Congressman Gejdenson Essay Research Paper CongressmanSam GejdensonI

Congressman Gejdenson Essay, Research PaperCongressmanSam GejdensonI feel that through my research that I will reason that Congressman Sam Gejdenson supports the issues that affects his subscribers.Congressman Sam Gejdenson, who was the first kid of holocaust subsisters elected to the U.S. House of Representatives, was born in 1948 in an American displaced individuals camp in Eschwege, Germany. He was raised on his parent? s diary farm in Bozrah, Connecticut.

He attended public schools in Bozrah and in Norwich. He received his A.S. grade from Mithcell College in New London, Connecticut in 1968. And his B.A. from the University of Connecticut in Storrs, Connecticut in 1970.

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In 1974 Sam Gejdenson was elected to the Connecticut House of Representatives functioning 2 old ages before accepting a place in the disposal of Connecticut Governor Ella T. Grasso. In 1981 He was elected to the U.S. House of Representatives. Now he is married to Betsy Henley-Cohn, and has 4 kids with her.

( Http: //

htm )Congressman Sam Gejdenson is on the International relation commission, which deals with any type of foreign understanding or dealingss. Some of the statute law that has been passed through the International relation commission is H.R. 3244 trafficking victims protection act of 1999.

Which is to contend trafficking of individuals, particularly into the sex trade, bondage, and slavery-like conditions in the United States and states around the universe through bar, through prosecution and enforcement against sellers, and through protection and aid to victims of trafficking. ( http: //thomas.loc.

gov/cgi-bin/bdquery/z? d106: h.r.03244: ) Or the Cardinal American and Haitian accommodation act or measure figure H.

R. 2722. Which is to amend the Nicaraguan Adjustment and Central American Relief Act to supply to certain subjects of El Salvador, Guatemala, Honduras, and Haiti an chance to use for accommodation of position under that Act, and for other intents. ( http: // d106: h.r.02722: ) Although Gejdenson & # 8217 ; s website says he? s on the resources commission his name wasn? T listed under the member ship list.

So I wasn? T able to happen out any more information on that topic. I besides wasn? T able to happen anything on the house oversight commission and what I did happen that was similar to that commission Congressman Sam Gejdenson wasn? t listed as a member. I besides looked in bomber commissions and congresswoman Gejdenson wasn? T found in any of the subcommittees. This tells me that he doesn? T seem to be to interested in being portion of many commissions. ( Http: // ) But he has many thinks that strongly agree with such as the democratic undertaking force on retirement security.

Through this group he introduced the retirement security act which would spread out entree to single retirement histories, make it easier for little concern proprietors to set up a 401 ( K ) nest eggs programs for their employees, and protect workers pension financess from corporate foraies.In 1998, he Introduced statute law designed to protect little pension programs from being looted by unqualified directors. During the prime of the Reagan military physique up in the mid 80? s, representative Gejdenson was one of the first members of Congress to name for a conjunct national attempt to diversify the economic systems of defense-dependent parts of the state.

In 1997 Gejdenson formed a alliance of concerns, citizens, elected functionaries, conservationists, and chamber of commercialism from the lower Connecticut River vale to develop a nomination bundle for the river because president Clinton proposed to denominate 10 rivers state broad as American heritage rivers. ( Http: // ) After looking at the records of parts made by persons I have come to the decision that Sam Gejdenson receives most of his ballots from employees or proprietors of little concern? s or retired people. In the part summaries they show that over half of the subscribers were either retired or was involved in sum manner in a little concern. The subscribers show that congresswoman Gejdenson battles for what the people want.

Gejdneson is on the commission for retirement security where he has introduced the retirement security act, which helps people receive more money and benefits that they need to last when they retire. ( Http: // )Congressman Gejdenson besides fights for their rights of little concern employees. In 1998 Gejdenson introduced statute law that was designed to protect pension programs from being looted for little concern? s. ( Http: //www. )While looking through the parts from commissions I have noticed that Congressman Gejdenson has received allot of parts from instructors, air hose pilots, applied scientists, public aid organisations, and many others. Most all of the commission parts were from and organisation that has to cover with many common difficult working U.S.

citizens. He? s non there for the people with money he? s out to function the mean difficult working citizen. Enchantress matches up with how he votes on certain subjects such asJuvenile justness, school verifiers, public assistance inspection and repair, Internet censoring, unjust sentencing, denial of benefits to immigrants. Most parts that were made by persons were largely in sums of $ 250 and $ 500. Most subscribers who contributed $ 250 besides contributed another $ 250 shortly after. Most of the parts added up to the upper limit a campaigner could have $ 1000 for the general election and the primary election.

Littleless than half of the congresswoman? s parts were out of start which was really surprising to me but when I looked at how Gejdenson voted on issues I realized that the subscribers fit right in topographic point. Most of the out of province subscribers where large companies such as world bureaus, lawfirms, and other large money companies. ( http: // )Some of the major subscribers are the AFL-CIO COMMITTEE ON POLITICAL EDUCATION/POLITICAL CONTRIBUTIONS COMMITTEE which donated a sum of $ 7500, the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF STATE COUNTY & A ; MUNICIPAL EMPLOYEES-PEOPLE QUALIFIED which donated a sum of $ 10000, the AMERICAN FEDERATION OF TEACHERS COMMITTEE ONPOLITICAL EDUCATION which donated $ 8000, the ASSOCIATION OF TRIAL LAWYERS OF AMERICA POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE which donated a sum of $ 10000, and the BOEING COMPANY POLITICAL ACTION COMMITTEE WHICH donated $ 6000. ( http: // )All of the major subscribers were out of Washington DC.

The major subscribers didn? T surprise me much allot of the issues Gejdenson agrees with are issues that go manus in manus with issues that are of import to the major subscribers. Out of all the subscribers non merely the major subscribers there were really few of them were really from the province of Connecticut. That was a surprising fact to me I wasn? T anticipating on seeing that bend out the manner it did. I figured the congresswoman Gejdenson would hold had a bigger impact on the PAC? s in the province non out of the province PAC? s.

All of the PAC? s listed above are affected by a few of the subjects voted for in Congress. Such as public assistance inspection and repair. Congressman Gejdenson votes for public assistance inspection and repair International Relations and Security Network & # 8217 ; t an issue that is he feels to be of import. All of the commissions are affected by public assistance inspection and repair. Almost everyone in the state is affected by public assistance inspection and repair. He besides voted against the topic of national ID cards. Many people throughout the state feel that National ID card is considered unconstitutional.

As u can state already Sam Gejdenson feels that that is an unnessesecary thing in the state. Congress besides voted on and issue of English merely. Gejdenson voted for the usage of English merely. This makes thing in any concern easier and more cost effectual.

If there were more than one linguistic communication used companies would hold to hold employees trained in the other linguistic communications so they can pass on and compose studies for that company. I feel that Gejdenson is a reasonably honorable individual when vote for what the people want him to. But I am non stating that he? s non a criminal and a prevaricator. As I have already told you he merely belonged to one of the commissions stated. He lied about the others I did some research and found out that there is a resource commission but I didn? T happen his name on the members list which means merely one thing to me that he lied.

And the last commission house oversight there wasn? t even a commission name that I searched many different topographic points and found a list of all the commissions of Congress and house inadvertence wasn? t one of them. I feel that he has a regard for the people and the authorities. I have seen through how he voted and what persons and PAC? s contributed money to him that he is reasonably honorable in voting for the people I feel that he is a good congresswoman and does his occupation the best he can.

I predicted that Sam Gejdenson was a adult male who voted for the people and was a adult male that could be trusted and respected and I was partly right. He does stand for the people and the PAC? s that contribute to him when he votes. But I besides thought that he was a adult male to be trusted and respected but now after finishing my paper I have come to a decision by making my research and speaking to my other friends who did this paper that non many campaigners or even any campaigners can be respected and trusted. Many people may believe that the campaigner is trusty and honest but I bet if you do some research you may alter your head.


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