Possibly, the commercialism protects people from any sorts of imperialism. & # 8220 ; International organic structures and international competitory force per unit areas are holding an impact on the development of national constructions of Broadcasting & # 8221 ; ( Negrine.

Op.cit. p.

210 ) .DecisionAs a sum-up of this work several general minutes can be mentioned. At present clip an chance of the use with human consciousness, is particularly existent as ne’er before since a witness ( hearer ) receives a immense sum of information which can non hold on it.

From the other side an chance of influence became weaker because of the increasing chance for comparing, the information became more assessable and the one of the peculiar characteristic of foreign policy became taking portion of about all states of the universe. Therefore a opportunity of the influence upon the more non-developed states utilizing the powerful methods of the cultural imperialism are minimized.The chance of defend of oneself from the power influence has increased proportionately to increasing of the influence of the universe community where all states take indispensable portion.In this work the statements construing the concurrence between news media and propaganda ( weapon of any foreign and inside influence ) . However at present clip journalists are being more interested in esthesiss, show and kineticss of plans. Therefore means of mass media which without uncertainty multi – degree constructions can be for agencies received from advertise sale: therefore they are less interested in societal orders. In this state of affairs commercialism can protect an audience from ideological influence. Though & # 8220 ; for some perceivers the globalisation of news media carries with it the menace of cultural imperialism – the airing across the planet of a news media dominated mostly by North American ( read CNN ) values, dockets, and ideological premises & # 8221 ; .

( Brian McNair & # 8220 ; News and Journalism in the UK & # 8221 ; . London, 1994, p. 188.

Cultural diplomatic negotiations in contradistinction to coerce influence of cultural imperialism, likely must act upon upon elect categories negatively. Since the educated people grasp ill-mannered propaganda methods at one time and in many instances able to divide information from political orientation and documentary every bit good. Thus rude methods of industry will non work here.

For easier understanding it can be supposed that good done programm on Discovery Canal about, for illustration, American Air Forces of the World War II had more influence consequence than the a direct interlingual rendition of CNN about barrage of Baghdad.In decision it & # 8216 ; s desirable to affect a hope that the rude methods has been finished at least in regard of existent participants of the universe community.& # 1057 ; & # 1087 ; & # 1080 ; & # 1089 ; & # 1086 ; & # 1082 ;& # 1083 ; & # 1080 ; & # 1090 ; & # 1077 ; & # 1088 ; & # 1072 ; & # 1090 ; & # 1091 ; & # 1088 ; & # 1099 ;Book A.J. Lee ( 1976 ) & # 8220 ; The Origins of Popular Press. 1855 – 1914 & # 8221 ; , London, p. 121Book R. Negrine ( 1994 ) & # 8220 ; Politicss and the Mass Media in Britain & # 8221 ; , London, p.

47 & # 8211 ; 48Book R. Hoggart & # 8220 ; Bad News & # 8221 ; , ( 1976 ) , London, p.x.Book Brian McNair ( 1994 ) & # 8220 ; News and Journalism in the UK & # 8221 ; , London, p. 188Book A.

Briggs, ( 1979 ) & # 8220 ; Regulating the BBC & # 8221 ; , London, p. 211Book R. Friedman ( 1992 ) & # 8220 ; American Law & # 8221 ; , Moscow


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