Corporate Social Responsibility Of Marks And Spencer Group Business Essay

Critically measure the effectivity of the Corporate Social Responsibility of Marks and Spencer Group Plc ( Ilford Branch ) .

2. Aim

2.1. To execute critical reappraisal the sustainability policies set as the whole in Marks and Spencer Group plc.2.2. To execute the critical reappraisal the ethical policies set in Marks and Spencer Group plc as the whole administration.

2.3. To measure critically the corporate societal duty of Mark and Spencer Group plc.2.4. An rating of the effectivity of the corporate societal duty in Marks and Spencer Group plc and Marks and Spencer shop in Ilford Branch.2.

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5. To execute the critical rating on client ‘s satisfaction for services and corporate societal duty carried out by Mark and Spencer Group Plc and Ilford Branch.2.

6. To do recommendations to Marks and Spencer Group plc in executing CSR programmes.

A 3. Introduction

In modern concern universe, the pattern of CSR is much debated and criticized. As the same clip, there are statements arrived for the pro and maizes of practising CSR in the concern.While the fiscal and accounting criterions are regulated by the authorization and regulative organic structures such as ACCA, CIMA, the corporate societal duty is non needfully necessitate to be reported and practiced by an administration.

However, money administrations such as Marks and Spencer and BT, study corporate societal duty programme in their concluding statements and in one-year study.Though the results of the sustainability and ethical policies are non mensurable straight, the administration may derive the repute and it will take the concern attract prospectus investors. Furthermore, the local community and consumers will go the clients of the administration if they are supported by the administration. By making so, the administration can hold competitory advantages within its industry and will get the better of on its challengers.

4. Administration BACKGROUND

As Marks and Spencer is one of the UK ‘s prima retail merchants, in every hebdomad over 21 million clients.

In the UK, Marks and Spencer is one of the successful suppliers of womenswear and the market portions in menswear, place and kidswear are doubtless turning. The online concern is besides developed via puting up the ain web site, and it is the 49 % out of entire gross revenues as a whole administration.

Furthermore, Marks and Spencer sell nutrient which are from fresh green goods and food markets and besides sell prepared repasts. Marks and Spencer shops offer the different sections for its clients as:For adult females: In this subdivision, it sells all ladies wears, accoutrements & A ; jewelry, pocketbook & A ; bags. The shops besides offer bantam size for adult females who are tall less than 5ft 2inches tall and pregnancy wear are besides celebrated for its amenitiess. There are four different sort of trade name offer as Autograph, Limited aggregation, Per Una and Portfolio.For work forces: In this subdivision, all sorts of menswear are offered and they are offered as five different trade names such as Autograph, Big & A ; Tall, Blue Harbour, Collezion and North Coast.

Customers can besides bask made to mensurate services.Furthermore, Marks and Spencer besides offered the undermentioned subdivisions:For childsFor Home and FurnitureTechnologyFlowers & A ; GiftsFoods & A ; WinesMarks and Spencer ‘s merchandises are high quality and they are provided by 2000 providers all over the universe. Marks and Spencer became the first administration singing with the WWF ‘s Seafood Charter and the concern ensures the scope of seafood merchandises are bought from sustainable beginnings. Furthermore, 60 % of seafood which is sold in the shops is from providers who are qualified from recognised professional organic structures such as Marine Stewardship Council.

Moreover, presently Marks and Spencer have opened over 600 UK shops, and it besides expands its concern by opening new shops abroad particularly in Asia.The food market giant employs over 75,000 employees in the UK and abroad. In the board, there are 12 members and Sir Stuart Rose is president and Marc Bolland is main executive both in the board and the direction commission. As work experience programme, Marks and Spencer provide work experience to 700 people who might confront troubles in employment and as a consequence 40 % of those got the occupations later. Furthermore, for vesture and homeware, Marks and Spencer work together with its providers by supplying preparation and instruction programmes which includes health care for 500,000 workers in their mills. Presently the 10,000 husbandmans are encouraged by Marks and Spencer to fall in sustainable agribusiness programme.As portion of corporate societal duty, Marks and Spencer introduced five-year eco program, which is known as program A. Within three old ages, as a successful consequence of Plan A, Marks and Spencer better its environmental public presentation, introduced more sustainable merchandises and services and assist the life style of people in communities where it trade.

It makes the concern successful in its community and good repute attracts more clients. In 2009, as a consequence of Plan A, Marks and Spencer Group plc generated ?50m extra net income. Furthermore, Plan A generated the undermentioned consequences:A noticeable 50,000 metric tons decrease in CO2 emanations.Marks and Spencer recycled 1.8 million used vesture with aid of Oxfam ;The waste of 20,000 metric tons is diverted from landfillThe bearer bags use is reduced by 400 million bags by bear downing and promoting clients non to utilize them.

As corporate societal duty, Marks and Spencer invested ?13.2m in programmes which are public assistance for community.As charity activity, in 2009, Marks and Spencer raised ?2.1 million for Breast Cancer and 15 % of it is used to fund the Generation Study to long-run causes of the disease. Prostate Cancer charity is helped for four old ages by Marks and Spencer by raising ?200,000 in 2010.A

5. Literature reappraisal

This assignment is focus on the corporate societal duty of the Marks and Spencer ( Ilford subdivision ) and so the information associating to corporate societal duty and its effectivity in Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) will be examined and performed analysis by utilizing the different channels such as newspapers, class books, diaries and web sites. The following are the lists of the beginnings and information which are utile for the scrutiny for the assignment rubric.

Puting aims for concern policies

For every concern, it is indispensable to hold planning procedure for all the policies set to be practiced. In every administration, all employees need to hold a clear apprehension of the ends and the aims of the administration and what they are anticipating for. Therefore, the concern and long term program should get down with the standards of the concern aims. The accomplishment of aims should be reviewed by utilizing the effectual ways and particularly the employees will be motivated by the successful result.

Sustainability policies in concern

In the modern concern universe, the sustainability policies in concern are going of import for every administration. Harmonizing to the concern jurisprudence and ordinances set out by regulative organic structure, the administration i.e. the company is treated as the separate legal individual and it can hold rights and duty.

While the company is gaining the generated net income from the community in which it operates, it should bear the duty for the public assistance of that community. ( Awakening Social Responsibility ( 2007 ) by Rossella Derickson and Krista Henley, P. 83 )

Competitive advantage from CSR programmes

In Highly competitory markets, all the concern and administration should hold set policies to keep the current clients and to pull more clients and to derive trust from other stakeholders such as stockholders, the providers and the governments. The competitory advantage and creativeness is critical success factor in modern concern universe. The concern can keep the good repute and pull more stakeholders by puting up the corporate societal duty programmes. ( Advanced CSR by Celine Louche, Samuel O. P.

102 )

Making competitory advantages

To put out the policies for making competitory advantages, all the concern demand to execute the sensible analysis. The analysis may be done by concentrating the internal strength and failing of the administration or concentrating on the external environment such as chances and menaces for the administration. For every administration, the environmental issues such as green issues will be concern and there chance will hold by puting up the corporate societal duty programmes. ( Strategic selling by Douglas West, John Ford, and Essam Ibrahim ( 2006 p.65 ) .

Criticism for corporate societal duty

While the critics argue that corporate societal duty ( CSR ) distracts from the cardinal economic function of concerns, others argue that it is nil more than superficial window-dressing. Furthermore, there are besides group of people who believe that corporate societal duty is an effort to pre-empt the function of authoritiess as a watchdog over powerful transnational corporations ( Carpenter, Bauer, & A ; Erdogan, 2009 ) .

Critical Evaluation on the corporate societal duty of Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch )

Harmonizing to the CR Index and the Big Tick awards, there are different countries of focal point appear.

A strong subject this twelvemonth is the corporate function in employability, with BITC acknowledging companies that are lending to the employment chances and the employability accomplishments of the communities in which they operate. For illustration, Marks and Spencer has employed more than 3,500 people via its Marks & A ; Start programme. ( By Sarah Murray, 2010, www.ft.

com ) .Recently Marks & A ; Spencer announced its first programme named ‘One Day Wardrobe Clear out ‘ on, which will take to raise ?1 million for Oxfam and will assist to cut down the sum of vesture sent to landfill. This programme will last for one twenty-four hours merely and its clients are encouraged to convey their fresh and unwanted apparels to donate Oxfam by conveying them to the nearest Marks and Spencer shops. Furthermore, Marks and Spencer will offer ?5 money-off verifier which can pass in any Marks and Spencer Stores to its clients who donate the apparels with Marks and Spencer label. ( ) .

This is the good charity programmes which will carry through the corporate societal duty of Marks and Spencer. However, I critically evaluate that it will be better manner and will acquire more contribution if Marks and Spencer besides accept contribution apparels whether it is Marks and Spencer labeled or non.Furthermore, one in six consumers revealed that they have thrown off apparels because they believe that their apparels would non utile and sell in charity stores. However, through Marks and Spencer Programme, the consumers are educated and informed that by donating the apparels it will be effectual for raising money because, Oxfam is able to increase the gross from all contributions it receives and lessening fabrics sent to landfill, by utilizing its unique fabric screening installation. This installation will assist Oxfam to kinds and resells dressing through a figure of paths, for illustration to interior decorators who restyle garments and reuse cloths in their aggregations and to 3rd universe states or to the state of which people suffer of natural catastrophe and in demand of inexpensive apparels.Furthermore, during first hebdomad of September 2010, Marks & A ; Spencer launched a scope of Solar PV and Solar Thermal H2O heating solutions to promote clients in cutting their C emanations and to cut down their energy measures. This will assist the family outgo to be decreased and the household can bask the nest eggs to utilize for household vacations.

By presenting this programme, M & A ; S is going one of the first retail merchants to offer solar energy bundles which enable clients to take advantage of Feed-in-Tariffs. Furthermore, the partnership with SSE, Marks and Spencer guarantee that duties are available to new and bing M & A ; S Energy clients. Under this strategy, clients will gain 41.3 P for every unit produced from their energy provider, and there will be an extra 3p offered for every fresh unit. Marks and Spencer ‘s energy salvaging strategy is non merely assisting the clients but besides protecting the Earth and the lifes.

In June 2010, Marks & A ; Spencer ( M & A ; S ) gained a 20 % decrease in utilizing plastic bags in packaging, and there is 19 % addition in utilizing energy efficaciously in shops. As a consequence of Plan A activity, 417 million of bearer bags are used which is perceptibly less than last twelvemonth. Furthermore, ?50 million out of net income is reinvested back in Plan A programmes in order to assist the environmental green issues. During three old ages, Marks and Spencer achieved 62 of the original 100 committednesss and it is estimated that 30 are planned to be obtained in 2012.Harmonizing to the critical rating done, Marks and Spencer shop ( Ilford Branch ) enjoy the repute amongst its stakeholders and local community and it is believed to be increasing the clients visit to the shop from locally and internationally.

A 6. Justification

The subject I have chosen is to critically analyze the corporate societal duty policies set by Marks and Spencer Group plc and how it is effectual in the Marks and Spencer shop ( Ilford Branch ) . I have chosen this subject because it is current publishing confronting all the concern all over the universe.

The ethical issues and the sustainability are in common involvement in the modern concern universe. I am traveling to measure whether the corporate societal duty policies should be compulsory for all administration because presently all the concern are making it for voluntary footing. Furthermore, I will critically measure whether Marks and Spencer shop ( Ilford Branch ) need to hold different corporate societal duties to response its local community ‘s demands or should hold the same end as the administration as whole.Furthermore, I have chosen Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) because it is one of the successful high street manner shop in Ilford town Centre. I have chosen to measure how the effectivity of corporate societal duty policies in that subdivision helps the local people.

Furthermore, I have interested in Marks and Spencer Group plc because it extend its concern in Asia, such as Singapore and I have learnt that Marks and Spencer ‘s trade names are going successful in Singapore. Due to all of these facts, I have chosen Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) , to be evaluated how it derive the good repute in its clients and the stakeholders.

A 7.


I think that Marks and Spencer Group plc and Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) are puting policies to care for its stakeholders such as clients, providers, local community and its stockholders. I think that Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) is run intoing with the corporate societal duties which are set by the administration as a whole.However I think that Marks and Spencer Group plc should supply the authorization to its direction squad in Ilford Branch to put and pattern the corporate societal duty policies which will run into with the demands of its local people. For illustration, there are multi-cultural community in Ilford who might necessitate to be offered different local community public assistance such as price reduction offering for frock for kids in their spiritual and cultural ceremonial.Furthermore, I think that Marks and Spencer ‘s nutrients may be found expensive for some portion of local community though the nutrients are high choice criterion. I think that such group if people may desire to pass their money within their budgets and may wish to be Marks and Spencer ‘s clients.

For such sort of community, Marks and Spencer should present more value merchandises with good quality and the concern should non merely aim to the one community.

8. Research Methodology

A 8.1Types of research

Depending on the ways and the method of information collected the research method can be peculiarly known as the primary and the secondary research. If original information and information roll uping methods such as study, interviews, treatments and direct meeting with the direction of the administration are used, it is known as Primary research. If the research worker uses the informations which already exists such as books, diaries and web sites, it is called as secondary research. ( Gratton, 2004, p.8 ) .

Furthermore, the types of research can be differentiated as theoretical research and the empirical research. While theoretical research is particularly performed by utilizing theories which are already existed, the empirical research method uses the primary informations already collected by bring forthing new thoughts. The empirical research method concentrates on findings. Furthermore, the empirical research is performed by roll uping information for scrutiny. The theoretical research method merely uses the theories to organize new thoughts. ( Gratton, 2004, p.

8 ) .There are other signifiers of research methods and they are known as Quantitative and qualitative. The quantitative research is done by executing the mathematical analysis.For illustration, the fiscal analysis of the balance sheet analysis in a company is known as quantitative research. The Quantitative research method is performed as: ( a ) First of all the informations will be collected ( B ) the collected informations will be analysed and interpreted ( degree Celsius ) the result will be reviewed and necessary disciplinary action will be done.

8.2 Primary research

The researches done by the research worker by roll uping the chief beginning of information are called as Primary informations aggregation methods. The primary informations can be collected in three ways from detecting, experimenting and executing questionnaire.I will utilize questionnaire as primary research method and I can utilize different types of questionnaire to set up meeting with the subdivision director and the clients.

I can direct electronic mail to the subdivision director to make full the questionnaire and return back to me. The undermentioned facts are the advantages of executing questionnaire:It allows me to roll up the needed information by inquiring inquiries.As the information is collected in a ready prepared signifier, this will let the respondent to analyze the information in concurrence with that collected by others.It ensures to obtain the information quickly, and if it is efficaciously prepared, the information collected will hold more clip economy and it will profit for the research worker.

As for a group of people can be interviewed at the same clip and same manner, it will be clip salvaging for me and others.I am traveling to hold meeting with the director or aid director of Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) as a portion of primary research. I will fix questionnaire which is designed to reply my inquiries for the research rubric. I will besides e-mail the line directors of Marks and Spencer ( Ilford Branch ) related with corporate societal duty and its effectivity in the shop.Furthermore, I will plan the questionnaire for the clients of Marks and Spencer Group plc.

I will see to the shop once more and once more and execute questionnaire to the clients and cod information if they are satisfied with the corporate societal duty taken by Marks and Spencer.

A 8.3 Secondary research

As a secondary research, I will roll up the informations from assorted information beginnings. This will be library research such as reexamining books, reading articles and I will besides utilize electric research such as cyberspace searching and website visit. As a secondary research, I will travel to the libraries such as Wood Street library for general reading and I will travel to the British library for specific reading. Furthermore, I am traveling to utilize the database such as DATA Monitor in the British library to read the latest information related with Marks and Spencer. I am besides traveling to utilize the cyberspace to seek the current issues related with the corporate societal duty and ethical trading.


4 Scope of qualitative research approachA

It ensures that the research inquiries will be answered efficaciously and expeditiously.It enables to develop new thoughts and believing ways which are ne’er pre-identified.This type of research creates the proper stairss and programs to execute information assemblage.It ensures the research worker to roll up grounds efficaciously.


8.5 Restrictions of qualitative research attack

There may be inquiry for dependability, because some people who claim to be knowing can lose the stuff mistake or omit the of import information.There may be troubles in grouping the entire parties who are truly interested in research rubric.

A 8.

6 Scope of quantitative research attack

A The Scopess of the quantitative research are as follow:This type of research develop and use the mathematical theoretical accounts and theoryThe procedure of measuring is the centre point of the quantitative research because it creates the utile relationship between the observation and the look.Quantitative methods are used to garner quantitative informations such as the information incorporating the Numberss and anything that is mensurable. The difference of quantitative from the qualitative is that the former usage the statistics, tabular arraies and graphs to show the consequences of the research results

8.7 Restrictions of quantitative research attack

The restrictions of the quantitative research are as follow:There might be the inquiries for objectiveness because the quantitative research depends on the Numberss already existed and which are easy to be manipulated.The quantitative research will merely be meaningful when there is mensurable information. If there is a benefit which can non be measured straight, the utility of the quantitative method will be in inquiry.The result of the corporate societal duty programmes might non be meaningful or utile if they are measured by utilizing this method.


8 Ethical issues in research attack

As making research is based on the information and information for one administration, the research worker demand to transport out research with the professional mode. The ethical issues should non be ignored while the research procedure is carried out.The objectiveness is one of the chief concerns of ethical issues for making research. For illustration, the investors rely on the research articles in order to happen out the companies in which they want to put in. Therefore, it is of import the research worker carried out the research objectively in order non to misdirect the investors.Furthermore, the confidentiality is one of the of import issues in executing the research. At the phase of garnering information, the confidential information may incorporate in the information gather.

The confidential information is the live of the concern success and the research worker should be trusted to be maintained the confidentiality.Again, the unity of the research worker is the chief ethical issue in executing the research. Throughout the procedure of the research, the research worker should keep the unity of the information, with the communicating between the related parties.Finally, the research worker demand to be guarantee that the procedure carried out is his ain work and non to be entirely rely on the work and the information done by others.








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