Compsych employee’s performance. The FinancialConnect® service help

Compsych gives custom program integrations to chose from,different organisation can choose programs as per their requirements, quicklyintegrate them in different departments, work environment and start assisting. Compsych has multiple such services: Under FamilySource®service knowledgeable specialists create customized solutions that help addressa wide range of issues such as child or elder care, adoption, home repair,education and housing needs that could potentially affect an employee’sperformance.The FinancialConnect® service help employees managestressful financial challenges that can affect their emotional well-being andworkplace productivity. Using LegalConnect® service an employee can receiveassistance from our in-house team of legal experts, who give them unlimitedinformation and guidance on issues such as divorce, adoption, estate planningand real estate.

The service ElderOutreachSM help an employee provide care fortheir family’s senior member, helping remove potentially distracting issues forthe employee while at work. The EstateGuidance® is a user-friendly online toolallows employees and their family members to write a last will and testament, aliving will and a document outlining their wishes for final arrangementsquickly, easily and cost effectively.  Compsych also offers compliance services which validate theemployer’s books and records and makes sure that there is no gap between theemployees and the employer. FMLA and ADA administration and tracking of leavesrequires a lot of resources which are not a safe bet for employers. Using thecompliance services, employers are actually able to make efficient use ofresources and reflect on their employees needs and demands.

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Compsych providesFMLAsource which helps organisations to have a seamless and undisrupted workenvironment where employers can cope up with ADA and FMLA efficiently. Compsych makes efficient use of resources. It checks requirements and employeeeligibility, handles administration tasks, coordinates leaves, consultation.FMLAsource helps employers administer FMLA and other leaves and helpsorganisations stay compliant. This benefits employers by reducing costs andliability risks.



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