Consent for Birth Control Essay

In today’s society teenagers have a lot to deal with; they are a lot more mature than we were back in the days. Even though they deal with many different things I believe schools should get parent consent to give birth control. One reason is that parents can talk to their kids about sex and different types of birth control.

Parents can explain the risks of sexual activity and sift through the rumors that may be passed around by their peers. This will help parents and teens have an opportunity to learn and talk to each other.Also, one parent can help another parent deal with issues that may arise. Virginia law only requires written consent for treatment of minor illnesses, immunizations, and physical examinations in public schools. Another reason schools should get consent from a parent is that a child has no legal knowledge to make contracts or supply informed consent to medical procedures or pharmaceutical drugs. A minor should not be able to make decisions on birth control because of the needs of an informed consent for treatment.Now, the legal definition of informed consent is as follows: Informed consent (n. ) Agreements to do something or allow something to happen only after the relevant facts are known.

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A patient’s consent to a medical procedure must be based on his/her having been told all the possible consequences, except in emergency cases when consent cannot be obtained. (thefreedictionary. com) The right to informed consent confers to the parent/child relationship; administering medical procedures and drugs without parental consent is a violation of medical and ethical standards.I think giving birth control without parent’s consent gives the minor the mindset that it is ok to have sex because whatever happens, be it getting pregnant or getting a STD, they can get treatment without their parents knowledge and only in cases of an emergency will the parent be notified.

However, I do think that only in cases of emergencies like rape and incest should the plan B or the morning after pill should be given or in the case of the parent is not obtainable or acks the mental judgment to make decisions. The relationship between parent and child should be a drawing force to keep the communication lines open. Even though we’re parents we don’t know everything, so we look to schools to inform us when issues arise with our kids.”Should Tennagers Be Allowed to Get Birth Control Without Parent Consent? “StudyMode. com. 02 2012. 02 2012 <http://www. studymode.

com/essays/Should-Tennagers-Be-Allowed-To-Get-915799. html>.


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