Crisis Analysis Essay

Dear Dr. Yee, As stated in the report in August, the Founder’s Athletic Center is now facing serious problem of black ants. The ants have already invaded the men’s locker room next to the pool. In order to solve this problem before it gets worse, my staff suggested four options. After careful analysis, I think that the solution of cancel the planned re-furbishing of the weight rooms is the best.

Firstly, we had planned to purchase new machines and to install full mirrors as well as to get new sets of weights.However, with spot repairs the old weight machines and benches could last another year and the equipment would pose no hazards. Although the option may lead the Fitness Director to wait for another year, it will not influence much on the current external users. The current users don’t know about our plan of re-furbishing. So even if the plan were to be delayed, the users would not complain much on it. Also this option would not be impactful on specific groups compare to other options.The options of cancel Saturday and Sunday morning hours as well as close the entire building at 6 pm on Fridays would influence faculty, staff, graduate students, first and second year students as well as international students. Also, postpone the re-furbishing doesn’t take away any service that the current users have.

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They won’t experience some change under this option. The re-furbishing plan is not immediately necessary, and the old machines and equipment would not put users under risk. So I strongly suggest taking this plan. Sincerely, Yuanni Cui


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