Comparing Audre Lorde & Alison Bechdel Essay

Although feminism is a consolidative theory on the rights and functions of adult females. there are dissenting voices each back uping a specific subject or usage of feminism. It is the intent of this paper to present ways in which two writers present their positions and let for the critics and readers to better understand feminism through their position. The paper will concentrate on the plants of Audre Lorde and Alison Bechdel. Feminism is non a theory based chiefly on the unfairnesss done to adult females. but is in fact a statement that adult females have had unfairnesss done to them. and there is eventually action and fusion among adult females and work forces to halt such actions.

Alison Bechdel uses wit as a agency to open up her reader’s positions. In her amusing strip Dikes to Watch Out For Bechdel takes a personal stance on the topic of sapphic life and the pattern of feminism. In her strip. the adult females she presents to the audience are all strong adult females. with strong sentiments about their life manner. Indeed it seems that a adult female who is a sapphic would hold to hold a strong personality in order to endure through the biass of the times in order to merely populate her mundane life.

It is the fact that tribades are enduring for something every bit simple as desiring to acquire married that Bechdel feels that wit is the best attack. It allows for the choler to hold a impudent side and makes visible radiation of such a dark topic. For illustration. in one strip. Bechdel shows two adult females interchanging gifts with one another ; one gives the other one a book about the wisdom of climacteric and the other gives her spouse intimate apparel from Victoria’s Secret.

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These are two really opposing positions of anniversary gifts ( presuming its an day of remembrance or Christmas as both are having nowadayss ) as one thinks about sex while the other one is more concerned about acquiring older. This is the same as any relationship ; these opposing point of views. What Bechdel has done in this amusing strip is to demo how un-different people’s relationships are with one another. The failure of communicating and desires in a sapphic relationship is the same in an opposite sex relationship. This usage of wit abounds in sapphic and feminism literature.

Gloria Steinem wrote an article entitled If Men Could Menstruate in which she proposes how accepting society would be toward the thought of flowing alternatively of the more cloak-and-dagger positions taken on adult females purchasing tampons at a shop. Steinem writes. …menstruation would go an enviable. worthy. masculine event: work forces would boast about how long and how much. Young boys would speak about it as the envied beginning of manhood. Gifts. spiritual ceremonials. household dinners. and stag parties would tag the twenty-four hours. To forestall monthly work loss among the powerful. Congress would fund a National Institute of Dysmenorrhea.

Doctors would research little about bosom onslaughts. from which work forces would be hormonally protected. but everything about spasms. ( Steinem ) . Therefore. the usage of wit as a warp of a serious topic ( weighted down with political relations but impacting people’s personal lives ) . Probably due to Lorde’s strong suit found with poesy. her book is pedestrian in manner and the beginning of it lists several rhetorical inquiries of the reader. These inquiries are possibly asked by many tribades ; such as. where do they acquire their strength. where is my heritage found in the adult female I’ve become.

Such inquiries stand as a blunt contrast to Bechdel’s more amusing authorship manner. and turning the mundane life of tribades ( i. e. Louise ) into a voyeuristic apprehension of how such relationships are similar to all relationships. In Lorde’s book. the storyteller gives voice to the defeat of these unanswerable inquiries. Unanswerable in the sense that each sapphic. or each individual must happen their ain reply – these are inquiries contingent upon the personality of the individual inquiring the inquiry.

Lorde is clicking off names as the storyteller develops her narrative. To the inquiry posed. To Whom Do I Owe the Woman I have Become? the reader receives a list of names and narratives of strong adult females such as DeLois. It is in these secondary characters where Lorde places the strength of the storyteller. In contrast to Bechdel’s comedy. Lorde’s sober tones of world work stoppage the reader in a heavy manner. Although both writers speak about their truth. the manner in which they try to do their readers see their ain positions is really different.

Both writers nevertheless have one strong bond in common ; strength. This is shown non merely in Bechdel’s web logs online but through her amusing strip. It takes a strong individual to happen comedy in something so serious as adult females falling in love. In Lorde every bit good. in the beginning of her Prologue she states. “I have ever wanted to be both adult male and adult female. to integrate the strongest and richest parts of my female parent and male parent within/into me-to portion vales and mountains upon my organic structure the manner the Earth does in hills and peeks” ( Lorde 7 ) .

Therefore. strength is the common denominator for both adult females. It is this common denominator that unites either writer in the battle for feminism – for equal rights. There are many people. largely adult females. who have been contending for their equal rights – and we now normally name this as feminism. Feminism started non simply on nineteenth century. but even during the 17th to 18th century. This is the really ground why women’s rightists ( i. e. Lorde and Bechdel ) have gotten so much attending from good respected organisation and authorities functionaries.

With this thought in head. many are now inquiring. who are the adult females who started the women’s rightist motions and what prompted them to originate such action? By delving deeper to what the existent significance of feminism is. it can besides be identified the first few adult females who fought and strived truly difficult merely to demo the universe that feminism is so deserving contending for. These adult females have their ain issues that they highlighted and it all boils down to the fact that females are non merely a ornament for males. alternatively. they are people who can be effectual even in covering with other of import facets of the society like the authorities.

This feminism started non on one topographic point or state. but coincidently. a batch of adult females from assorted states around the universe fought for their rights as and equal and rightful members of the society. Although the battle of feminism continues. there is no uncertainty that despite their different attacks of prose and comedy. either writer has volitionally or out of necessity taken up the battle for feminism. Their battle is this: to rock their readers into understanding a different manner of life.

To hold their readers accept feminism as the proper class of a society because after all. people are merely people. References Bechdel. Allison. ( 2009 ) . Butchs to Watch Out For. Online. 31 March 2009. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. dykestowatchoutfor. com/ & gt ; Bechdel. Allison. ( 2003 ) . Dykes and Sundry Other Carbo-Based Life Forms to Watch Out For. Ann Arbor ; Firebrand Books. Lorde. Audre. ( 1983 ) . Zami. A New Spelling of My Name ; A Biomythography. Crossing Press. Freedom California. Steinem. Gloria. ( 2009 ) . If Men Could Menstruate. Online. 31 March 2009. & lt ; hypertext transfer protocol: //www. Dendranthema grandifloruom. org/ifmencou. htm & gt ;


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