Consumer or Company Essay

Who is to blame in the rising epidemic of childhood obesity? Some critics say the large corporations are at fault because they trick you into consuming their products. Others say it’s the consumers fault because ultimately the consumer has the last say in what he or she eats. Weintraub is correct in his article when explaining that the parent is at fault because they are responsible for purchasing the food. Parents need to step up and take control of their kids exercise and eating habits.

It is pretty obvious that “parents, not state government, are in the best position to fight the epidemic of overweight children. ” By parents taking control, they can maintain their children’s food consumption and exercise habits. If parents maintain a healthy diet and exercise pan for their kids then it will lead to a life of good and health habits. Parents need to start focusing on their kids health and habits more. When parents do, then the obesity epidemic will come to a screeching stop.Companies do what they need to do to stay alive in business. No company out their tries to sell food to kids in hope that they will lead that kid to obesity and a lifetime of health problems. Large corporations like McDonalds and Burger King have to compete to continue business, therefore the prices drop and the quantity rises.

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Consumers are the ones who create this competition of unhealthy food. Big corporation play the game while consumers buy the food and lead the lifestyle full of unhealthy eating with little to no exercise.In the end no matter how you look at it, the consumer plays the main role in the obesity epidemic. Weintraub talks about how when he was a kid, he was what is called a latchkey kid.

He would sit around the house, watch television, and get hungry. When he got hungry he would walk to the most convenient fast food joint to get a quick and cheap meal for himself. He goes on to talk about by learning young that fast food is not a healthy option, he can run a healthier house now.Weintraub says that his house may not be a “Fast food free zone”, but it is healthier than many other homes that cause and continue to support the obesity epidemic. Finally, Weintraub knows what he is talking about when supporting the idea that the consumer is at fault, not the large corporations. Parents need to take a stand to increase exercise and promote a healthy diet.

Large corporations will continue business but it is up the consumer to be smart about their consumption choices. By parents taking a stand, we can end the obesity epidemic among children.


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