Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Critical Analysis If we observe the U

Critical Analysis If we observe the U

Critical Analysis


If we observe the U Microfinance branch then we will see that
there is biased selection of employees because references are given more
priority than experiences and education.
Just take the example of Branch Manger and Operational Manager, Mr. Adel
is the operational manager of the branch but not too much qualified as compared
to other working staff asMr. Khalil Tahir Sandhu (CSO), Mr. Usman Umar
(SO), Mr. Adel Ahmad (Teller), and Mr. Shahid (Senior LO) are graduated from
Bahria, Numal and Is lamia university but working at lower posts. So, there is
a discrimination in hiring the employeening, there is also reference based
selection of employees just as, Miss. Sidra Sayed who is working as a Saving
Officer is totally reference based.
Mr. Arsal Mehmood (Branch Manager) have done B.Com incomplete ACMA which means
he became Branch Manger on the basis of his
B.Com degree, I think he is not fit for this post.I think with the passage of
time the managers as well as employees will be more trained and get expertise
in their field.

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Microfinance Bank is performing following these human resource management functions
in a better way to fulfill the standards and to compete the competitors.

Human resource planning:

and high level managers have made different plans to make human resource
management department more directed towards its goals.

Employees recruitment and selection:

Microfinance Bank recruit and  select the
employees on their test and interview results.

Training and development:

Microfinance Bank has developed various techniques and procedures for the
training of employees.

Performance management:

Many different techniques are used by the
U Microfinance Bank to define, control and measure performance set standards.
One of them is balanced score card. When employees starting to perform then
their performance is controlled so they keep streamlined with already defined



Compensation and promotion:

According to U Microfinance Bank, when
overall performance management is completed then area of deficiency are
defined, further improvements are seen and finally award of bonuses and
increments are done. Benefits and compensation rule in here and those of being
moved to the next level are promoted.

career management:

Microfinance Bank has established various policies and practices for improving
the career effectiveness, job promotion, job resignation and retirement of
their employees.

management relations:

Microfinance Bank follow labor management relations Act to keep employers at
equal position with unions in bargaining with the labors.