CONTEMPORARY Power Centre 2. Modi vs Rahul:

CONTEMPORARY INDIA PROJECT- AN ABSTRACTOm Patel (2016A4PS0422P) & Tanmay Dixit (2016A3PS0218P) Topic – 2014: A Mandate for Change  Relevance:  From the year 1984, No party in India had ever managed to receive a majority, until the elections of 2014, when the Bhartiya Janta Party led by Narendra Modi won a mammoth 282 seats, a number which was clearly above the half way mark of 272. It was the first time in India’s democratic history that a non congress party had won a majority.

In this project, we try to explore the possible causes for the same.   Thematic Index: 1.    Anti Incumbency :a.    Corruption b.

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   High Unemployment and Inflationc.    Policy Paralysis d.   Dual Power Centre2.    Modi vs Rahul: A battle of unequalsa.    Origins of the leadersb.   Experiencec.    Campaign management3.

    Uttar Pradesh: The X-factor4.    IT Campaigns and the role of Social Media Sources: We plan to use the following sources for our research :* Books : 1. Sardesai, Rajdeep. 2015. 2014: the election that changed india. Place of publication not identified: Penguin Books India2.

Ullekh, N. P. 2015. War room: the people, tactics and technology behind Narendra Modi’s 2014 win.

* Articles  and Editorials from news papers on the InternetAll the sources used by us shall be mentioned separately along with the required details in the Bibliography section of the assignment. Timeline : We plan to start the project in the first week of September itself. The research on first two topics, i.

e. “Anti Incumbency” and “Modi v/s Rahul” shall be done in the first three weeks, and the last two topics, i.e. “Uttar Pradesh: The X factor” and “IT Campaigns and the role of Social Media” in about two weeks. This leaves us with two spare weeks, which we shall utilize by editing and making minor additions to the then prepared content.


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