Computers- Boon or Bane Essay

INDIA IS A LAND of ancient civilization, with cities and villages, cultivated fields, and great works of art dating back 4,000 years. Her glorious past, natural beauty, resources, vast size and above all her unique geographical location has always given her the pride of place in the world. India, like any other developing country, has it’s own strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats. To create a vision of what India will be like in, say, 10 years, we need to analyze these strengths and weaknesses.

India’s largest strength is it’s geographical location.For countries located in particular time zones or around large populations, geographic location can have a particular advantage. India has a location between the large population and business hubs of Asia and those of Europe. India also has a powerful democracy.

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We have a strong constitution, and the citizens of India enjoy freedom and equality. India has a large internal market. Countries with large domestic markets benefit from tougher competition at home. This provides consumers with better choices and higher quality goods.Large domestic markets also help produce world beating industry champions, because the internal market is so competitive that any company that makes it international can draw from their experience. India’s large, English-speaking workforce provides international competitive advantages, because English is the default global business language. India is fortunate enough to be extremely rich in natural resources like iron ore, coal, mica, copper, etc. Having natural resources within the country means that India does not have to import most minerals from other countries.

India also has many other strengths like a very powerful army, large workforce, enormous Supply of Cheap labor, large Internal Market, an extremely good system of education, etc. Now, coming to the weaknesses, India has several weaknesses also. Poverty is the biggest among them.

A majority of the country’s population live under horrible conditions, and a large section of people are below the poverty level. Environmental pollution is also a major concern in India. Cities are heaped with garbage, our rivers are polluted, and air pollution from vehicles is increasing day by day.Another problem that India faces is that of corruption. Political, bureaucratic, corporate and individual corruption in India are major concerns. A 2005 study conducted by Transparency International in India found that more than 55% of Indians had first-hand experience of paying bribes or influence peddling to get jobs done in public offices successfully.

Other weaknesses like Lack of Adequate Infrastructure, eclectic Tax System, rigid Argriculture Laws, etc are also prevalent. India is developing at a very fast rate.The economy of the country is growing rapidly. In such circumstances, the country offers a wide range of opportunities to the citizens.

Tourism is growing at a fast rate in India. With it’s beautiful monuments, amazing wildlife, etc, India has wonderful sights to offer a tourist. Globalisation across the world has ensured that the citizens of India can get branded products, and imported goods from different countries in our home markets. India also excels at scientific research and development.

New scientists from the younger generation are fully equipped to compete even at the global level. The IT sector of our country is growing rapidly. This sector offers job opportunities to many Indian citizens.

The IT sector also brings in the much needed foreign exchange. Despite all these opportunities, India faces a number of threats, both internal and external. Currently, the main threat we face comes from China. China has grown in power in the last few years. Since China and India have never been on very good terms, China has now become a threat to our country.

India also has an unstable government. The change in government after each election gives rise to unstability, both politically, as well as economically. The religions, languages, cultures, etc of the citizens of the country are very diverse, and it is this diversity that makes India unique. These differences cause many problems to the country. It is difficult for the government of the country to meet the demands of such a divers population. Therefore, the diversity that India is known for, is also a threat to the country.

India also faces a number of other threats such as terrorism, population inflation, growing imports, etc. Now that we had a look at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities, and threats of our country, it’s time to ponder the question, what should India be like after a decade? What are the changes that need to be implemented to make our country better? With our rich and powerful cultural tradition, our huge reservoir of trained man power, our considerable natural resources and our growing defense capabilities, we have the potential to make a major contribution to the emerging global society.One of the most important changes that should come about is the change in the usage and exploitation of our environment and natural resources. India has to make every effort possible to be clean and pollution-free. India should rid itself of the discriminating nature of its caste system. There should be equality in all fields for everyone. Customs like child labor as well as discrimination against women or weaker sections of the society should change. India should also be an economically developed country.

There should be a decrease in poverty, and unemployment.India should be industrially developed leading to better job opportunities for the people. India should develop better international relations with it’s neighbouring countries. As of now, the international relations of the country are not very good. This has to be remedied. The years ahead are full of promises. It is up to us, as the future generation of the country, to use our tallent and potential to make the best that we possess, both in physical and intellectual terms.

It is up to us, to make our country a developed one.


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