Could it as an act of murder

Could it ever be right to murder someone? How about someone who is in myriad pain due to a medical condition throughout their whole life, where they feel the best way to get out of it is to die painlessly? I would now like you to visualize a scenario for me. Imagine yourself restrained to a bed, unable to lead the active life you do now, scrutinizing the world pass by you, breathing with the aid of a machine, cramping in acute soreness.  No cure, no escape, only able to count the minutes, days, months, waiting and waiting for death, now consider this for the rest of your life. This controversial topic is something that a lot of people have on their minds.

But, will they ever look at it from the patients perspective?Now, what if I told you that this was indeed the reality for Spanish women Immaculade Echevarria. She was told that her condition was incurable, meaning that the remainder of her life would be spent on her back, under medical supervision, a tube down her throat. She requested for euthanasia multiple times as she knew that her life was no longer worth living, however it got denied again and again for both moral and religious reasons.

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She was able to refuse her treatment. Which I must stress is not the same Euthanasia, which could have been a much quicker and easygoing death; in the end, Mrs Echevarria suffered an intense and slow suffocation.Some people like religious people who may have ethical arguments against this might argue that the quality of life that God has blessed us with, should be appreciated and lived to the fullest; even if they are suffering from a dramatically, dull and dreading illness. However, for some terminally ill patient’s, life is so painful that it is not worth living.

How would that turn your everyday life? Other opponents of euthanasia may describe it as an act of murder even though it isn’t ‘the unlawful premeditated killing of one human being by another.’ which goes by definition. It is also said that 52% of people support euthanasia and 30% of people oppose it. The rest of the 17% are not sure. This show that a larger majority of people agree and so society votes it is legalised, government controls us backwards.Today, more than 300 terminally ill people commit suicide or assisted death every year. One stands among many.

This shows how torturous, excruciating and agonizing the condition is to them. If euthanasia is not a choice, then that could galvanize them into committing suicide with a more traumatic way of doing so. These people are pleading in silence, wanting our attention, wanting our moving and speaking minds to understand their struggle, wanting an end. 


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