Consumer Behavior On Using The E Shopping Commerce Essay

In the treatment that the research worker did before, there are few factors that will impact the consumer behaviour on utilizing the e-shopping which is consumer attitude, monetary value, trade name trueness and trade name location. It is besides due to engineering are acquiring higher, the consumers want to hold convenience and salvage more clip to hold better shopping lifestyle via e-shopping. Therefore, the chief aim was to look into the Melaka citizens about the factor impacting consumer behaviour on utilizing e-shopping.

Figure 3.01 Research model

Independent variable Dependent variableConsumer behaviourPurchase LocationMonetary valueBrand LoyaltyConsumer Attitude/ PersonalityFigure 3.0: Factors that impacting consumer behaviour on utilizing E-shopping


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02 Hypothesis Development

After the variables had been identify. Hypothesiss were developed and to be tested to looking in dept for the relationship whether it is true or non. Several hypotheses were formed to be examined.

H1: There is a relationship between trade name trueness and consumer behaviour in utilizing e-shopping

Due to the trade name trueness, the consumers prefer to purchase and buy the merchandises from e-shopping which can supply them to the full satisfaction. The consumers which purchase the merchandises through the e-shopping will maintain on purchase it on the same location and besides same trade name as the consumers trust the trade name can supply them to the full satisfaction. This trade name trueness and consumer behaviour got relationship as the consumer behaviour will take the trade name that suit and fulfill them and will go on repetition order.

H1: There is a relationship between monetary value and consumer behaviour in utilizing e-shopping

The consumers are concern about monetary value before purchase any merchandises from e-shopping. The consumers have to see their ain ability and besides compare the monetary value of the merchandises from e-shopping with mercantile establishments physical.

The relationship with the monetary value with the consumer behaviour as the consumers will concentrate on the products` monetary value and comparison with others market before doing the purchases. As we know buying from the e-shopping can acquire the cheaper monetary value comparison to the mercantile establishments as the distribution channel are shorter and direct to the concluding purchasers. It saves the cost of being charge by the mediators if via the e-shopping. Therefore, the monetary values are of import issues toward the consumers ‘ behaviours as good.

H1: There is a relationship between purchase location and consumer behaviour in utilizing e-shopping

There is the relationship between the purchase location and consumer behaviour as the consumers prefer and feel safety to login to the web site which is more unafraid and safety every bit good. The consumers are besides concern about the attractive of their purchase location as high security web site can supply them and protect their personal inside informations and privateness.

Besides that, the attractive force of the web site may capture the consumers on support sing the web site and buy the purchases. So with the consumers ‘ behaviour, there is decidedly that the consumers have related to the purchase location.

H1: There is a relationship between consumer attitude/personality and consumer behaviour in utilizing e-shopping

Consumers` attitude/ personality which related to the consumer behaviour in term of impacting the consumers to buy the merchandises from e-shopping are rather of import. The consumers have different attitude and motives them to come in to website to shopping. Besides that, the consumers which have good attitude towards cyberspace may ever login or see to the web site to choose their purchases as good.

Through the e-shopping, the consumers can straight salvage a batch of clip and bringings are done by the peculiar company every bit good. Different genders are besides affects the consumers` attitude in buying the purchases via e-shopping as they have different attitude and besides personality every bit good. Therefore, the consumers` attitude/personality is holding closely relationship with the consumer behaviour which motives the consumers in purchase the merchandise.

3.1 Development of research questionnaire

In this research, there are utilizing questionnaire to roll up the primary informations.

The questionnaire will develop base on the old survey and besides base on the aims that have been discuss in chapter 1. Besides that, there are few samples or bing questionnaire which have been done by another research workers in the old clip so these information can steer and give exact way on how to make the correct questionnaire.There are 2 subdivisions in the questionnaire. Section one of the questionnaire is demographic inquiries which are personal information of respondents. Section two of the questionnaire comprises inquiry that related to the variable of this survey. Likert Scale is used with a evaluation of 1 to 5 ( 1 = strongly differ, 2 = disagree, 3 = either disagree or agree, 4 = agree, 5 = strongly agree ) .

3.2 Pilot Study

Pilot trials is little experiment designed to prove logistics and gather information prior to larger survey in order to set up dependability of the instrument in footings of truth and consistence ( Doug, Norman, Innes, Michael, Jane, Laure, 2006 ) .

It besides can uncover lacks in the design of a proposed experiment or process and these can so be addressed before clip and resources are expended on big scale surveies.To increase the dependability of this survey, response of 30 forum users will be obtained for this pilot survey. The consequence that gathers from these respondents will assist to better the questionnaire ‘s design.

3.3.0 Population and Sampling

3.3.1 Population

A population is defined as a complete set of units of analysis that are under involvement of research workers wants to look into ( Sekaran, 2003 ) .

In this survey will establish on Melaka population who is working group people and at least age 30 above. Sample is a subset of units chosen for survey from a population. This sample will be used in this survey and it should able to pull decision that would generalise to the population.

3.3.2 Sampling

Procedure of choosing a sufficient figure of elements from the population is called sampling ( Sekaran, 2003 ) . This survey will carry on by utilizing the simple random trying. Simple random sample is a subset of persons chosen from a larger population.

Each person is chosen indiscriminately and wholly by opportunity, such that each person has the same chance of being chosen at any phase during the sampling procedure.

3.4 Data aggregation methods

Data refer as the relevant information from the past and present that are normally collected from the consequence of experience, observation or experiment ( Sekaran, 2003 ) . In this survey, informations are collected through the primary informations and secondary informations.


1 Primary Data

Primary informations collected refer as the information obtained by the research worker that is specific issue or job under the survey. Therefore, beginnings of primary informations are come from single respondents, which mean that this research will non utilize any focal point group or panels to look into. In this survey, the aggregation of informations will be indiscriminately from occupants in Melaka by administering of the questionnaires.

3.4.2 Secondary Data

Secondary informations are collected through the bing information that already done by others researcher or others material.

Beginnings of the secondary informations can be obtained via the diaries, studies, web site and besides the books. The literature reappraisals from chapters 2 are the secondary informations that are collected from the diaries. This can assist to find the way for primary informations aggregation and to cognize about the research job.

3.5 Data Analysis

Data analysis is a careful planned measure in the concern research procedure. This measure should stem from a consideration of the intent of the analysis, which is to place the factors that affect attitude towards online buying, on-line purchase purpose and in bend affect e-procrastination.

After roll uping informations from respondents, we will utilize the undermentioned method to analyses:

3.5.1 Cronbach Alpha

Cronbach ‘s alpha is an index of dependability associated with the fluctuation accounted for by the true mark of the “ implicit in concept. ” Concept is the conjectural variable that is being measured ( J.

Reynaldo, 1999 and Hatcher, 1994 )Alpha coefficient ranges in value from 0 to 1 and may be used to depict the dependability of factors. The higher the mark, the more dependable the generated graduated table. Harmonizing to Nunnaly ( 1978 ) , has indicated 0.7 to be an acceptable dependability coefficient but lower thresholds are sometimes used in the literature.In this research, cronbach ‘s alpha is an of import analysis method to prove the dependability of all the points.


2 Pearson Correlation Analysis

Pearson correlativity analysis is common step of the correlativity between two variable Tens and Y. It is really widely used in the scientific disciplines as a step of the strength of additive dependance between two variables, giving a value between +1 and -1 inclusive. It was foremost introduced by Francis Galton in the 1880s, and is named after Karl Pearson.

3.5.3 Multiple Linear Regressions

Multiple additive arrested developments is a flexible method of informations analysis that may be appropriate whenever a quantitative variable ( dependent variable ) is to be examined in relationship any other factors ( independent variables ) , ( Cohen, Cohen, West, & A ; Aiken, 2003 ) .

It is based on least squares which the theoretical account is fit such that the sum-of-squares of differences of ascertained and predicted value is minimized. ( GEOS, 2009, p. 1 )

Y = A + B1X1+ B2X2+ aˆ¦+ BPXP + vitamin E

The beta value, B in multiple arrested developments is used in mensurating how efficaciously the independent variable influences the dependant variable. In multiple arrested developments, it is measured in footings of standard divergence.R, is the step of association between the ascertained value and the predicted value of the dependant variable. R Square or R2 in multiple arrested developments is the square of the step of association which indicates the variableness in the dependant variable. Adjusted R2 takes the figure of variables in the theoretical account and the figure of informations points in the theoretical account under consideration.


5.6 SPSS

Software plan will be usage to screen the information into statistical signifier. The most common usage of package is SPSS ( Statistical Package for the Social Sciences ) .SPSS is among the most widely used plan for statistical analysis in societal scientific discipline. This plan consists of different illative statistical tools to help analyst in holding a more effectual and efficient position. It is used by market research workers, wellness research, study companies, authorities, instruction research workers, selling organisation and other. The SPSS manual ( Nie, Norman, Bent, and Hull, 1970 ) has been described as ‘Sociology ‘s most influential book ‘ . In add-on to statistical analysis, informations direction and informations certification are characteristics of the base package.

Statisticss included in the base package:

Table 3.4

Descriptive statistics:Cross tabular matter, Frequencies, Descriptive, Explore, Description Ratio StatisticsBivariate statistics:Meanss, t-test, ANOVA, Correlation ( bivariate, partial, distances ) , Nonparametric trials( Beginning: developed for this survey )


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