Comparison of Two Short Stories- “The Yellow Wall Paper” v. “Death by Landscape” Essay Sample

“Death by Landscape” v. “The Yellow Wallpaper””She was tired a batch. as if she was populating non one life but two: her ain. and another.

shady life that hovered around her and would non allow itself be realized…” ( 391 ) . For many. the “shadowy life” of mental unwellness hinders one’s ability to be happy and whole. Mental unwellness and psychotic belief has been a absorbing but lay waste toing subject throughout human being. and as such.

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has provided much interesting literature. both fictional and factual. Two narratives from two wholly different clip periods: “The Yellow Wallpaper. ” 1898. by Charlotte Perkins Gilman and “Death by Landscape. ” 1939. by Margaret Atwood both have deep roots in humans’ infatuation with mental unwellness.

In both narratives. while holding different points of beginning. the protagonist’s deteriorating mental wellness is the chief theme- in both instances it leads them to go haunted with specific ocular stimulation. which so leads them to go awfully dethatched from world.Though mental unwellness is a chief subject in both narratives. the writers chose to cover the subject otherwise.

In “The Yellow Wallpaper” there is no existent cause associated with the narrator’s depression/delusional province. or at least none talked about in the short story- it is merely present at the beginning. In “Death by Landscape. ” there is a much larger focal point on where the chief character Lois’s mental instability stems from ; at summer cantonment her best friend. Lucy. cryptically disappears when the two are off in the forests.

On top of the daze from this loss. other misss at the cantonment and even a councilor imply that Lois intentionally pushed Lucy off a drop. The traumatic experience assorted with the disaffection Lois feels doubtless leads to her mental unwellness. Paranoia hangouts and tortures Lois to the point where she imagines people in her grownup life stating. “Could she hold done it? She must hold done it. For the remainder of her life. she… caught people watching her in this way” ( 390 ) . In any instance.

this sense of paranoia and feeling of separation from others shared by the chief characters from both narratives causes much greater jobs down the line.As the consequence of their mental unwellness. both protagonists become visually obsessed with a certain object- this key secret plan component offers the audience the chance to truly understand the unlogical. delusional side of both individuals without the writer merely depicting their instabilities. In “The Yellow Wallpaper. ” as the rubric implies.

the storyteller becomes obsessed with a wall paper found in the sleeping room of her new place. Over clip. the storyteller becomes progressively occupied with analyzing its intricate design. She even says. “I prevarication here on this great immoveable bed…and follow that form about by the hr.

” in the diary she in secret keeps ( 82 ) . She even begins to believe that the form moves at dark. and begins to go nocturnal merely to inspect it after dark. After months of this ungratified scrutiny.

she comes to the point where she dislikes anyone else analyzing the paper- even her hubby. When composing in her diary. she claims. “I have found out another amusing thing [ about the paper ] .

but I shan’t state it this clip! It does non make to swear people excessively much” ( 89 ) . She acquires a sense of ownership over the paper. yet any outside perceiver can clearly see it is the paper that is “owning” her.Similarly. in the narrative.

“Death by Landscape” the supporter Lois becomes obsessed non with the walls of her place. but with the pictures of landscapes that hang on them. She excessively avoids traveling out and interacting with others. merely to sit in her life room and stare into her pictures. “The male childs say she doesn’t acquire out plenty. But she isn’t hungry. and traveling.

stirring from this topographic point. is progressively an effort” ( 390 ) . This isolationist wont formed by both psyches does non sit good in either of their heads. for after a period of privacy they both end up traveling off the deep terminal.

Both narratives basically have the same climax- there comes a point when the audience eventually realizes the true extent of insanity within the characters. Before this point unfolds. possibly the supporters were perceived as merely possibly being “a small off. ” or “weird. ” but afterwards. they are undoubtedly Canadian dollars in any reader’s head. This point occurs in “The Yellow Wallpaper” when the storyteller reaches the decision that the form has two deepnesss: An empty deepness on a farther plane in which a adult female lives.

and an intricate frontal plane with form used like the bars of a gaol cell to maintain this adult female caged. She states her psychotic belief in her diary ; “I didn’t realize for a long clip what the thing was that showed behind. the subdued sub-pattern. but now I am rather certain it is a adult female.By daylight she is subdued.

quiet. I fancy it is the form that keeps her so still. It is so enigmatic. it keeps me quiet by the hour” ( 86 ) . Obviously. wall paper is one dimensional.

so it is rather impossible for it to travel. much less for a adult female to populate interior of it. These thoughts are taken one measure further when the storyteller really begins to believe that she is the adult female being trapped in the wall paper. Her paranoia leads her to believe her hubby and amah want to pin down her inside the wall paper- all taking up the concluding scene in which the storyteller rips the paper off the wall and exclaims. “‘I’ve gotten out at last…in malice of [ my hubby ] and Jane. And I’ve pulled off most of the paper. so [ they ] can’t put me back! ‘” ( 92 ) .While less dramatic than “The Yellow Wallpaper.

” this point of lunacy occurs in “Death by Landscape” when the storyteller reveals Lois’s true ground for get downing into the pictures: “she looks into [ the pictures ] . Every one of them is a image of Lucy. You can’t see her precisely. but she’s at that place. in behind the pink rock island or the one buttocks that. In the image of the drop she is hidden by the clasp of fallen stones towards the bottom… Everyone has to be someplace.

and this is where Lucy is… In Lois’s flat. in the holes that open inwards on the wall…” ( 392 ) . Lois is logically unable to accept the world that Lucy was ne’er found.Therefore. she creates the delusional construct of her being inside the pictures.

like they are Windowss to another universe. She even imagines that she hears Lucy naming every one time in a piece: “She was ever listening for another voice. the voice of a individual who should hold been there but was non. An reverberation. While Rob was alive. while the male childs were turning up. she could feign she didn’t hear it. this empty infinite in the sound.

But now there is nil much left to deflect her” ( 391 ) . A logical individual could clearly deduce that Lucy. although a organic structure was ne’er found. died in those forests. but because of Lois’s emotional fond regard and traumatic experiences in the wake of her disappearing. has circumnavigated world to retain hope and ignore the grieving of loss.The similarities between these two narratives are undeniable. Both characters experience the obsessive.

isolationist irresistible impulses of depression and mental upset. merely as many people still do today approximately a century subsequently. Although we continue to research remedies and interventions for these complaints. people of the 21st century continue to endure from the same pestilences that infected the heads of people throughout the history of human being.

As the captivation with and hurt caused by mental unwellness extends into the yesteryear. it is safe to presume it’s clasp on literature will widen into the hereafter every bit long as people still suffer.


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