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Getting married at a young age can be negative for several reasons.

The many reasons why people get married at a young age could be because of love, lust, for financial support, to become a citizen, or due to an unexpected pregnancy. A lot of times young adults confuse sexual attraction with love or confuse a need for financial security with love for their partner. There is a very fine line between love and lust because the two of them are closely related. Lust is an incredibly strong feeling that can be almost uncontrollable, leading it to commonly be mistaken for love.

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Not being able to tell the difference between lust and love can lead these young adults to an unhealthy relationship which can lead to eventual failure such as abuse. Another reason why some get married at a young age is for financial support. There are several disadvantages to young teenage girls getting married to older men for the use of their financial support. They can suffer many emotional and physical effects from getting married so early in life.

In addition, many people get married young become a citizen of this country.One can easily get into the United States legally and become a citizen through a legitimate marriage. The risks of marriage to become a citizen of the United States can include a combination of fines, prison up to five years and deportation. Finally, the most common cause is unexpected pregnancy.

Most of the time when a young couple has sexual relationships without any kind of protection is because they are too young and do not have much information about that. Families prefer to keep appearances, and they force them to get married.The effect of marriage due to an unexpected pregnancy can lead to many different problems. One problem would be that teen mothers are more likely to drop out of high school. Secondly, having a child at a young age is risky for both mother and baby. Teen pregnancies carry a higher risk of health problems such as a higher rate of premature birth and low-weight babies. In result from everything that has been written above, it can be seen that there are a lot of negative results for anybody who gets married at a young age.

Maturity is something very important that can make the marriage work.


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