Iycee Charles de Gaulle Summary Corruption Free Bangladesh Essay

Corruption Free Bangladesh Essay

Effect of corruption on Bangladesh economy. Introduction: Rampant corruption is threatening the very existence of the economy of Bangladesh. The statement might seem very unreal as there will always be the existence of an economy – be it good or bad. But statement made here is also not incorrect. Because, according to the noted economist of the country, our national economy has a huge volume of black money owing to the naked aggression of corruption.

They think that the percentage of black money in the economy is no less than 50%. And that proves the reality of our statement. The consequences of such corruption are far reaching. Not a single sector of the country can be found to be untouched by it. From administration to education, health, manufacturing, service sector, construction, communication, export-import, etc. are all affected by it. And this very factor is running the chances of our country to advance in the modern ‘‘Technology based’’ world.

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Some of the big corrupt sectors can be discussed here. Administrative Corruption: Though the administrative service of the country seems to have no direct link with business and economy, it actually is the driving force of a country. Because all the policies of the government are implemented through this administration. And when this very service gets highly corrupted, all the benefits of the good policies are bound to be ruined.

Our administration service is highly corrupt and they with the help of other corrupt officials of different sectors manipulate the system and work for their betterment rather than executing their duties properly. A common perception among people about this service is that they are even more corrupt and irresponsible than the government running politicians. But their reign continues no matter what happens. It is like – ‘’ King comes and king goes but the bureaucrats rule forever’’. Our economy is deeply suffering for this corrupt bureaucratic service.