Conservatives vs. Liberals Essay

Conservatives are very supportive for individuals that are in the higher class, while liberals support the lower class individuals in society. Conservatives and Liberals have completely different views from one another. I personally favor liberalist views due to the fact they favor equality within our society. While conservatives feel as though within a society everyone should be responsible for themselves they don’t believe in aid to mankind. In our society we can achieve and do so much more if everyone as a whole worked together and cared about the individual next to them.The world that we live in today would but much stronger, there would be less poverty and more equality in the working class.

Due to the different views between the conservatives and the liberalist, a world of equality will never exist. I will distinctly go over the different beliefs between the conservatives and the liberalist of which I agree with all of the liberalist beliefs. Liberalist feels as though the government should do more to give everyone more equal opportunity.They believe it is the duty of the government to protect our civil liberties, and our human and civil rights. To sum it all up, the government is to make sure that no one is suffering and if there is, then it is the government’s job to solve the issues within the society. Conservatives on the other hand believes in free market, personal responsibility and that it’s the government’s job to ensure our freedom to chase our own goals.

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Conservatives unlike the liberals feel as though it is our own initiative to solve our own problems, which I highly disagree with.The liberal’s beliefs gives a sense of equality which is fairer, and the government will not be biased and select a few to help, the government will be assisting everyone no one will be singled out. Conservatives only care for themselves, and not the person next to them, how is a country supposed to be a strong nation if we are all divided within our own society, a nation that is joined together is also stronger together.

Another topic liberals and conservatives have different beliefs on is abortion. Liberals feel as though if a woman wants to get an abortion she an do so since it is her body, and technically it is just a fetus and not an actual human being. Liberals feel government should provide funds from taxes for those women who wish to get an abortion but who does not have the funds to do so.

Conservatives feel as though life begins at conception, and that abortion is the murder of a human being. This leads me to my next topic of belief dealing with punishment of actually committing murder on a human being. Liberals strongly recommends we get rid of the death penalty, because it is “cruel and unusual for a punishment”.Incarceration should be the punishment of committing murder, because with the death penalty it is a chance you risk killing an innocent human being. However conservatives feel as though the death penalty is a necessary punishment for taking a life.

Liberals feel as though in order to benefit the economy, they favor a market system in which the government regulates the economy. The government should regulate all area of the economy this is needed in order to level the playing the field.While on the other hand conservatives feel as though a free market system and competitive capitalism well help create more opportunities such as jobs and a higher standard of living. Another topic of which the liberals and the conservatives have different views on is that of citizens being able to carry guns.

Liberalists say that individuals do not need to carry guns, and that it is the law enforcer’s job to carry fire arms. They say more guns on the streets will only lead to more violence. While conservatives believe that the second amendment gives citizens the right to carry guns.They feel as though we have too many gun control laws, and that these laws will not stop criminals from obtaining guns. They believe guns in the hand of citizens who actually follow the laws will lead to less crime rates, which I personally disagree with. Lets take the George Zimmermann case for example, this man was a neighborhood watch guard carrying a licensed gun, and while on duty shot and killed the young teen Treyvon Martin. If Zimmermann was never granted a license to carry a fire arm, Treyvon martin would still be alive today.

The need for Healthcare in our country is essential for every American; liberals believe that healthcare should be free or at low cost. In our society today there are many citizens who do not have healthcare one of main reasons being because they cannot afford it. Liberals an as for myself strongly believe that the government should provide equal healthcare benefits to everyone. With easier access to healthcare, more individuals will be able to get their families medical attention if needed, rather than struggling and worrying about how they will be able to take proper care of their loved ones.Conservatives simply feel as though the government should have nothing to do with healthcare. They believe that every American have the ability to get healthcare, just who will pay for it. Liberalists are also for same sex marriage, they believe that marriage is the union of two individuals who are in love no matter what the sex of the couples may be. All citizens have the right to marry; preventing them from that right is actually violating their civil rights.

However conservatives feel as though marriage is strictly to be between one man and one woman.Conservatives refers to many religions which also go against same sex marriage. This topic is one that is really big in our country and many individuals have their opinions on the matter. I feel as though what happens in another person relationship is nobody else’s business, what happens between two people in their relationship is their business.

Who are we to frown upon them and to say what they are doing is not right and cannot and shall not be done. In conclusion, as we can see conservatives and liberals argues back and forth with each other on many different topics.The one that sticks out the most to me is the one that affects our economy. Because of course money is a very essential and important necessity in order to live a comfortable life.

Sadly to say it is destroying our country and tearing us apart. The gap between classes only hurt our society. The rich get richer while the poor get poorer. Conservatives believe that people are poor because of their poor backgrounds, and traits.

They say that it is the individuals fault for being poor. They say if that poor individual breaks their poor habits they will eventually be ok.Conservatives say that poor people depend on government aid like food stamps and welfare. While on the other hand liberalists say that it’s not peoples fault for being poor. They believe that capitalism creates a gap between the rich and the poor. Conservatives also feel that whatever they have, they have earned.

They say its poor people’s fault for not having. They disagree with more taxes being taking away from and giving to people who didn’t work hard. They also say that they don’t invest their money to give it away.They feel as though when the rich get richer their wealth comes down to the poorer classes.

While liberalist argues wealthy should pay more taxes because society helped them to get to where they are. Due to payments on taxes they are going into highways being created, airports, public transportation all giving through government all of which the majority of the time people from the higher classes are using. As I said earlier, if our country was not divided and if we all could agree on an equal society, our nation would be much stronger and healthier as a whole.


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