Context In Which The Company Runs The Business Commerce Essay

The Human Resources section is critical for the well-being of any administration. Before coming to the UK to analyze for my Master Degree I have worked for one twelvemonth in the Design, Development and Optimization section of Ericsson Telecom Romania and I could easy detect the engagement of the HR squad into the administration every bit good as its interfaces with other sections. The purpose of this essay is to analyze four of the activities of the HR section and the manner the HR members apply their policies in respects with the support they offer to the line directors. I will get down this study by analysing the company I chose both from an external position ( PEST analysis ) but besides from an inside position ( SWOT analysis ) . Then I will take four of the activities of the HR section, discuss about their attacks, theirs key schemes but I will besides offer practical illustrations of how Ericsson Telecom Romania put all of these into pattern.The context in which the company runs the concern is critical for the well being of the company and is good summarized by the undermentioned analysis.

Plague analyses:


-the authorities encourages the great companies to come and unfastened central office in Romania by offering them a revenue enhancement freedom-for using pupils the Romania authorities lowers the revenue enhancements they should pay to the national authorization of finance-the president of one of the parties who holds the power in Romania is involved in the company

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-there is an economical crisis in Romania and people are urgently looking for occupations-the council revenue enhancement is lower than in western states


-Romanian people are truly looking for occupations and see Ericsson as a great chance-graduate strategy-it is a turning market in Romania due to the fact that people depend more and more on engineering-Good Rumanian Universities


-new finds made on Wimax and LTE the hereafter engineering for 4G-the sector of R & A ; D is acquiring more and more attending and uses new engineerings-the possibility to incorporate the Ericsson concern in a cloud architecture



Well-known Swedish national trade name ( for more than 100 old ages )Repute for quality and unityWell advertisement policy by utilizing an appropriate selling schemeA good accent on the quality of the applied scientists employedGood substructure ( by utilizing 90 % Ericsson proprietary equipment )Qualified forcesFlexibility in offer a broad scope of services get downing form supervising the web to the proper development of itgood recommendations from people who already used the Ericsson ‘s services and are satisfied with it


deficiency of certification for the tools usedbad communicating scheme inside the companynon a really competitory web sitefocused more on budget film editing than on the quality of people employed


The extension on the French telephone phones by organizing a joint venture with SonyChoosing to utilize in the hereafter the LTE engineering for 4g which seems to be better and the one adopted by Nokia ( the Wimax one )The premier supplier of telecommunication services for the World Cup Championship in South Africa 2010 and London Olympics 2012


Nokia is concentrating more and more on the services portionMore Global Delivery Services Centre had to be closed and some are being transformed into GSCA new design enforced from Stockholm that has to set to the clients and employees demands in RomaniaIn the context of the planetary recession my context analysis shows that Ericsson concern is still a strong one due to the right attack senior directors had every bit good as its well known trade name. In my sentiment these are the cardinal factors that influence the Ericsson ‘s concern.

Furthermore I will stress on the fact that the company truly complies to the Rumanian jurisprudence statute laws and that the Rumanian Universities truly offer alumnuss with strong background cognition to work in the telecom industry.

Recruitment and Choice:

Administrations are cognizant of the importance of holding the right people involved in their undertakings and hence they offer the right importance to the enlisting procedure. In order to accomplish great ends with the company they foremost necessitate appropriate people and qualified 1s. This is the chief ground why the enlisting procedure and the methods related to it are possibly the most of import and with the highest precedence in the HR direction. ( Margaret Foot, Caroline Hook, Introducing Human Resource Management, 4th Edition, 2005, Prentice Hall )The function of the HR directors in this procedure is to give valuable advice sing the Torahs of employments that apply in the specific state.

The line director is the one fixing the occupation description and confer withing with the HR specializer. ( Dennis Hoffman, Pull offing Peoples and Organizations, MSc 2010 ) .The footings of enlisting and choice are frequently linked together even if they have different marks and they operate otherwise. Recruitment can be defined as the procedure oriented towards happening possible employees and besides attract application from the 1 that suit the place advertised. This operation is normally outsourced to an bureau.

( Tom Redman, Adrian Wilkinson, Contemporary Human Resource Management, Text and Cases, 2nd edition, 2006, Prentice Hall )The enlisting procedure is extremely influenced by some inner and external factors, such as the statute law from the state it is enforced, non to know apart any individuals, offer just rights for every individual every bit good as guaranting that the ultimate end of this procedure is to protect the benefit of the company. The function of the Human Resource direction squad is to do certain that of the legal, concern and moral facets of the enlisting procedure are respected.Most companies consider as a first measure towards enlisting seeking internally.

And this scheme is likely non the most suited one as some of the rules mentioned supra may non be respected. For illustration the administration I chose to speak about normally looks for people internally before looking for person externally, but this applies merely if the place is non a managerial 1. The HR squad from Ericsson prefers people from inside the company as they already know the Ericsson ‘s processs and the preparation period is no longer necessary.The first measure in the enlisting procedure is to place the demand for the place the administration needs. One of the errors normally made is sing that a occupation description will stay the same in the hereafter. ( Tom Redman, Adrian Wilkinson, Contemporary Human Resource Management, Text and Cases, 2nd edition, 2006, Prentice Hall )The strategic program of growing of the administration has to be good examined by the HR squad every bit good as any other grounds. For illustration here we can include the reassignment of a individual, dismissal or possibly retirement. Of class that each of the above mentioned ground requires different attacks.

The HR has to happen the best scheme to offer the best possible solution make fulling the topographic points. The enlisting procedure for my administration relies wholly on the HR section and hence every facet of it has to be good documented. It is the function of the line director that looks for a certain individual to make full in a place in their sections to offer a complete occupation description which would include all the specifications needed. A following measure that lies in the custodies of the HR specializer is to compose a individual specification, which provides more inside informations about the individuals we are enrolling. Nowadays the most frequently used theoretical account for discovery out the a individual ‘s specification is the 1 belonging to Alec Rodger documented in 1952 and which covers facets as “ physical makeup, attainments, general intelligence, involvements, temperament and fortunes. ” ( Margaret Foot, Caroline Hook, Introducing Human Resource Management, 4th Edition, 2005, Prentice Hall )Ericsson ‘s attack towards the phases of the enlisting procedure is the undermentioned: the line director for illustration for the Business Support Systems creates a occupation description for the place she wants to make full and after that the HR specializers are utilizing different techniques to seek for people internally.

But if the occupation would be for the place of BSS UK Manager the procedure of enlisting would be outsource to an experient bureau by the HR squad.There are many possibilities to publicize a occupation and I cam mention some of them: on-site notice boards, local newspapers, professional diaries, enlisting bureaus, internal notice boards, Internet sites, telecasting. In most instances it is the occupation of the HR administrative officer to put the occupation advertizement in the appropriate topographic points.Any successful runs will consequences in happening the best people for the advertised occupation. Therefore the strategic attack towards choice begins. It is the HR section responsibility to take the best individual for the occupation and they can make these utilizing different methods such as interviews, trials, appraisals Centres, mentions. The interview is likely the most frequently used technique of choosing people and this is performed by the line director who will inquire specific inquiry for the occupation needed together with the HR specializer.

Interviews can be hold over the phone, face to confront but no affair the type of it, the interview must be held by an experient individual and let adequate clip for it ( Michael Armstrong, Human Resource Management Practice, 10th Edition, 2006 )

Learning and development:

Most administrations want to better public presentation, to bring forth income for the stakeholders whilst the people working in the organisation would desire to “ get and develop the cognition ‘ ( Armstrong, 651 ) . Learning and development can assist accomplish these ends for both parties. Therefore people are happier ; they can do future programs while the administration continues to turn. This procedure of larning must be concern oriented but besides focused on the desires and demands of the employees. Harmonizing to Walton “ strategic human resource development involves presenting, extinguishing, modifying, directing and steering procedures in such a manner that all persons and squads are equipped with adequate accomplishments ” . The procedure of acquisition is a shared duty between the HR squad, line director, senior director and the existent employees. Armstrong argues that the procedure of acquisition is a uninterrupted one non merely a series of preparation Sessionss.

Even so the nexus between single acquisition and the organisational benefits it ‘s non so easy to set up ( Armstrong, 656 ) .In my organisation the HR squad organizes sporadically series of developing on different degrees but is the line director ‘s responsibility to choose the most appropriate people from his squad to travel and take part. We can besides see a different sort of state of affairs in each the employee finds a perfect chance for development and preparation and asks his director to inscribe him to that preparation. However “ a learning organisation is one which facilitates the acquisition of all its members and continually transforms itself ( Armstrong 661 ) .There is frequently a differentiation made between larning and development.

Learning is the agencies by each a individual develops new cognition whereas development is related to a individual ‘s ability to get experience and self guide himself through the acquisition procedure. ( Armstrong 665 )( de scanat poza de la pagina 666 )The Investors in People criterion provides a model for organisations to follow, doing certain that all the cardinal rules are respected. ( hook 281 )The first measure in the procedure of larning and development is to measure the acquisition and development demands. This is the responsibility of all the employees, cognizing his/her weak points. But the true duty in an organisation falls into the function of the line director. They have to help their staff with support, larning chances and besides training. ( Armstrong 689 ) But sometimes the line directors need aid with this from the HR specializers who must supply support and counsel.The following measure is to put up appropriate aims for the employees ‘ procedure of larning.

These must be realistic and really clear. After that the planning of the acquisition or development occurs and this is an activity that the HR section must carry through. They have to take the most appropriate location, fix the necessary press releases and besides inform the participants about the administrative inside informations. After the preparation is carried out there is normally an rating. It is really of import to ” measure its effectivity in bring forthing the result specified when the activity was planned. “ ( Armstrong 693 ) .The specialized literature defines different type of acquisition: instrumental, cognitive, affectional and self-reflective acquisition.

The construct behind the larning curve negotiations about the times it takes an “ inexperient individual to make the needed degree of public presentation in a occupation or a undertaking. “ ( Armstrong 706 +poza scanata pagina 707 coppers larning curve )

Health and safety:

This subdivision of my essay negotiations about pull offing wellness and safety in administrations. These policies are concerned with protecting the employee and any client affected by the administration ‘s merchandises.Every individual individual who work in the administration has the responsibility to extinguish at the maximal any sort of possibility of jeopardies. This is non merely the duty of the employee but besides of all the directors who have to protect their squad, because any sort of infection unwellness or disease can hold catastrophically impact on the concern. The function of the HR section is to implement some ordinances sing the policy and proper behavior behavior at work but besides instruct the employee about the equal attack in instance something goes incorrect.

Therefore written wellness and safety policies are required and should dwell of three chief portion: 1.the general policy statement, 2.the description of the administration for wellness and safety and 3.details of agreements for implementing the policy. ( Armstrong 961 )The most of import facet of this activity is to seek to forestall any sort of wellness job. This is the chief intent of what is known as hazard appraisal. Its chief intent is to place the chief grounds for jeopardies such as stacking and storage, processing of natural stuff, reception of natural stuffs, lifting, and installing of equipment, utilizing electricity or failure to have on protective equipment. But the chief end of this hazard appraisal is to implement it non merely to compose about it.

As a effect the HR squad should be informed of every individual operation that goes on the administration and attempt to do it noticeable to the employees by utilizing warning signals, barriers, enforcing the usage of protective equipment. ( Armstrong 964 )The line directors have the responsibility to develop their squad about the appropriate process that must be adapted in instance of an accident. In my administration every there hebdomads the HR section organized an exercising about fire flight issues and my line director ever emphasised on this exercising my discoursing about it carefully in out following hebdomadal staff meeting.But every administration is besides controlled my a professional audit company who verifies that every facet related to wellness and safety is respected. Harmonizing to Saunders ( 1992 ) “ it will analyze hierarchies, safety planning procedures, determination devising, deputation, policy devising and execution every bit good as all countries of safety programme planning ” .In most organisation the HR squad emphasises on the bar of accidents and jeopardies and this can be achieved by initiation classs and preparation. This process should be applied for all employees new one, those who changed the section or even old one.

Health and safety is besides normally measured utilizing the frequence rate ( figure of injuries/number of hours worked X 100,000 ) , the incident rate ( figure of injuries/average figure employed during the period X 1,000 ) or badness rate ( the yearss lost through accidents or occupational wellness jobs per 1 million hours worked ) . ( Armstrong 969 )

Employee public assistance:

One of the newest Hour focuses is the one refering the public assistance of the employees. In other words there is a specialized occupation, the HR specialised on the felicity of the employee. The policy behind this new subdivision is that a happy and satisfied employees adds value to the administration. The Health and Safety Executive ( HSE ) tries to do employees aware of the existent benefits of holding a more proactive attack towards their occupations.But now the inquiry is how much can a line director interfere in his employee ‘s life and its facets? The line I think it is drawn in the minute that the employees ‘ personal life impact his work. Having an employee that can easy get by with stress factors is critical to any line director and hence most of the HR section provide “ employee aid programmes “ in order to help with any worrying ideas.

Another facet that is taken into history by line directors is to maintain some good on the job relationships and a friendly ambiance within its squad. ( hook 389 )There are many facet of personal life that can interfere with a proper behavior at work. The HR section must hold processs to cover with these sorts of state of affairss or possibly others more terrible such as drug ingestion, alcohol addiction or some signifier of favoritism in the workplace. My administration offered their employees liberate services to a private clinic with different sorts of installations every bit good as a 50 % price reduction to one of the most sophisticated wellness nine in the metropolis.

These sorts of services maintain the employees happy and give them plenty ground to maintain working in the same topographic point. Beside of these installations the administration I chose to speak about had a strong policy about favoritism enforced every clip there was any little uncertainty.One of the most of import facet of employee ‘s public assistance is stress and covering with emphasis. This appears when person is worried about a job or can non get by with it. After carefully analyzing the emphasis job the Health Safety Executive elaborated a series of criterions for pull offing emphasis.

( hook all the manner 392 ) It is the HR responsibility to show these criterions to all employees and besides offer support in order to do them effectual. These criterions refer to the following countries of work: Demands, Control, Support, Relationships, Role, Change. ( detalii aici despre semen ericsson a foslosit standardele astea ) ( Hook 392 )


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