Compare the Ways Poets Present Breakdown of a Relationship in ‘Quick Draw’ and One Other Problem from Relationships Essay

Compare the ways poets present the breakdown of a relationship in ‘Quick draw’ and one other problem from Relationships. ‘Quick draw’ is about the breakdown of a relationship. It explores the effects of love turned sour, breakdown of communication and the impact of modern technology (mobiles, texts) on relationships. In this poem, the relationship is more like a battle and the poem (like a quick draw from Wild West movies) is a painful gunfight of words which takes place over the phone.

The Manhunt is about a man who has returned home from war with several physical injuries and possibly mental injuries too. The narrator of the poem describes getting to know his injuries, almost uncovering them, as some of the internal injuries are hidden from her. The poet uses metaphors to describe the man’s different wounds ending with hints to his changed personality. Quick draw is a relationship between a man and a woman.It has an irregular rhyme scheme (free verse) which reflects the chaos caused by the break up, Manhunt is also an irregular rhyme scheme; it reflects the chaos of his mental and physical state. This is one of the many similarities between the two poems. Duffy (poet of quick draw) uses some internal rhyme in this poem to show the remains of the relationship and the idea that there were once two people who loved each over, in the poem Manhunt, the poem uses rhyming couplets to symbolize that it takes two people to complete the healing process, one step at a time of the healing process.

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In the Manhunt, the poet says ‘And climb the rungs his broken ribs’ it present s how ribs lead to the heart, and heart equals emotions… Also the ladder equals the upwards struggle. The imagery in this poem is relating to the human body, like broken ribs and punctured lungs; and the mechanics of familiar objects. Also the poet is trying to point out that war created an unhappy life. Both poets use enjambment in their poems; enjambment is when a sentence runs from one line of poetry into the next one.In quick draw, the poet Duffy uses enjambment in line 3 (Alone.

You ring, quick draw, your voice a pellet) – emphasises the word alone as this is what the speaker will be from now on. Also in lines 12&13 there is some enjambment used as well because for a break down to occur there has to be a concealment of emotions. In Manhunt the poet uses enjambment to point out that it’s a continual process, and that healing is on-going. In Manhunt, reputation is used, the poet used ‘and’ which reflects a continual process of healing, this also gives


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