Courtesy and Refinement Essay

To be courteous and refined makes an individual a better person. That equips you for a higher quality life which you deserve. The individual will gain favour in the sight of people who they interact with or meet during the course of there life. According to Microsoft Encarta 2009 Courtesy can be defined as “excellence of manners or social conduct; polite behavior”.

“Refinement is that polishing down of the human being, casting out the coarse and vulgar and retaining that which is fine and elegant. – Helen Andelin This act of refinement is the same process of how diamonds are polished to gain tremendous brilliance. In their raw form, they are not shiny at all. Refinement consists of subduing the tendencies to slovenliness, crudeness, bluntness, nerviness and gaudiness. It encourages good manners, kindness, courteousness, considerateness, propriety and gentility. The act of pursuing refinement is synonymous with being courteous and learning how to be elegant and how to be classy.

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A refined and courteous woman is an elegant and classy woman. By being courteous pursuing refinement and elegance, you are developing your character, heart and mind. Refinement also helps a person of worth to be more fully recognized and appreciated. It elevates their social standing and confidence. A refined person gains considerable influence much more easily than a person with sloppy habits, despite being an awesome person.

When a person pursues and values refinement, not only will they earn the approval of people around her, they will respect and appreciate themselves. A person who is sloppy, careless, blunt or rude, it may seem that he or she is confident and does not care what one thinks. In actuality, he or she may be experiencing low morale and feel inferior. Making every effort to learn how to speak correctly, how to think of others and be courteous and to engage in personal grooming to have a proper appearance.


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