Corporate to conduct the CSR. The Coca-Cola

Corporate social responsibility (CSR) is the commitment of an organization to undertake in order to shield and enhance the society. CSR is required for every corporation because is stated in the law, regulation and trade rule therefore every company need to fulfil the obligation with minimum requirement. There are 4 level of CSR which is economic responsibility, legal responsibility, ethical responsibility and philanthropic responsibility.

A corporation that highly involves in CSR will lead to improving the company reputation, so this is a win-win scenario because mostly company that highly involved in CSR will gain more attention from consumer than other company that refuses to conduct the CSR. The Coca-Cola company is a multinational company that highly involved in CSR. The Coca-Cola Company is a multinational company that highly involved in CSR, the company establish a foundation in 1984 this foundation called the Coca-Cola foundation and this foundation is one of the largest corporate foundation in the United State. The main reason why the company establishes this foundation is because of the company want to support these 3 areas which is women, water and well-being. In 2015, the company and the foundation has contributed more than $117 million that affect nearly 300 organization across more than 70 countries.  Firstly, the Coca-Cola company launched 5by20 in 2010.

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The main reason why the company launched 5by20 is due to the corporate want to assist women entrepreneur to overcome the problem that they face and to assist them to success in their business. The foundation offers women to attend skill training course in order to develop their skill, the foundation help more than 1.7 million of women entrepreneurs to overcome their problem. For example, Maya Ibrahim from Indonesia she is one of the entrepreneur under 5by20. Next, the foundation introduce Replenish Africa Initiative (RAIN) to provide clean water and improve sanitation to African because African is lack of clean water and there are several children dies due of the water diseases.

So, the corporate introduce RAIN to assist African  Besides, to execute the corporate well-being the company offer variety of product to suit for his or her lifestyle and occasion. The company offer reasonable, admirable, innovated and the best merchandise by leverage all occasion to the buyer and offer safety product and quality product to the consumer because providing a safety product is vital.  In a nutshell, company that highly involve in CSR will gain more attention than other company that did not implement CSR this will also lead the company reputation increase.


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