Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Countries a source of revenue for the

Countries a source of revenue for the

focus on an ideal activity that could provide a significant source of income to
the people while also providing revenue to the government. In fact, most of the
developing countries have minimal sets of activities that could have a
considerable impact on the population. For instance, the Dominican Republic is
concerned with the progress of baseball league as it impacts lives of a
significant part of the community. They have to prioritize the interests of the
people that are involved in sports, economic activities and other tasks that
could be a source of revenue. According to Klein, in the past, sporting
activities were seen as cultural gems that connected the society to their
origin, and it created a sense of belonging to the people. However, the changes
that have occurred in the management of the games have changed the perspective
such that it is a source of revenue for the involved parties. In the current
state, most of the sporting activities are regulated by the government while
investors inject money to make profits after a period. For instance, the baseball
league has attracted various entrepreneurs that show interest in the
activities. Apparently, they are not concerned with the developments of the
game, but they prioritize the rate of return that they accrue when they make
specific investments. The main problem is that the individuals that play in the
minor league live in deplorable conditions since they receive meager pay. There
has been controversy surrounding the remuneration of the players as they do not
get the amount of money that coincides with what they do. Notably, a comparison
between the individuals that play in the minor league and the participants in
the major league shows a disparity that may not be explained easily. While the
players in the major league earn millions, some of the participants in the
minor league make as low as $ 1, 100 each month.  With relation to the sentiments, Klein
expresses in his article it is imperative to focus on the reasons that are
provided for the difference that exists in the league.

Lack of Minimum Wage Legislation

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Recently, the
United States passed legislation that indicated that workers in the country
were legible to receive minimum wage.  In
this perspective, most of the people that are employed in the state have to be
paid an amount that exceeds the boundary that was set by the law.  Since the inception of the statute, most of
the employers have had to change their salary structure as they do not want to
infunge4 the rights of the workers and they have to avoid litigation that may
occur if they are found in violation. However, the situation is not the same in
the minor league as the players earn an amount that is below the minimum wage
as suggested by the constitution. A case presented indicated that the parties
involved in the management of the league were to compel the teams to pay the
players a specified minimum earning since they were spending a substantial
period training and playing (Isidore, 2016). Accordingly, the analysis
indicated that committed players would spend over 60 hours a week involved in
the activities of the team, which qualifies this to be a full-time employee. It
is indicated that even if the players had an alternative job, they would have
to limit the amount of time they would execute their tasks since they are
always on the pitch. On the other hand, it is not good that the courts have not
compelled the managers of the teams to ensure that they have a wage structure
that identifies the minimum wage that each player should receive. On this note,
it is easy to limit the amount of money that the individuals receive. Since
they are committed to making a significant stride in the progression, they may
have limited avenues of launching their complaints. Additionally, they have to
be engaged with the team so that they can progress their skills and knowledge
in the game.

Advertisement Deals and Rate of Return on

The tradition that
sport was an ornament of showing the pride of a community has changed as
explained by Klein. The author states that there are political and economic
reasons that have been fixated on the games such that there is a change in
perception. Notably, the sporting activities have attracted a significantly
large number of entrepreneurs that see the events as an investment that would
create revenues (Isidore, 2016). For instance, it is indicated that most of the
teams that have excelled in the games attract some companies that advertise
their products and services when the players are involved in the games.

Notably, the affiliation between the team and another firm shows the commitment
of the enterprise to attract more customers. Although they do not get a direct
impact, the indirect marketing and promotion activities increase the revenues
of organizations, and they have to pay the teams in return. However, the most
successful teams attract a higher rate of payments as compared to the teams
that have a lower number of followers. On this note, the major league teams
have a large number of fans, which gives them the advantage to receive higher
bedding for advertisement deals. On the other hand, the minor league teams
attract a minute number of participants, which later affects the resources that
they receive from the advertisement transactions.

entrepreneurs that invest in the minor and major league baseball are focused on
the profits that they make in any transaction. For this reason, they are wary
of the revenues that come into the team, and they will spend by the expenses
and profits that they have to make. On this note, the major baseball league
teams have a higher rate of income such that the businesspersons involved
receive a higher percentage of perks but allocate a significant amount that is
used to pay the team (Klein, 1995). The incomes of the minor league groups are meager
such that the involved parties have to deduct their profits from the money and
pay the remainder to the participants. In the economic sense, it is indicated
that for a business to increase its earnings, it needs to reduce the costs.

Thus, the reason for decreasing the amount that is payable to the players is to
create room for profits that are forwarded to the owners.  Although the same situation occurs in the
major league baseball, there is a disparity between the two groups.

Attendance Fees and Limited Resources

The supply and
demand model in economics indicates that when there is a high demand for a
product, the involved parties are likely to increase the amount payable for the
goods to maintain equilibrium. Klein indicates that the number of individuals
that are interested in watching the games has increased over time such that the
owners of the clubs see this as an opportunity that can create revenue.

Although the number of spectators for the baseball league has increased over
the years, it is indicated that they discriminate which teams they have to
watch especially when they are supporters of a specific group. The mainstream
followership is on the major league baseball, and this creates a distinction
between the two leagues. On the one hand, the audience of the major league baseball
has to pay a higher amount in entry fees while the charges in minor league baseball
are low as influenced by the demand (Isidore, 2016). On this note, the major
league teams a higher rate of revenue while the other teams maintain a low
profile.  In addition to this, the
leaders of the minor groups have limited resources at their disposal, which
creates a stalemate when deciding the amount that is payable to the players. They
have to ensure there is sustainability lest they run out of finances, which
could lead to the closure of the club. Confronted with such situations, the
entities of the organization feel that they have to maintain a low level of
payment to the players since it is a recurrent expenditure that could have
negative repercussions to the continuity of the team. In such an event, the
forces in the market influence the alternatives that the teams have.  It is explained that the players have to be
paid a low amount of wages to reduce cost, which is incomparable to the amount
of money that the individuals in the major league baseball earn.

The Level of Support from Fans

Most clubs in
the world exist due to the commitment that the supporters offer.  In many cases, the philanthropists provide to
provide various resources to the team to ensure there is sustainability and
continuity especially when there is competitiveness in the sport. Apparently,
it is indicated that most of the fans in the minor league have a threshold of
donation to the club. With this in mind, there are limited resources that are
provided by the fans, which create a low-cost budget for the teams. In ensuring
they do not run out of funds before they finish a financial year, they have to
create a rigid pay structure that minimizes the amount that is spent on the
players (Klein, 1995). On the contrary,
the individuals that support the major league teams provide a surmountable
amount of resources that could be used in the management of the club.

Additionally, the number of individuals that give money is massive, which
creates a pool of resources. As a result, the players can be paid significantly
higher salary rate as compared to the people in the minor league.

It Is Not a Career but Part-Time Involvement and
Seasonal Apprentice

It is
indicated that most of the individuals that participate in the minor league baseball
in the country view it as a hobby while the managers suggest that it is a
part-time involvement that does not affect the life of an individual.  Accordingly, it is indicated that it is a
seasonal apprenticeship program that does not have to engage an individual
fully since they can also concentrate on other activities including continuance
with their studies and work on a part-time job. 
Some managers have indicated that the players in the minor league cannot
make a difference in the sport as their contribution is limited.  For this reason, the coaches and the
management have a perception that the people do not have to receive a paycheck
that is equal to that of the players in the major league. The difference is
that the minor league baseball players have the choice to engage in any other
activity while the individuals in the mainstream sport have to focus on playing
as it is their career. Additionally, the minor league baseball players have not
decided that they are going to be involved in the sport for a long term. For
this reason, it is not imperative to invest in paying them. In addition to
this, some of the managers in the minor league teams indicate that it is
essential to limit the resources that are available to the individuals as this could
affect their development in the profession (Klein, 1995). Most of the professional players that have received
loads of money in the initial years have derailed their career since they get a
colossal amount of money when they have not matured emotionally. Therefore the
provision of vast amounts of money in payment is seen as a protective measure
that ensures the individuals achieve the virtue of responsibility before they
can have money they can spend on their desires. In addition to this, some
managers sow arrogance by stating that the players may only need to live in
deplorable condition for a few years since they as they are going to make
millions in the next few years when they join the major league baseball.  Although this is true in some instances, it
does not affirm the treatment that the minor league players receive regarding

Competitiveness, Lack of Opportunity, and a
Threat to the Major Leagues

Some classes
have been incepted in the league baseball, and it is a norm that is exercised
within the teams. The major league baseball teams have a salary structure that
has little disparity with the models that are used among the groups that
participate in the same competition (Klein, 1995). On the same note, the teams in the minor league have
to offer a competitive salary, but it does not have a significant disparity
from the other teams. Thus, the top level groups have a specified limit of
payment while the lower cadre has to rely on a low level of remuneration. The
lack of opportunities to join the major league teams compels the players to
remain in the minor league baseball league. There are limited chances of making
it to the higher level. As a result, the managers of the minor league baseball
teams have to use this opportunity to have as many players as possible while
maintaining a low level of costs (Isidore, 2016). The increase in the salaries
of the minor league baseball players could be a threat to the major league
teams. Most of the people in the sport are enticed with offers regarding money.

Therefore, increasing the salary scale of the players in the minor league would
attract the major league players as they would want to participate in a less
competitive game but earn as much money as they have been collecting before.

Thus, this would destabilize the sport.


In conclusion,
it is evident that the minor league baseball players live in deplorable
conditions as some have to share rooms with relatives and some live in areas
with low standards of living due to the amount of money that they receive. Numerous
reasons are provided for the difference in the payment between the players in
the major league baseball and the minor league. Notably, the discrepancy is
brought by political-economic reasons as explained by Klein and they include
the rate of return for the investors and level of participation.