Comparing the education system in Vietnam and U.S Essay

The similarities of education in Vietnam and U.S:1.

High school level: Includes 12 grades from 1 to12. High school students in Vietnam can study the equivalent level in U.S ( students complete grade 10 in VN will continue studying grade 11 and 12 in the U.

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S.). 2. College level: (2 years) The colleges increasingly develop and attract American and international students to the school.

These schools may be private or public schools, sometime known as Junior College or Two – Year College.College programs include 2 types of training:- The vocational colleges: colleges with 2-year grant, called the Associate of Arts (AA) or Associate of Science (AS) . Course time lasts for 2 years. – Inter- college Program: the program’s 2 years at the University College, then transfer to a 2 year program at the University of inter- university or applying to the University of reputation (the University admission depends entirely on college results).The differences of education in Vietnam and U.

S:1. Education methodIn U.S:One of the most outstanding features of American education method is effective and ” not cramming ” . On a semester, if Vietnamese students study 7 to 10 subjects, U.S.

students only study 4 to 5 subjects, rarely choosing 6 subjects. A theoretical academic year in the U.S is 9 months but it is usually only about 7 months because students there are many holidays throughout the school year.Spending less class time, but education in the U.

S. is extremely strenuous, requiring students to high attempt. Why so? Because the methods of education and training requires students have to promote maximum self-awareness. This is expressed through the self-learning and self- study.

Beside class time , students have to completed a large number of homework ( problem sets ) , reading ( reading assignment ) , articles ( papers ) . Students stayed at the library, on the internet to find out information to write, to read the references are pretty long “the daily.” Libraries in many large universities are open 24 /24 to meet the learning needs of students.

Less class time, self-learning, self- understanding, thinking help many students turn knowledge learned in class really into his own knowledge. In addition, not just theoretical, professors often try to apply the “Learning” in raelity, this also helps students understand and remember longer.In VietnamCommon Program of Vietnam put so much emphasis on absorption of general knowledge, little attention to improving human style, communication skills and creativity. Vietnam students , right from grade l, only know to learn and learn , do not have time to play, to practice sports , and developing important abilities such as initiative , self-confidence , independent thinking skills up , explore , discover , etc. . Teaching methods have authoritarian personalities.

Students generally accepted absolute knowledge from teachers and textbooks from whether right or wrong. Students are less free to explore, to think independently, question, discuss and express their opinions, and discover what with his hobby.This teaching method don’t help students develop human style, creativity and communication skills.

At the same time, the curriculum is very little flexibility for all students enrolled in the same program, regardless of the differences in the psychological development of the individual and in each age group, the family circumstances, local differences, etc. General knowledge and learn more about the local people (at the world), especially about past achievements war (very little about the future and peace-loving hearts of the people ) , weighs about justice science fiction ( very little on the application ) . So often cramming, students quickly forget the knowledge not of the body, not the interests and personal circumstances or level development of physical and mental of the individual.


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