Criminal Minds Paper Essay

The television show Criminal Minds is a brain teaser at times, because although the show is fiction, they make the shows based on things that seem so surreal.

As I watch, I think that this could very easily happen, but not to the degree the make it of television viewing. The cast in this show are very similar to the police and detectives we have today, because of the diverse personalities. Aaron Hotchner is the main role throughout all seven seasons.

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Hotchner plays the unit chief of the BAU team, and is one of the most experienced agents in the BAU.As far as being an realistic role as the chief, he portrays a more exciting chief than I would think, and he doesn’t seem to worry too much about the repercussions of being responsible for the end result, which is always on the shoulders of the top commander. David Rossi Is a Supervisory Special Agent and is a highly experienced profiler who once worked in the BAU. He is the persuader of the crime unit. He is a fast talker and is one who will get information out of the suspect. I believe that there would be a lot of these type personalities in the criminal justice system.Derek Morgan is also a Supervisory Special Agent and is a confident, assertive, and often hot-tempered character.

I find although he’s hot headed, he is the best at taking time with the kids and has a very soft spot for them. He to me would be a typical guy that would work in the field of criminal justice. Emily Prentiss is another member of the Supervisory Special Agent. Emily is a big help to the Criminal Minds crew because she can fluently speak different languages including Arabic, Spanish, Russian, and working on Italian.I highly doubt that this character is a realistic portrayal of an agent that we have today. Elle Greenaway is was assigned to the BAU because of her expert abilities in the the sexual offense crimes. So therefore she is a big help when it comes to sexual crimes. Realistically I think that her role in real life situations is very important considering we live in a world full of molesters, and nasty people.

Penelope Garcia is the shows technical analyst. She is very bubbly and full of character.She usually supports her team from the computer lab at Quantico, but occasionally joins them on location when her skill can be used in the field. I feel her role in this show is a very unrealistic role in real life, because you usually cant just called into the office and be able to find something out about a person in a split second. I like the show for entertainment purposes, but over all I think that the realistic aspect of the show is defiantly not as real as what most agencies have to face today.NCIS is an American police procedural drama television series revolving around a fictional team of special agents from the Naval Criminal Investigative Service, which conducts criminal investigations involving the U.

S. Navy and Marine Corps. The episodes are often “ripped from the headlines” or loosely based on real crimes that have received media attention.

Just like all the rest of the crime shows there is some hard core over the top characters. The one of the main characters is Gibbs, and he is a workaholic and the lead man.I would defiantly think that in this line of work you could be “married to the job. ” Borin is another main player in the show of NCIS. She is a no nonsense interrogator and has a strong will to get to the bottom of the problem. I also believe that there is a lot of these type of people in the police force today. Dovet is a weak special agent. She gets to personal and lets her guard down.

I would think that if you were this type of personality, you wouldn’t last long in this business.In my opinion in this line of work you have to have a thick line of personal and professional boundaries. So I think if this was a realistic situation, she would either get fired or eventually couldn’t handle the pressure. Abbie is the forensic specialist. In this role on this show to me it is so far fetched, there would be no way that what she uncovers everything all by herself, it couldn’t be possible. I enjoy watching shows like this, but the manner and time frames , of course, are not at all realistic in most aspects.


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