CONSTITUTION and performance space, and determine the


The name of this organization shall be “The singing owls” thereafterreferred to as the “Glee Club.” Section 2. The officers of the Glee Club shall constitute the ExecutiveBoard of the Glee Club, hereafter referred to as the “Executive Board.”ARTICLE II—PURPOSESection 1. The principal purpose of this organization shall be to providethe students of Agua Fria High School and its affiliates with an enjoyable,informative, and productive atmosphere to learn, rehearse, and perform musicfor school events, retirement homes, and annual concerts. The executive boardwill recruit, educate, and select future glee club members regardless of the diversemusical backgrounds of individual members.Section 2.

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The Executive Board of the Glee Club, in addition to the clubsponsor, shall direct the activities of the society through the selection ofrepertoire, preparation for concerts, coordination of rehearsals, management offinances, and establishment of relations with the Columbia Universitycommunity.ARTICLE III—MEMBERSHIPSection 1. Glee club members will be selected in accordance with a rubric forfair entry. They must have all scores of 80% or higher with no 2’s or below inany section.

Section 2. Glee club members will be required to keep up satisfactory gradesto participate in field trips.ARTICLE IV—REHEARSALSSection 1. The executive board of the Glee Club shall hold responsibility forscheduling rehearsal and performance space, and determine the dates and timesof all rehearsals and performances. Subsection A. The Glee Club shall rehearse once weekly, in the band room on Mondays.Section 2.

The executive board and club sponsor of the Glee Club shall holdthe authority to schedule additional rehearsals, cancel or re-schedulerehearsals, and change the times and locations of scheduled rehearsals as perthe needs of the Glee Club. ARTICLE V—OFFICERSSection 1. The Executive Board of the Glee Club shall consist of thefollowing officers: President, Vice-President, Treasurer, Historian, Librarian,and Secretary. Subsection A. The president of Glee club will be the Subsection B. The Vice-President of the Glee Club shall be responsible fordistributing club news and announcements to the membership through e-mail orother means. The Vice-President shall design and arrange for the production ofall informational and publicity materials to advertise both the Glee Club andits events.

The Vice-President may, with the approval of the President, reserverehearsal and concert spaces and be involved in obtaining and distributingmusic to the Glee Club membership. Subsection C. The Treasurer of the Glee Club shall be responsible for allfinancial matters of the Glee Club. The Treasurer, in consultation with thePresident, shall construct an annual working budget for the Society, and remaincognizant of this budget throughout the academic year. The Treasurer shall beresponsible for maintaining all financial records and shall be in constantcommunication with the President, Vice-President, and Musical Director todiscuss ongoing plans and financial status. Subsection D. The Executive Board shall appoint a Music Director for theGlee Club.  Section 2.

The Music Director of the Glee Club shall oversee all performanceactivities of the Glee Club. The Music Director shall work with the ExecutiveBoard and general Glee Club membership to select the repertoire for the performancesand conduct all rehearsals and concerts of the Glee Club. The Music Directorshall work with the Executive Board to arrange for the hiring and payment ofaccompanists and additional musicians for both rehearsals and concerts, inaccord with existing Glee Club funds.  Section 3. One term in office shall last for approximately one academicyear, beginning on May 15 and terminating on May 14 of the following year.

Section 4. The President and Treasurer must be a full-time, registeredstudent of Columbia College, the Fu Foundation School of Engineering andApplied Science, or the School of General Studies.Section 5.

No single member of the Glee Club may simultaneously hold twopositions.Subsection A. All members of the Executive Board may be trained in theduties of Treasurer in order to better understand Glee Club finances, but thereshall be only one sitting Treasurer on the Executive Board at one time. Allfinal funding requests must come directly from the sitting Treasurer.ARTICLE VI—NOMINATIONS, APPOINTMENTS, AND REMOVAL OF OFFICERSSection 1.

Nominations for officers of the Glee Club must be submitted tothe sitting Executive Board on or after March 15 and before May 1. Thissubmission may be made via a simple piece of paper which the President thenaccepts. On May 1, the President presents to the Executive Board the contentsof these nominations. Section 2. Any member of the Glee Club in good standing may be a candidatefor nomination to the Executive Board. All Glee Club members, including the sittingExecutive Board but not the Music Director, may nominate fellow members for anExecutive Board position. All nominations must be for a specific ExecutiveBoard position, and may not be solely the name of a nominee.

Section 3. After reviewing all the nominations presented during the March 15– May 1 period, the Executive Board shall meet after May 2. During this meetingthey shall vote to elect new officers based on the contents of the nominationssubmitted during the March 15 – May 1 nomination period.

Each member of theExecutive Board shall have one vote, and members may choose to abstain fromvoting or designate a proxy to vote for them, should attendance at this meetingnot be feasible. The Executive Board may consult with the Music Director to determinethe new slate of officers, but the Music Director may not take part in thevoting process. After holding this vote, the Executive Board has the soleauthority to approve this new slate of officers. This is the sole method bywhich new Executive Board members may be selected. There shall be no electionsopen to the general Glee Club membership. Section 4. The members of the Executive Board may voluntarily remove themselvesfrom the Executive Board.Subsection A.

If an officer wishes to voluntarily remove himself or herselffrom a sitting Executive Board before the normal expiration of his or her term,the officer must inform the Executive Board and Music Director of his or herdecision as far in advance as possible. This officer must then find a suitablereplacement, whether from the sitting Executive Board or the generalmembership, before leaving office. Before this officer can step down and thenew officer can take office, the Executive Board and Music Director must thenvote to approve this new officer by a simple majority. Section 5. The members of the Executive Board may be impeached and removedby the general membership or the other members of the Executive Board.Subsection A.

Impeachment motions against members of the Executive Board maybe raised only in cases where officers have deliberately and consciouslydisregarded and ignored the responsibilities of their respective officesoutlined in Article V, Section 1 as well as other violations of regulations setforth by Columbia University. Subsection B. Impeachment motions may be introduced by any member of theGlee Club.

Subsection C. Impeachment motions must receive a second from another member.Passage of impeachment motions requires a two-thirds majority vote of thegeneral membership.Subsection D. Impeachment motions that have been passed must be presented tothe accused member of the Executive Board.

The accused member must be informedof the impeachment proceedings, and may present a case in his or her defenseover a two-week period. Subsection E. Removal of the impeached officer requires a two thirdsmajority vote of the general membership and a unanimous vote of the ExecutiveBoard, except the accused member, in favor of removal.ARTICLE VII—AMENDMENTS TO THECONSTITUTIONSection 1. Motions for amendments to the present constitution may beintroduced either by sitting members of the Executive Board or by the generalGlee Club membership.

Section 2. Motions for constitutional amendments may be seconded by anymember of the Glee Club.Section 3. Passage for constitutional amendments requires a two-thirdsmajority vote of all members of the Glee Club in good standing, including thesitting Executive Board.

ARTICLE VIII—RATIFICATION OF THE CONSTITUTIONSection 1. The present constitution shall be ratified and adopted as thegoverning rules of the Glee Club by a three-fourths majority vote of allmembers present at the first organizational meeting of the Glee Club.


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