Comparing Performance Management Strategy between India and Brazil Essay

Human resource scheme revolves around the procedure of conveying together the people programs and explicating an array of activity within the overall model, designed to present the organizational aim. In the words of Miller ( 1987 ) HR scheme via medias ‘those determinations and actions which concern the direction of employees at all degrees in the concern and which are related to the execution of the schemes directed towards making and prolonging competitory advantage ‘ . The elemental precedence of human resource scheme in an administration is to procure and keep the sort of human resources that are necessary for the administration ‘s viability. Day by twenty-four hours human resource issues are going indispensable to all strategic degree determination devising in administrations.

Human resource scheme seeks to run into both concern and human demands in the administration. ( Armstrong, 2009 ) One of the cardinal facets of human resource scheme is public presentation direction.

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1 Introduction to Performance Management:

Performance direction of concern administrations has been for a long clip the concern and point of involvement to directors because overall an administration is judged on the footing of its public presentation. There are assorted internal and external factors that affect the public presentation of an administration. It is widely believed that more than the external factors, it is the internal factors i.e. the labour force at assorted degrees, of the administration that affect the public presentation of the house. A group good trained & A ; motivated employees will ever get the better of the jobs or trouble faced by the administration due to the external factors.But what is public presentation direction? Performance direction as defined by Michael Armstrong is a procedure which has been formulated to heighten the public presentation of an person, a squad and the administration as a whole and it is driven by the line directors.

The chief aim of public presentation direction is to work jointly as a squad and accomplish the administration end. An effectual public presentation direction involves sharing and apprehension of what needs to be attained and pull offing and constructing up people in a manner that the shared ends are achieved. Performance direction is concerned with looking into the hereafter, doing betterments and taking on assorted challenges and chances which are faced by employees of the administration and in bend by the administration.

1.2 Purpose of Performance Management

There are two chief intents of public presentation direction viz. operational grounds and cultural grounds.

( Stredwick, 2001 )Operational grounds cater to take and command. In an progressively competitory environment it becomes more and more critical for employees to hold an articulate counsel and way towards the administrations ends and aims. Performance direction is a cardinal tool to bridge the spread between an administration ‘s ends and strategic way and the needed employee public presentation to achieve the same. Performance direction can besides be used a tool to exert control over the employees. It besides acts as a medium through which the effectivity or the efficiency of the employees can be measured.

This will assist the administration to place the weakest and the strongest performing artists where after the weaker employee can be guided by the stronger employee to alter and better his public presentation.The cultural ground of public presentation direction is to construct a more unfastened relationship with the employees of the administration. The aims and the programs of an administration can be discussed with an employee so as to do the employee aware of the wants of the administration. Subsequently a blunt appraisal treatment can be done with the employees to estimate their public presentation and suggestions can be given as how or where an betterment is required so as to maximize the employee ‘s public presentation. The public presentation direction system besides provides a platform for the employees to hold a say in the procedure via single public presentation program.


3 Performance direction in Royal Bank of Scotland:

The Royal Bank of Scotland ( RBS ) is one of the largest fiscal establishments in the universe. It has its presence non merely in the United Kingdom ( UK ) but besides in Europe, North America and Asia Pacific. It is one of the universe ‘s taking fiscal services companies supplying a scope of retail and corporate banking, fiscal markets, consumer finance, insurance, and wealth direction services.

For RBS to supply universe category fiscal services it is most important that it invites the most gifted persons to be a portion of the administration. At this phase when there is a ferocious competition for enrolling gifted persons, RBS places itself as a universe category employer with best employment chances non merely in the UK but across the Earth.At RBS every occupation function is set in footings of specific marks.

This method of public presentation direction allows directors to buttockss each person ‘s public presentation in a specific manner and honor them consequently.In this paper we will measure the assorted ways RBS implements public presentation direction, what are the defects of its current public presentation direction program and how an betterment can be bought approximately.



2.1 Performance Management

Performance direction in every administration is by and large formulated by the HR and is carried out by the line troughs. Over the old ages it has become the most of import tool for the troughs to find that the people direction side of their occupation is taken attention of. In other words public presentation direction ensures that directors do their occupation expeditiously and besides take stock of other employees as to whether the organizational ends set are being met.Performance can be defined merely in the end product terms-the accomplishment of quantified aim. ( Armstrong, 2006 ) High public presentation is attained from, appropriate behavior, particularly discretional behavior and the effectual usage of the needed cognition, accomplishments and competences. Through public presentation direction assorted consequences which are obtained can be rechecked and necessary action can be taken to better those consequences.

The cardinal necessities of public presentation direction are understanding, measuring, feedback, optimistic munition and treatment. Performance direction focuses on marks, criterions and public presentation indexs. It non merely provides the scene for ongoing duologues about public presentation which involves uninterrupted reappraisal of accomplishments against the set aims, demands and programs but is besides concerned with inputs and values.

Performance direction is a uninterrupted and flexible procedure that involves directors and the people they manage. Co-operating with each other they set out as to how they can outdo work together to achieve the needed consequences. Performance direction is based on the principal of direction by contract and understanding instead than direction by bid. ( Armstrong, 2009 )Performance direction is more concerned about future public presentation planning and ways to better the public presentation instead than traditional public presentation assessments.

In public presentation direction the focal point is ever on the development even though it is an of import portion of wages system and the designation of growing chances for employees. Performance direction may besides be linked to public presentation related wage.The general aim of public presentation direction is to develop the capacity of people to run into and excel the outlooks and to recognize their full potency to profit the administration and themselves. ( Armstrong, 2009 )

2.2 Approachs of Performance Management:

There are two separate attacks for sing the direction of public presentation issues in the organisation. These frames are associated with different utilizations of the term public presentation direction. ( Taylor, 2008 )The first model begins with the thought that it is necessary or desirable for the directors to put clearly defined criterions with which the staff are obliged to follow. These may immerge as a set of regulations which are formal and normally written down in the company policy.

Alternatively they may be by and large accepted but informal types of regulations that have become established workplace norms.The alternate position sets no defined regulations, but alternatively focal points on uninterrupted betterment of public presentation. There is no specific definition of a satisfactory degree of public presentation.

Alternatively all are expected to work hard for betterments round the clock, taking for excellence and the highest possible degree of client satisfaction. In this perspective public presentation direction chiefly deals with optimising degrees of committedness, motive and occupation satisfaction amongst the staff.The two attacks of public presentation direction: ( Taylor, 2008 )STANDARD ORIENTEDEXCELLENCE ORIENTED



Focus on bring arounding hapless public presentationFocus on heightening strong public presentationMeasured at single degreeMeasured at administration degreeConcerned with slippage below defined outlooksConcerned with uninterrupted betterment of outlooksUse of disciplinary processs, inducement based payments and formal assessment systemUse of training techniques, bettering conditions, heightening occupation satisfaction and raising degrees of committednessTransactional leadingTransformational leadingIt can be argued that these two attacks are to the full compatible, if different and they can co-exist rather easy in one workplace.

2.3 Procedure of Performance Management:

Performance direction is a uninterrupted procedure of the direction. It consists of four basic activities – Plan, Act, Monitor and Review. ( Armstrong, 2006 ) These are explained as:Plan – A proper program has to be laid out as to what to make and how to make it.Act – To transport out the work required to implement the program.

Monitor – To continuously look into on what is being done and estimate the results in order to measure the advancement in implementing the program.Review – To take stock of the accomplishment and see what more demands to be done so as to better the consequences and to look into if any corrections are required to be done in the program.Pull offing Performance throughout the twelvemonthPerformance Review and appraisalPerformance and development understandingThe Performance Management Cycle ( Armstrong, 2009 )Performance and development understandings form the footing of for the appraisal development and feedback in the public presentation direction procedure. The administration ‘s outlooks are in the understanding in the signifier of a function profile which sets out function demands in footings of cardinal consequence countries and the competence required for effectual public presentation.

The function profile presents the footing of acceding intents and methods of measuring public presentation and measuring the degree of competence attained. The public presentation understanding includes any public presentation betterment programs that may be required and a personal growing program. It non merely indicates what persons are expected to make but besides indicates the support they will acquire from their director to accomplish the best results.

Performance understandings materialize from the analysis of function demands and the public presentation reappraisal. An rating of the past public presentation leads to an examination of the hereafter demands and the both the procedures can take topographic point at the same meeting.Pull offing public presentation throughout the twelvemonth is one of the most of import constructs of public presentation direction. As stated earlier public presentation direction is a uninterrupted procedure which reveals normal good direction patterns of puting aims, monitoring and ciphering public presentation and taking the needed actions consequently. Directors should non hold the apprehension that public presentation direction is something out of the manner that they have to make it should alternatively be taken up as a natural map that all good directors carry out.

To guarantee that a public presentation direction civilization is built and preserved, public presentation direction has to hold the on-going support and encouragement from the top direction who must do it apparent that it is looked upon as a critical agency of accomplishing sustained organizational success.A formal reappraisal of an person ‘s work is another of import portion of public presentation direction model. This reappraisal may be carried out one time or twice a twelvemonth as is suited to the specific administration. This provides important point for the consideration of of import public presentation and development issues. A public presentation reappraisal meeting is an of import manner through which the five primary public presentation direction elements of understanding, measuring, feedback, positive support and duologue can be put to good usage. ( Armstrong, 2009 ) It completes the public presentation direction circle by informing public presentation and development of understandings. The public presentation reappraisal should be balanced between accomplishments in respects to aims, the degree of know-how and accomplishments possessed and put to pattern, behavior in the occupation as it influences public presentation, the extent to which behavior supports the nucleus values of the administration and the twenty-four hours to twenty-four hours effectivity.

By and large to measure the public presentation of employees they are given some signifier of evaluation which is normally carried out during or after the public presentation reappraisal meeting. The evaluation denotes the quality of public presentation or competency attained or displayed by denoting the degree on a graduated table that most strongly lucifers with the position of the judge on how good the employee has been executing. A evaluation graduated table helps the judge to go through a opinion and the opinion is later categorised to inform public presentation or part wage determinations.Pull offing the under performing artists is a positive procedure base on the feedback throughout the twelvemonth. This helps in explicating thoughts to assist persons to get the better of public presentations hinderances and jobs. It besides helps to measure how the director can assist an person to get the better of his defects.

2.4 Role of Line Managers and HR

Line directors are important to the success of public presentation direction. But there may lift jobs with their accomplishments and committedness. It is besides necessary to affect line directors in developing the procedure, supply preparation and counsel, to derive top direction support, to maintain the procedure simple, underscore on public presentation reappraisals and supply quality clip with their staff. |The line directors are responsible for the growing of the employee, who in bend will assist in the growing of the line directors.

The line directors should non be biased and should leave as much cognition and aid he can to better the public presentation of his subsidiaries.The HR on the other manus is the 1 who formulates the public presentation feedback signifier, the footing on which the employee is rated. The HR decides what precisely will be the benefit that a single receives in stead of his public presentation in the administration or what actions has to be taken against a underachiever.

The HR together with the line directors decides about the public presentation of an person who might be considered for a publicity, transportation or disciplinary action. The HR besides sends recommendations on preparation to asses any common preparation demands.


5 The Benefits and Concerns of Performance Management:

Performance direction has assorted benefits. Below mentioned are the four cardinal benefits:Performance direction focuses on consequences instead than behaviors or activities. A common misguided belief among directors is that behavior and activities are the same as consequences. An employee may look really busy but non be lending at all towards the organizational ends. But it is the public presentation reappraisal that tells this apart as that is more focussed on consequences.It brings into line the organizational activities and procedures to the ends of the administration.

Performance direction classifies the organizational ends, steps of competency towards the end and the agencies to carry through that end. This concatenation of measuring is scrutinized to guarantee alliance with overall consequences of the administration.Performance direction helps to cultivate a system-wide, long term position of the house.It produces meaningful measurings which have a wide assortment of utile applications.

They are helpful in benchmarking and puting criterions for comparing with the paramount patterns in other administrations. They provide changeless footing for comparing during internal alteration attempt. They besides specify consequences during betterment attempts, such as employee preparation, direction development etc. Performance direction aid guarantee indifferent and just intervention of employees on the footing of public presentation.The disadvantages of public presentation direction are:Performance direction is really hard and frequently unreliable to mensurate many-sided phenomena as public presentation.It is really clip devouring on the director ‘s as he spends excessively much clip oversing the employees about their occupation maps and therefore may non be able to fulfill his other occupation demands. It becomes tough and disputing to make up one’s mind value and public presentation indexs for measuring.Directors tend to trust on one employee than the other therefore an issue of favoritism arises.

Performance direction may give rise to internal competition and employee may vie with each other for occupation position, place and better wage. This could do failure for employees to execute as a squad and work towards common organizational ends.As administrations change quickly the steps used to estimate an employee public presentation becomes old and disused.There is a feeling of inequality which sets in the employee when the wages for public presentation is based on monitory as non all employees will acquire the same sum.At the RBS, an one-year public presentation reappraisal is conducted of the employees after which they get a monitory benefit. Some occupations are paid harmonizing to the accomplishment of targeted consequences.

This means that a fillip is paid if the employee achieves agreed marks for the occupation.


A public presentation direction model will do it possible for RBS to turn to:Required results and aimsThe public presentation sculptInstitutionalize public presentation stepsPuting public presentation marksMonitoring public presentationPerformance appraisal and ratingPerformance betterment

3.1Features of a Performance Management Framework:

Performance direction frame work identifies a figure of cardinal aims for operational and managerial duty within the administration. The public presentation direction frame work has the undermentioned feature:The measuring, rating and coverage of public presentation starts at the base degree.Every employee is involved in the public presentation direction appraisal.All planning public presentation is assessed and reported.An administration ‘s public presentation focal point is on the betterment schemes.

3.2 Performance Measures

Performance steps are tools developed by the administration to gauge work performed and the consequences obtained vis-a-vis the marks given. Performance steps should concentrate on the public presentation of the employees and be able to mensurate their attempts in the administration. The public presentation step should:Identify the efficiency and defects of an employee.Be in sync with the basic aims of effectivity, efficiency and conformity.Be able to measure whether aims are achieved and monitored.Be reviewed as portion of the planning procedure to guarantee relevancy and practicality.There are assorted tools which help in mensurating the public presentation of the employee and the administration as a whole.

Some of the most widely used tools are:Management by Objectives- This collaborative method defines the ends and future marks by audience. Future undertakings, behavior and productiveness are discussed and a SMART program is formulated so that both the director and the employee are cognizant of the demands of the administration. It is best used in a concern environment where people are consequences driven, where the administration uses formal procedure to pull off public presentation and where public presentation can be measured exactly.360-Degree Appraisal- This method is used for directors and supervisors and it gathers feedback from all employees to give an overall image of the public presentation.

It can give a valuable reappraisal into how a persons work and behavior is seen by other people in the administration. This method is best suited for an administration where clip, attempt and support is available or where it is of import to acquire several positions of a persons public presentation. For illustration the client service functions where the person is required to work across squads.Competence Based Assessments- In this method fundamentally the constituents of competence ( accomplishments and abilities ) are assessed. Competence can be tough to specify in occupations with high degree of uncertainness. This method is disposed for administrations where accomplishments and abilities can be readily determined and quantified.In RBS, the public presentation measuring starts with the undertaking of puting the aims for the fiscal twelvemonth.

The aims are set by the line director after which the employee has to sit with the line director and agree to it. This is one of the chief advantages of the public presentation direction system in RBS, because non all the administrations allow the employees to interfere in the procedure of puting aims. The director measures the public presentation against the set nonsubjective one time in a twelvemonth. The employee ‘s public presentation in RBS is related with the wage.

The employees are rewarded strictly based on their public presentation in RBS. Employees who achieve disputing marks will be rewarded specially.In RBS, public presentation direction is straight linked with acquisition and development. The one-year public presentation reappraisal is followed by the development of a personal development program. This program is developed by the line director who appraises the public presentation of the employees.

The chief advantage of developing this program is to actuate employees towards high public presentation by assisting them to better their accomplishments.


The last measure in public presentation direction is measuring the general methods of public presentation direction which is the concluding trial of analysing the organizational public presentation. This will assist in understanding the countries in which betterment is required to heighten the public presentation of the administration. Evaluation of the public presentation can be done in a better manner if there are one to one interviews conducted with the troughs and understanding how they are happening the experience of public presentation direction and where they need support to transport out this indispensable activity.Evaluation can besides be done by carry oning employee attitude studies and focussed treatments.

To keep high standard administrations should leave clip to clip assorted developing programmes to heighten the apprehension of public presentation direction to all employees of an administration. They should besides implement one to one coaching whenever is required by the employees or is deemed necessary. Conducting workshops for directors is a good manner to cognize their experiences.In context to RBS, the fiscal giant has an advantage that its employees are recognized in stead of their good public presentation via ranked patterned advance. This means RBS encourages their employees to turn and to develop their accomplishments and abilities. This in bend helps RBS to turn as an administration. Employees recognize development demands with their line director at their annual public presentation reappraisal.

These are documented in a personal development program.RBS should instill a mid- twelvemonth public presentation reappraisal in their administration. This should be done so that directors understand where the employee is heading in comparing to the already laid down marks and aims. This would assist the employees to acquire back on the right path and therefore accomplish what is expected out of them. The directors will be able to asses if any immediate preparation demands to be imparted to any employee so that he has a better apprehension of the aims set for him and the organizational aim.Depending on the mid-year public presentation review the directors at RBS can measure the employee at the terminal of the twelvemonth. This would surely make a difference in the public presentation of the employee as they would non desire to be behind anybody in this competitory age.

Plus every employee likes to be recognized for the part he has done in order to attin the coveted personal and organizational end.


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