Compalin Letter to Smokers Essay

Dear Mr. Bechtold: We have attached a summary of recent ETS-related court cases in which landlords and owners were held responsible for providing toxin-free air for the tenants. In most of these cases, owners were also required to reimburse rents and pay damages for the harm done before the environmental tobacco smoke problem was remedied. We have been plagued with this since we moved on in January 2, 2010.Please, take into the consideration that secondhand smoke is making us sick, filtering in from nearby offices. Due to the fact that we had to hire contractors to apply weather stripping and seal openings. This would cost us $3000 and we expect reimbursement.

However, the smoke is still coming and we want refund for the $9000 we have paid you in rent since January. Can you kindly call us at (832) 768-3899 to talk about the expenses?That problem should be taken seriously because toxin causes lung, cereal, and evidence cancer in nonsmokers and one employee already quit who suffered from asthma. Another one is in high risk for heart attack.

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We have known that secondhand smoke is even more dangerous that what smokers inhale. Many of us are considering finding other jobs unless our office air becomes safe to breathe again. We hope that all these problems will be eliminated. Your prompt reply is highly appreciated.

Kind regards, Kathleen Thomas Manager


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