Crime Essay Research Paper I m writing

Crime Essay, Research PaperI m composing an essay on offense and theories of offense and I will seek and convert you the offenses are committed out of greed.

I feel if there was no greed in the universe, there would be no offense in the universe. A batch of people would differ with me and or experience that extinguishing greed is impossible and will ne’er go on during the class of life as we know it. I will merely seek and convert you that I m right and that what I m stating is true. Every offense is committed out of greed and no other ground but greed. Every individual individual in the universe wants what they can t hold. What makes people commit offenses? I feel people commit offenses out of greed. Many people have many other theories saying that felons were born with distinguishable physical types which had trails associated with evolutionary crude worlds ( Lombroso 1918 ) .

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Some say that because they have an excess Y chromosome, which means alternatively of a form of Xy they have a form of XYY. No theories that I researched agree with my position but mine makes more sense. Ask yourself why have you of all time committed a offense? You usally wants something which means you are avaricious. I have to acknowledge that I have committed a offense before myself and that was larceny and I did it out of greed because I wanted a new G.I. Joe.

Most common offense in Canada harmonizing to statistics Canada is a sexual discourtesy towards adult females or work forces, and you can t even seek to state me that it s non because of greed. The universe revolves around greed in all facets. Psychologists try and tell you different by stating it s because of a bad up delivery or because they ere beaten as a kid so they turn to a life of offense, I think non.

If that happen to me I would desire to do something of my life and rub it in my parents or repressers face and make them experience little and useless. But what I m stating is greed excessively I admit but a different sort of greed which is good greed the 1 that is legal and makes you experience good about yourself. Crime may be defined as an international act committed or omitted in misdemeanor of a jurisprudence ban or commanding it. Crime should be defined as a call for aid or a damper on society.

In a manner society promotes offense and in the same manner promotes greed. Peoples dont commit offense because what they see on Television shows like C.O.P.S, or like the Television shows were the bad cat is pretraid as the hero.

You could state that childs learn greed from professional jocks, the people who are childs hero s when they are younger because professional jocks are the greediest of them all. They are more avaricious than anybody I ve of all time seen, nil of all time satisfies them. If you go by my theory that makes childs what everything, largely money which turns them towards offense. Athletes keeping out for more money which peers greed, demoing younger waxy heads that greed is good and money makes the universe go unit of ammunition. Greed is everyplace when you talk about felons and offenses committed.

Try and believe of a celebrated felon or consecutive slayer and think of why he/she committed those offenses or so he/she says he/she committed those offenses, it s because of greed non because they are unbalanced in the caput or bask killing people. They all knew what they were making, the merely enjoyed it and wanted more and more. The word more is the same thing as greed.Criminals and consecutive slayers are largely male which I can t explicate decently because I feel it s merely that manner because work forces are more avaricious and are ne’er happy with anything. There are more work forces in power and work forces are ever seeking to rule adult females.

Womans on the other had are non as greedy but are smarter in the facet that they possibly don t acquire caught every bit much as work forces because they don t want more so one time they have accomplished something they are satisfied for a brief clip period. Work force on the other have are stupid in a manner because they are more avaricious and ever desire more. You ne’er see adult females viing for things every bit much as work forces do. Men for some ground ever think they have to be the best at everything when truly they aren t. Women I feel merely allow us believe we are better merely to maintain peace, hence work forces are more avaricious.

In decision I m merely seeking to acquire my point across which is that if we weren t all greedy there wouldn T be any offense. If people around the universe would merely experience good about them egos and non desire everything I wouldn t even have to compose this essay or even take this class because there would be no offense, therefore no jurisprudence, therefore no jurisprudence category.


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