Compare And Contrast Dystopian Futures In Brave Essay

New World And 1984 Essay, Research PaperDystopian Futures in Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four.The being created by Brave New World is really efficient nevertheless it lacks any significance, worlds have no existent extremes in feelings, no love, hatred, hurting and agony. They are conditioned by engineering to accept these things as normal. Peoples are mass-produced to function the agencies of the sociality and have no individualism whatsoever, a black universe extinguishing spirit and human nature.

Foreigners to this universe include Bernard Marx, Helmhotz Watson and John the Savage. All feel different due to single circumstance and Rebel against their Brave New World.The descriptions of futuristic London are rendered in apparent manner making a drab, deficiency of beauty mirrored in the words used.

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& # 8220 ; A knee bend Grey edifice of merely 34 narratives. Over the chief entryway the words, CENTRAL LONDON HATCHERY AND CONDITIONING CENTRE, and in a shield, the universe states motto, COMMUNITY, IDENTITY, STABILITY. The command is simple ; the sentence structure is reduced, like a telegraph conveying merely indispensable instructions. This creates a gray universe, which seems really cold.Brave New World is run by a & # 8216 ; World State & # 8217 ; , A universe province would ask a individual political political orientation and a individual point of position, which is the slogan of Brave New World & # 8220 ; Community, Identity, Stability & # 8221 ; . To accomplish the first nonsubjective Community Brave New World satirises Christianity promoting people to make solidarity through sexual binge in a service that mimics mass.

Life is organised so that a individual is about ne’er entirely. Identity is in big portion the consequence of familial technology, sleep instruction and assorted procedures undertaken during pouring. It is besides achieved by learning everyone to conform so that anyone who feels somewhat different is considered an castaway. The desire for stableness requires the production of big Numberss of genetically indistinguishable & # 8220 ; persons & # 8221 ; because people who are precisely the same are less likely to come into struggle. Stability means understating struggle, hazards and alterations.Brave New World is written in the 3rd individual position and therefore has the ability to state the reader what is traveling on within any of the character minds.

This is peculiarly utile in demoing a cross subdivision of this unusual future society. This is used most efficaciously in chapter three when Huxley uses apposition. The reader hears a babbling of voices: Lenina, Fanny and Mustapha Mond, who sound at first helter-skelter but give the reader apprehension of the accountants grounds for control ; at the same clip we see consequences of this conditioning in the ideas and reactions of the other charactersThe first two chapters are mostly presented in talk format, with the D.H.C. and Henry Foster really talking to pupils, who diligently and exactly take down notes on what is said, about the engineering of Brave New World. Then Mustapha Mond, the World Controller, appears to talk the pupils on modern-day theories of gender, communal life, societal stableness and history and give a brief talk of the development of Brave New World.

The manager casually references that the hatchery hatches human existences. He takes this fact for granted, but the reader is surprised, people are conditioned to accept the function selected for them by the authorities. Conditioning influences the person throughout life, World State values are immersed upon kidsThe names of the characters all have intensions for the clip in which the book was written, ( 1932 ) Ford, Marx, Lenina, Benito Hoover. Ford is in mention to Henry Ford who pioneered mass production of the Model T auto. Marx is an obvious mention to Karl Marx the German socialist.

Lenina is a fluctuation on Lenin who led the Russian, Bolshevik Revolution and Benito Hoover, a minor character is a combination of Benito Mussolini the Italian dictator and Herbert Hoover President of America.Chapter 16 brings Bernard, Helmhotz and the Savage before Mond, who once more breaks into talk ( punctuated by inquiries from his audience ) upon the demand for single conformance and societal stableness. In the following chapter Mond and the Savage challenge each other in a argument & # 8211 ; talk format.

In Brave New World the argument & # 8211 ; talk technique is most outstanding in the confrontation between Mond and the barbarian. Huxley took this technique from public talks between his paternal gramps T.H. Huxley supporting the theory of development against the clergies biblical based positions.

The Lecture technique is more formal and tightly organised than insouciant address. Mustapha Mond & # 8217 ; s words are closer to those of formal talk. Lengthy, carefully organised set pieces one after another to his audience on occasion pulling upon literary citations to round off his points.

Presented in balanced rhetorical periods& # 8220 ; And why should we travel runing for a replacement for vernal desires, when vernal desires ne’er fail? A replacement for distractions, when we go on basking all the old follies to the really last? What need have we of response when our heads and organic structures continue to please in activity? Of solace, when we can hold Soma? Of something immoveable, when there is societal order? & # 8221 ;This indicates that these leaders have an absolute undisputed authorization. Weather New Worlders are unable to believe for themselves and hence bend to authorization figures for their replies.Although Brave New World was set 600 old ages in the hereafter Huxley is noticing on modern-day societal conditions and behavior. In the 1920 & # 8217 ; s there was widespread pessimism set by WW1, a ineffectual barbarian mindless war fought basically for money. The hedonic and misanthropic elements of futuristic London can be seen as commentaries on the decennary that Huxley had merely lived through.

The cynicism diploid by Mond, who contends that & # 8216 ; civilization has perfectly no demand for aristocracy or gallantry & # 8217 ; , is similarly intended to reflect the empty values of Huxley & # 8217 ; s ain twenty-four hours.Bernard is a merchandise of the Brave New World and the Savage is a visitant to it, both are castawaies. Bernard & # 8217 ; s physical lacks isolate him from his fellow work forces and bring forthing in him a mental surplus doing him desire something richer and more hearty than Brave New World. The insecurities generated by his physical defects nevertheless make Bernard unpleasant, doing him to jump between chesty & # 8216 ; touting & # 8217 ; and abject self-pity, for illustration when he parades the barbarian proudly, his green-eyed monster of the barbarians relationship with Helmhotz and his inactive reaction due to his indecisiveness over the Savage & # 8217 ; s Soma rebellion. Lenina, is a perfect illustration of Brave New World, she is the antonym of Bernard and embraces Her life, happy to bask fiddling games such as obstruction golf.

Brave New World features two lingual extremes, of thaumaturgy and scientific discipline, organize a basic contrast in the linguistic communication of Brave New World, the charming component is provided by Helmhotz Watson & # 8217 ; s poetic thrust and the mentions to Shakespeare. Helmhotz represents the artistic inspiration surpressed by Brave New World. He feels something else to pass on, far more important than Brave New World propaganda. & # 8220 ; I & # 8217 ; ve got something to state and the power to state it merely I don & # 8217 ; t cognize what it is and I can & # 8217 ; Ts make any usage of the power.When Helmhotz expresses himself in poetic signifier, his capable, solitude brings him into struggle with authorization.

He believes merely lunacy and force and non the excessively sane stableness of Brave New World can bring forth such a poetic linguistic communication. It is for this ground that he decides on expatriate to the Falklands & # 8221 ; I believe I would compose better if the clime were bad. & # 8221 ;Helmhotz is & # 8216 ; every centimeter an alpha plus & # 8217 ; stand outing in athleticss and sex, he yearns for a more spiritually honoring life than Brave New World offers leting him full drama to his latent poetic powers. Beyond disregarding Shakespeare due to the influence of Brave New World Helmhotz is unflawed.

Helmhotz is limited by his upbringing in Brave New World and is happy to be exiled.Brave New World solves the jobs between art and scientific discipline, which can be extended to include a hit between ground and imaginativeness, between affair and spirit. In Brave New World art has been eliminated. This generates the cardinal tenseness that Bernard, Helmhotz and the Savage experience in Brave New World between over ordinance of the person and the demand for religious fulfillment. As Mustapha Mond realises both scientific discipline and art can be both liberating forces if allowed free drama, but they can besides be forces of control.

Science by finding the familial fundamental law of humanity, and art by explicating socially desirable regulations into memorable apothegms that people take to be truths and so move upon. In Brave New World true art has been replaced by authorities controlled nothings which the people of Brave New World have been conditioned to bask.Pseudo poesy of sleepteachings lack the deeper significance of true poesy & # 8220 ; a gm is better than a darn & # 8221 ; & # 8220 ; stoping is better than repairing & # 8221 ; supplying, in concise and memorable manner, cardinal dogmas of Brave New World Philosophy. Exposing the deficiency of aesthetic profusion by supplying a contrast with the glorious poesy quoted by Shakespeare.Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s influence is most important in the rubric, which is borrowed from the Tempest. The barbarian continually uses Shakespeare to joint his ain ideas and feelings, most of his citations are tragic in nature. The maps of these Shakespearian allusions is made expressed by Mond, & # 8220 ; you can & # 8217 ; Ts make calamity without societal instability.

The unreal felicity and stableness of Brave New universe have eliminated the happening of tragic state of affairss whereas the barbarian argues there must be the possibility of echt hurting and danger if human life is to hold any significance.The mentions to Shakespeare expose a important lack in the Brave New World. Science must suit art, non extinguish it. Life without art no affair how technologically advanced is nonmeaningful, Mond admits, & # 8220 ; this is the monetary value we have to pay for stableness.

Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s art is put frontward as a vitally necessary option to Brave New World. Shakespeare is termed the Savage & # 8217 ; s & # 8216 ; voice of scruples & # 8217 ; this can be interpreted as a testimonial to Shakespeare & # 8217 ; s art or as a disclosure of the Savage & # 8217 ; s excessively moralistic outlook.The dismissal of history is evident, as Henry Ford ( & # 8221 ; Our Ford & # 8221 ; ) said ; & # 8220 ; History is bunk & # 8221 ; the altering names show the changing of society. Charring Cross is now Charing T Rocket Station, Big Ben is now Large Henry and most significantly Westminster Abbey is now a night-club, Westminster Abbey Cabaret. The lone significance in life is Brave New World, which seems devoid of any intent.In the penultimate chapter the World Controller and the Savage are left entirely to discourse God and doctrine. The accountant once more declares that God and modern society are incompatible.

The talking rhetoric males Mond seem unreal and merely every bit much a merchandise of the sleep instruction and propaganda he himself speaks. This acts as a foil to the words spoken from the Savage who embraces Shakespeare and single idea and feelings. The reader sympathises with the barbarian and is finally dissatisfied with the life presented in Brave New World.Brave New universe is essentially a nursery school for grownups who can be motivated by the appropriate rimes. They do non experience dissatisfied, as they have been conditioned non to. They accept their topographic points and are quelled by the usage of haoma, the Man-made voice, which is considered superior to Human Voice “richer, heater, more vivacious with love and longing and compassion” . Frighteningly humans react more to this man-made voice for illustration “Anti riot speech figure two medium strength” .

Ultimately they are controlled by the World State. The human race is no more, merely another tool of the authorities to increase production.Nineteen Eighty-Four features a much darker and suppressive hereafter. The terminal consequence is no different, nevertheless there are no such technological progresss to maintain the populace in order, merely tradition bullying and force. There is a telescreen in each place which looks for any mark of & # 8216 ; thoughtcrime & # 8217 ;The chief character of the book Winston Smith accepts this hereafter without believing about it excessively much except experiencing that life must hold been better one time. Continuous wretchedness is rather normal and Winston feels small unfamiliarity.

This makes the atmosphere much more dramatic for the reader and the images seem much more powerful. Winston is a portion of Nineteen Eighty-Four, unlike other futuristic novels where the chief character is a visitant to this World, this makes you see that this sort of universe has a distinguishable possibility of happening. Winston plays an built-in portion in the society, the work he does, continually rewriting the yesteryear, is critical to the party & # 8217 ; s endurance. The chief ground Winston feels different is that his positions contradict the party, positions that he would portion with the reader.Orwell set the book merely 30 old ages from when he completed it, salvaging himself the problem of conceive ofing a wholly different engineering from the 1 he knew. Conditionss in 1984 were much like 1948 after WWII with rationing and bombsites.

The deficiency of advancement is explained by the fact that all engineering has been channelled into making of all time more sophisticated methods of anguish and more efficient agencies of warfare. The quality of life has remained the same, as the party has determined, as if life were to better so people might get down to demand more from the party.Through Nineteen Eighty-Four Orwell is warning of what may go on if certain political cultural inclinations go on unbridled. Orwell has envisaged the worst to enable English society to take stock of affairs.The party controls people & # 8217 ; s emotions by transfusing codifications of moral. It is insinuated that you should non experience emotions and if you do experience them so you are a condemnable. Therefore the people of Oceana disregard their emotions.

Every citizen has been emotionally crippled, incapable of holding, showing or understanding their feelings. In Oceana love is a unreliable offense, the province wants for reproduction sex and nil more, even trying to take sex by unreal insemination. The provinces end is power, and the party & # 8217 ; s power is maintained by back uping an lawlessness of sedation and impassivity.Emotional responses are frequently the foundation for thought the province hopes that by commanding all feelings it will command all idea. The party believes that one time a individual starts believing for himself, he will arise, and the party can non let rebellion.

Even the linguistic communication is passionless, known as Newspeak, intending precisely what it says with no verbs or adjectives and about no feeling behind the words. The old linguistic communication, oldspeak is compared to newspeak as & # 8220 ; ( Oldspeak ) with all it & # 8217 ; s vagueness and useless sunglassess of intending Do you know that Newspeak is the lone linguistic communication in the universe whose vocabulary gets smaller every twelvemonth? Don & # 8217 ; t you see that the whole scope of Newspeak is to contract the scope of idea? & # 8221 ; While contracting the scope of idea is the party & # 8217 ; s chief purpose, the large image includes cut downing the human race to an stupid, trained like a Canis familiaris, population. Just as Canis familiariss obey their maestro unquestioningly, the citizens of Oceana are trained to follow the party & # 8217 ; s orders.Since the people of Oceana follow so many orders, they have no freedom. All actions are bound by the constabulary force. The interior party maintains its power through the Thought Police which is bound by no Torahs. In Oceana anything can be a offense ; it merely has implied Torahs that might or might non be enforced at any clip.

The Thought Police monitor the outer party members of Oceana with a device installed in every house, the telescreen. It broadcasts images and sounds. The lone difference is that it has a camera which watches your every move twenty-four hours in, twenty-four hours out.

In rule, a party member is ne’er entirely except when kiping and hence has no clip to himself, no freedom. To make anything affecting purdah is unsafe. Peoples are non allowed to be entirely and are non allowed to do friends with anybody. They are non free to socialize with whomever they please.

Everything they do has to be regulated and controlled. Peoples are non allowed to be self-generated, when Winston visits the workers his one fright is & # 8220 ; The patrols might halt you if you run into them. & # 8216 ; May I see you documents comrade? What are you making here? Is this your usual manner place? & # 8217 ; & # 8221 ; There is no regulation against walking place on an unusual path, but Winston does non desire the Thought Police to hear about his journey to the workers. The Thought Police are larger than life. Everybody fears them because there is no manner to acquire around them.The people of Oceana lose their individuality when Born, Winston Smith, an outer party member efforts to recover his lost individuality by arising against the party. He tries to fall in the ill-famed Brotherhood, the belowground association against the interior party and it & # 8217 ; s non-existent leader Big Brother. When Winston is captured he is forced to reform after extended physical and psychological anguish.

In the procedure he loses his individuality one time once more, and one time released he joins the unquestioning mindless population of Oceana. The perfect citizen of Oceana is a brainwashed imbecilic full of party mottos capable of anything the party says. As O & # 8217 ; Brain Said & # 8220 ; We may be obliged to give him a new individuality. His face, his motions, the form of his custodies, the coloring material of his hair even his voice would be different.

& # 8221 ; A consequence of the brainwashing is that persons don & # 8217 ; t understand material goods. There is no fluctuation in life style ; citizens are numbered much like captives. The usage of Numberss is to impede people from individuality. The Numberss show society is much like a prison. Everyone eats the same, wears the same, and does the same kind of thing.Ultimately the party can non let fluctuations of their power to be.

To release control over any portion of the individual is to release all control over the person. The ferociousness of the party leads to absolute devotedness or absolute rebellion. The object of Oceana is a society of apathetic people who will function the party without idea. This society destroys humanity.

By taking away their topics emotions, freedom, and individuality the citizens are at a loss to make anything. They do non cognize how to acquire their humanity back. The citizens are merely physically alive. Our humanity is what makes us human, out emotions, freedom, and individuality separates us as persons. When Winston battles for his humanity he loses and is changed into something less than homo.Winston & # 8217 ; s life at the Ministry of Truth is really black ; the canteens represent the canteens during WWII. Through seamy pragmatism making a dejecting ambiance of life in 1894: the sloppy tabular arraies, the bad smelly nutrient, the upswept floors. Something in Winston rebellions against this, described as & # 8221 ; a deaf-and-dumb person protest in your ain castanetss & # 8221 ; he attempts to recapture some fragments of hereditary memory.

Trying to populate in a manner more natural than is possible given the party and the general ambiance in 1984. Wishing for a more complete Fuller life he starts his diary. From the get downing Winston knows he is doomed, he presses on though particularly after run intoing Julia, like a adult male tidal bore to prove his destiny. The fact that Winstons efforts at arising fail emphasise the desperation and hopelessness created in Nineteen Eighty-Four, whatever happened he promised non to bewray Julia and finally he gave in, finally the party won.

That is the message the reader is left with.The linguistic communication in Nineteen Eighty-Four is simple direct and concrete. It presents the inside informations of life in England in 1984 with great exactitude with a careful attending to detail, so that the imagined universe of the novel is given a sensuous world as in the ways Orwell has Winston notice how 1 could ever state Parsons had been playing Table Tennis & # 8220 ; By the moistness of the chiropteran grip & # 8221 ; Orwell is taking great attempt to do this fantasy universe seen every bit existent as possible therefore heightening the daze consequence of it all.When Winston meets with Julia Orwell uses a more poetic manner of composing particularly in the transitions connected with the workers. & # 8220 ; The mystical fear that he felt for her was somehow assorted up with the facet of the picket, cloudless sky, stretching off behind the chimney pots into endless distance.

& # 8221 ; In this transition Orwell seems to be a spot excessively flowery and he is being dry about Winston & # 8217 ; s idealistic inclinations. He besides uses dry linguistic communication of political theory in the book within a book & # 8216 ; The Theory and Practice of Oligarchial Collectivism & # 8217 ; by Emmanuel Goldstien. Orwell uses abstract, scientific analysis which lacks concreteness, appropriate for a book which is supposed to be an analysis of the party & # 8217 ; s power.One of the books chief issues is the building of Newspeak. Involving the devastation of English. ( Oldspeak ) It eliminates the words freedom, democracy, honor, justness, faith, under the thought that these thoughts themselves will finally vanish.

The eventual purpose is to do thoughcrime impossible, as there is nil to believe. To be human is to descrimiate and to judge, favoritism and opinion involve linguistic communication. Not to utilize linguistic communication involves a clear descent into a sub human province like the adult male in the canteen, whose address is merely a & # 8216 ; noise uttered in unconsciousness & # 8217 ; duckspeak as it is called in Newspeak. & # 8221 ; His caput was thrown back a small, and because of the angle at which he was sitting, the light caught his eyeglassess and presented to Winston two black phonograph record alternatively of eyes. What was somewhat atrocious, was that from the watercourse of sound that poured out it was about impossible to separate a individual word. & # 8221 ;Brave New World and Nineteen Eighty-Four are really similar because they have created a really similar society. Suppressing the yesteryear, the plants of Shakespeare and everything else they create people who are non worlds but members of a party, Peoples who do non believe for themselves and have no individualism.

The methods of suppression are really different ; Brave New World with all the engineering and do these people appear to be content due to the eternal slepteachings, and seen to hold more of a life. In Nineteen Eighty-four Peoples in the party seem to be afraid to demo the truth, how they feel. The lone difference between the books is the engineering, if there was ample engineering available in Nineteen Eighty-Four as there was in Brave New World, the two books would be about indistinguishable. In Nineteen Eighty-Four there were efforts to extinguish reproduction all together nevertheless the engineering was non available.


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