Controlled Society In 1984 Essay Research Paper

Controlled Society In 1984 Essay, Research PaperFear, confusion and bullying are non merely feelings. If they are used in the right manner they can be used for control and power. A dictator in a totalitarian government will utilize these emotions to command his people. The universe that Winston Smith lives in has no personal rights, hapless life conditions, and everything is controlled by hate, even the people & # 8217 ; s history and linguistic communication. The linguistic communication Newspeak is being implemented by the authorities to restrict the possibility of political rebellion by extinguishing all words associating to it.

The history is changed in a attempt to confound the population into believing the authoritiess version. In 1984, fright, confusion and bullying are used to command the society and to guarantee that the totalitarian government can keep its power.In the novel, the universe is broken into three different super-countries: Oceania, Eurasia, and Eastasia. Eurasia was formed when Russia took control of Europe. Oceania was created when the U.S absorbed the British imperium and Eastasia is a merger of the staying states. These states are in a changeless province of war with one another contending a ageless boundary line war. One state is ever allied to another, while at war with the 3rd, so switched Alliess.

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There is ne’er a victor. It is a fact of life that enables the powers to maintain the people ignorant of life in other topographic points. This keeps the universe stalls and allows the authoritiess to command their people through fright.

Winston thinks about Oceania & # 8217 ; s relationship to the other states in the universe, Eurasia and Eastasia. Harmonizing to history, Oceania has ever been at war with Eurasia and in confederation with Eastasia, but Winston mistily remembers, even though the records have been changed. This is an knowing act of Confusion by the totalitarian province.In the narrative Winston purchases a journal at a 2nd manus shop in the proletarian territory. He begins to compose his ideas in the diary about the movies he watched the dark before, which he realizes is an act of rebellion against the party.

Winston thinks about his lecherousness and hatred for the dark haired misss who works in the Fiction Department at the Ministry of Truth, so looks down and realizes that he has written DOWN WITH BIG BROTHER over and over once more in his journal. He has committed athought offense and he now fears that he will be taken off by the Thought Police. The Thought Police take on the same functions as normal constabularies except they charge people perpetrating thought offenses alternatively of normal offenses. The Thought Police are used to scare people which prevents them from perpetrating thought offenses. Big Brother uses fear to keep control in society.Another fright of Winston & # 8217 ; s is the Parsons household. The male parent of the household is a fat objectionable, dull party member who is a neighbor of Winston & # 8217 ; s and works at the ministry of truth.

He has a dull married woman and a group of leery, badly mannered kids. One twenty-four hours at the Parsons flat, Mrs. Parsons needs aid with the plumbing while her hubby is off. At the flat Winston is tormented by the ardent kids, who, as junior undercover agents, accuse him of thoughtcrime.In the novel, the history of the universe is destroyed, or altered by the authorities in order to do them look good, and give them recognition for all of the major achievements which have occurred in the yesteryear. Winston knows this because he works for the authorities and his occupation is to alter the history to profit the authorities.

For example Winston remembers that no 1 had heard of Big Brother, the leader of the party, before 1960, but narratives about him now appear in the histories traveling back to the 30’s. As such, the authorities is looked upon as holding given the people all that they have, which makes it improbable that there would of all time be a rebellion. This is an act of confusion that the authorities uses to do the people think that what they have done in the yesteryear has been successful and what they want to make now will besides be successful.In 1984, Orwell shows what can happen if a authorities chooses to mistreat their power, and alter history. The invasion of personal privateness is another manner in which the authorities maintains its control over the people in 1984. Telescreens which are installed in all suites are synergistic telecasting screens that allow the thought constabulary to supervise the actions of citizens 24 hours a twenty-four hours.

This ensures that they will non make anything which could endanger the authorities & # 8217 ; s power. This is intimidating for the people and besides untrusty. High pitched whistlings coming from the telescreen signals that office workers must wake. This is another illustration of how the telescreens are used to intimidate the workers.At one point in the novel, Winston lays enduring at the custodies of O & # 8217 ; Brien. Here it seems that he is being displayed as the agony figure of the Redeemer on the great symbol of the Christian religion, the Cross.

It is felt that through his agony he will let go of his load and struggle and convey him nigher to a cognition of God. , who in this novel would be Large Brother. Fear decidedly plays a function here in the sum of enduring that Winston must digest. ( The Portable Jung, pg.586 )In room 101, O & # 8217 ; Brien straps Winston to a chair, clamping his caput so that he can non travel. He tells Winston that room 101 contains & # 8220 ; the worst thing in the universe & # 8221 ; . He reminds Winston of his worst incubus, the dream of being in a dark topographic point with something awful on the other side of the wall.

It was rats, he says, on the other side of the wall. Winstons & # 8217 ; s female parent and sister were both eaten by rats. O & # 8217 ; Brien picks up a coop full of tremendous, hungry, writhing, clawing rats. O & # 8217 ; Brien straps the coop over Winston & # 8217 ; s face like a mask. He says that when he presses a lever, the door will skid up and the rats will eat Winston & # 8217 ; s face.

With the writhing, hungering rats merely inches from his face, Winston cracks, he screams that he wants O & # 8217 ; Brien to make it to Julia, non to him. He has betrayed his deepest strong belief which is to love Julia over anything and to endure for her benefit if needed. Satisfied, O & # 8217 ; Brien removes the coop. The intent of tormenting Winston was to brainwash him into believing in the totalitarian government and that they are good for the state. This proves that through fright you can command people to acquire what you want out of them.Fear, confusion and bullying are powerful emotions that can command a individual.

The intent of utilizing fright, confusion and bullying to command the people, enables the authorities to permanately prolong this absolute power over them. Through the forceful usage of these emotions, people are diminished of their humanity, self-respect, regard, self assurance and ego esteem. We therefore can see a society of people who are badly depressed with no joy of life whatsoever, due to their great deficiency of freedom. Peoples subjected to this signifier of intervention are nil more than animate beings in a coop, when the Party & # 8217 ; s merely end is absolute endless and illimitable power through control of people & # 8217 ; s heads.


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