Critical Reflection; Journalism Portfolio Essay

CW3: Critical Reflection u1153643The portfolio is designed to showcase my work and abilities as a possible journalist. In seting together my portfolio, I was guided by my involvements ; rules of news media as taught in category and the demands of the faculty. In the portfolio, I wrote about a train driver who blamed a non-existent bad conditions for leaping the platform ; the ‘dishonest’ and dual criterion mode the Cameron led alliance has handled the issue of revenue enhancement turning away affectingStarbucksand the instances of pillaged financess from developing states coming into the West, including Britain. I besides wrote about the possibility that British universities may be turning out Islamic ‘terrorists’ .

There was besides an interview with a Social Worker, who chose to stay anon. , on the troubles of efficaciously dispatching societal attention work.The first thing I noticed with the faculty was the fast gait of activities required to run into my portfolio demands. Normally my category work tends to travel reasonably easy. The truth is I was non prepared for the velocity and subject portfolio production demands. More significantly I had jobs picking a intelligence event to cover out of all the options suggested. There is a ground. In my first twelvemonth at the university, for one of my news media modules the category was asked to cover a peculiar talk at the University’s Stratford campus.

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The whole exercising ended in torment. I ended up seeking to do sense of a extremely proficient Science talk and to do it relevant and interesting to an audience that was non scientific or peculiarly interested in how scientists go about their research. It was a incubus.I must hold done something nevertheless because I did really good with the transcript.

It was a hard exercising and I believe I made a mental note to remain off from such assignments in the hereafter. This explains hence, my determination to compose on economic and concern subjects. In one or two of my transcripts I veered to political issues but at the bosom of all this was my passion for issues impacting my native African roots, the sensed unfairnesss, inequalities, inefficient and corrupt governments in African states and Nigeria in peculiar. The general position is that such governments are mostly sustained by the patronising Western powers.

I have conducted interviews before but was unprepared for an interviewee who wanted to stay anon. . I was hence unsure of how to retain credibleness for my transcript on societal work without bewraying the confidentiality I promised my interviewee. I decided hence to bind the piece to the Baby P dirt. The nucleus of the narrative was the load of outlooks society placed on the professionals who work in the societal attention work without, as they see it, “adequate resources and remuneration” , and besides without doing allowance for the fact that attention service is non an exact scientific discipline. Geting person to talk on record for this piece was non easy and so, instead than inquire around I decided to take the advice by Formichelli, Linda & A ; Diana Burrell ( 2003 ) , and “ …

found my ain source” . Another advice I took to bosom was to “give my interviewee a verbal ‘thanks’”after the interview.The faculty instilled in me a figure of important movable accomplishments.

The first is the demand to be organised. Nothing important is achieved without elaborate and thorough planning. I have besides taken an ‘entrepreneurial’ attitude to work and larn to be focused on the ‘consumer’ – the audience. Most significantly, I was learnt to hold an oculus for newsworthy narratives, with my mark audience at the dorsum of my head. For illustration I was in thatSoutheasttrain that jumped the platform but was still able to compose the narrative in the 3rd party. I have learnt how to compose intelligence and characteristics for publication. I learnt to bring forth thoughts, to research those thoughts and to bring forth transcripts based on those thoughts, to a high criterion.

I have besides been able to detail proposals to a high grade and therefore in my position in a place to flip for committee with editors. But I am still larningThe faculty besides helped me to take advantage of new societal media tools with which journalists can pass on with their audiences.I am now able to confidently upload transcripts to web sites, where allowed. I am besides able to compose straight on-line and given the fact that the cyberspace and societal media tools can now be monitored, I am able to use news media rules responsibly.

These rules include my duty to truth ; subject of confirmation and to recognize the platform as a forum for public unfavorable judgment and via media. I am cognizant besides that I am allowed to exert my personal scruples and take full advantage of my web log and chirrup histories.I have come off from the faculty recognizing the primacy of traditional news media values, peculiarly that of fact confirmation.

I recall a state of affairs refering the transcript I submitted for publication on Kingdomweb site on the robbery and transportation of financess from developing states, peculiarly Nigeria to the West. Dr. Andrew Calcutt, my faculty coach was unwilling to print certain parts of that transcript until he had grounds that is already in the public sphere on the persons named in the piece.

I went back and sourced more than thirty one pages of newspaper articles for him. I appreciated his place particularly when he said he was moving on advice from the legal section. This informed my attack to all the pieces that I submitted. Extra values I picked on include: truth, clear and clean authorship. These are nucleus accomplishments and cognition that I believe will do me a competitory participant in the modern-day media and news media industries.I have learnt to believe clearly and to do sense of the universe around me ; I besides learnt to pass on clearly and straight ; and to work co-operatively with co-workers.

To be organized in my work is to be able to run into deadlines and to show my narratives and their thoughts to other people.The faculty helped me to extinguish the boundaries between print, multimedia and broadcast, and to be strong on good authorship and critical thought. It was elating seeing my faculty leader present a fresh attack to my first transcript in proceedingss. I told myself, with clip and pattern, I’ll be like that. I learnt in practical footings how to place feasible and alone angles to intelligence narratives and characteristics and how to stay focussed on the message that I wish to convey. Another result was the how and why I should bury I have an sentiment when seting a transcript together.

I am allowed to hold an sentiment but that sentiment must non acquire in the manner of the narrative I am stating my audience. I believed I managed that in the transcripts in my portfolio.I have ever had an involvement in following intelligence, both serious and the mundane. This faculty reinforced this trait, which I consider one of my strengths. I am at place reading intelligence online, in print and on nomadic devices.

One other strength I believe I have and which is indispensable to my programme is that of wonder. I tend to detect and research, inquiring inquiries, even in my mundane life. I read newspapers and magazines, watch intelligence on telecasting and listen to intelligence on wireless and still question them, seeking to see them from different angles to see if they will come out the same manner. I tend to stretch myself and to make things I would n’t usually make, if merely for the experience. This is indispensable to news media.

Last, I believe that any journalistic narrative must stay important, interesting and relevant. I know I am good at this, but besides mindful of the demand to maintain the intelligence comprehensive and proportional.I appreciate that though I did non bring forth as many transcripts as I proposed to present, I am encouraged by the fact that I have picked up the necessary cognition and accomplishment to make so should I be able to work up the necessary subject to efficaciously pull off my clip. I besides note that I need to better on my research attempts, peculiarly into the academic overview of news media as a subject.However I have learnt a batch from this faculty.

I know in practical footings what News is ; I know how to recognize my audience and what it wants ; how to compose a narrative and how to flip it to an Editor. I have picked up accomplishments, I have met challenges which my preparation has helped me to acquire unit of ammunition. I have knowledge of how establishments work, and have extremely developed communicating accomplishments which will work to my benefit. I am on my manner.

BibliographyFormichelli, Linda & A ; Diana Burrell ( 2003 ) ,The Renegade Writer: A Totally Unconventional Guide to Freelance Writing Success, New York: Marion Street Press Inc.Harrower, T ( 2007 )Inside Reporting: A practical Guide to the Craft of Reporting, McGraw Hill, New YorkSova, Dawn B. ( 2002 ) ,How to Write Articles for Newspapers and Magazines, London: Peterson ‘s,1


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