Contribution to European Expansion Essay Sample

The most of import part to European enlargement was the hunt for new trade paths. Christopher Columbus in 1492 by chance stumbled across the Americas on his manner to India in hunt of foreign goods and a new. quicker way to acquire to them. The Europeans already had trade paths. but each of them had a defect. Either the path was excessively long. excessively dearly-won. or excessively long.

The chief states of their times sent different explorer’s to happen new trade paths.Lusitanian Prince Henry ( the Navigator ) founded an observatory and navigation school on the southern Portuguese seashore at Sagres. He fundamentally directed Portguese geographic expedition during his life-time. After this decease geographic expedition was directed by a private “contractor” named Fernao Gomes. Bartholomew Dias reached the Cape of Good Hope at the south terminal of Africa in 1487 and returned to Portugal with the intelligence. Vasco district attorney Gama reached the Swahili Coast of East Africa on his manner to India. He returned to Portugal with spices from India.

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In 1494. the Spanish and the Portuguese signed a pact to split the universe in two. The spliting line ran through the Atlantic with Spain deriving lands to the West including all the Americas. Brazil was given to Portugal. The eastern half including Africa and India was given to Portugal every bit good.The Spanish state came into great integrity after the matrimony of Ferdinand of Argon and Isabelle Castile.

In 1492 Columbus led three ships from Cadiz in hunt of a trade path to India alternatively he found the Bahamas. He had fundamentally discovered a new universe. Vasco Nunez de Balboa. sailing for Spain. reached the Pacific Ocean in Panama in 1513. claiming everything touched by the Pacific Ocean for the male monarch.

Ferdinand Magellan led a Spanish expedition that sailed around the universe. Although Magellan died in the Philippines. a Spanish sailing master. Sebastian del Cano. successfully returned to Spain in 1522 with one ship and 15 crewmans.

Hernan Cortez and 400 work forces conquered the Aztec Empire ( Mexico ) . Finally Francisco Pizarro took advantage of a sequence crisis in the Inca Empire ( Peru ) to set up an inland military centre at Lima in 1533. The Spanish were more interested in happening and exporting gold back to Spain from south America and Mexico so to do settlements.In 1497 John Cabot of England sites “new found land” while seeking for Northwest Passage. In 1577 Sir Francis Drake sets sail from England.

He circumnavigates the universe. The first English colony was founded in 1607 in Virginia and it was called Jamestown. This was the first of the original 13 settlements that England would come to have.All of these enlargements were owed to seek for new trade paths and to Christopher Columbus for being the most successful failure of the degree Celsius 1500.

Portugal got Brazil and the eastern lands of Africa and India. Spain received Mexico and South America. Finally England expanded to what is now called the USA.


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