Concepts of Discriminatory and Anti Discriminatory Practice Essay

There are many different type of discriminatory practice in the health and social care work place, they can be obvious, subtle and even unintentional. Covert and overt abuse of power is where a superior of any form would discriminate against a person of lower class or of a lower rank. Covert abuse is abuse where the person is not fully aware they are being abused or when the abuser is not carrying out the abuse obviously, an example of covert abuse of power would be if a consultant doctor favours one trainee doctor or nurse over another for unfair reasons and gives one good jobs and another unimportant, boring jobs and tasks.

Overt abuse is where the person is very clearly being abused and the person that is doing the abusing is making it very obvious that they are doing so. An example of overt abuse of power would be if a superior does not give a job to a person with a certain protected characteristic such as skin colour, race, religion etc… and gives the job to someone else with exactly the same qualifications solely due to those reasons. These types of abuse can cause many long term, short term, physical, emotional and social problems.For example if someone is overtly abused for a long period of time then they may lose a significant amount of self confidence which could also affect their professional life as confidence is important in carrying out a job effectively.

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Another example of discriminatory practice in a health and social care environment would be stereotyping. Stereotyping is where someone judges and makes assumptions about a person due to their beliefs about that entire group of people.An example of Stereotyping would be something such as all police officers just eat donuts and drink coffee or that all mexicans are lazy. In a health and social care workplace environment this can be observed in situations such as someone abusing their power towards patients.

For example a nurse could treat a patient differently due to their age after stereotyping them as lazy or useless, this would have a direct affect on their health. This can affect people in various different ways.Some people may feel depressed after prolonged abuse via stereotyping and in term would lose a large amount of self confidence if the abuse gets bad enough it may even develop into chronic depression which directly impacts both mental and physical health and can drastically shorten someones lifespan.

One other example of the discriminatory practice in a workplace would be Labelling. Labelling can be done both intentionally and unintentionally, it is the first thoughts you have about someone solely based on their looks such as labelling someone as weak or stupid without getting to know them.This type of discrimination has a very strong presence in the health and social care environment towards both service users and service providers. An example of this would be something such as a doctor labelling another staff member as inefficient or not as good at their job due to the way they look. Labelling is very similar to Stereotyping and due to this they have very similar affects on the victims of the abuse. The affects can include things such as Depression which affects people physically, emotional and socially due to lack of confidence, fatigue and lack of motivation.


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