Communicating with an Addict Essay

I am the sister of a recovering addict. My brother attends group every Friday for his addiction and to find new ways in helping with his dependency on drugs. Every now and then, the families of the recovering addicts are asked to attend a group meeting. So, recently my mother, sister, and I attended a group meeting with my brother. I have been to so many meetings with my brother that I normally know how things are going to go, but this group meeting went differently this time.When we got to the facility, we are asked to sign in and have a seat in the waiting area. After sitting there for about 10 minutes, the counselor come out and asked everyone to come on back.

She is the group the leader for this specific class. We then went into a very large room and were asked to sit anywhere we would like. I would say that this room held at least 60 chairs that were in a circle.

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These meeting were normally just our family, but this time it was everyone else and their families also.There was an opening in the front of the room, where the counselor would stand with her easel. The recovering addicts of the room seemed at ease to be there, but I could tell that everyone else seemed to be a bit nervous.

The counselor started the meeting with how families and attitudes play a big role in sobriety. She spoke on this topic for about 15 minutes and then said to everyone, “How do think your attitude helps the people in your family with their sobriety? ” Everyone in the room took turns in answering her question.Then, she left the floor open for anyone to ask her questions. 2 I can’t speak for everyone in the group, but as far as brother he is achieving his goals. I believe that this counselor is doing a great job at deciding on topics and discussions for her group.

My brother is responsible for turning his life around, but I would also say that this counselor has played a big role in him staying clean. I have no suggestions for this counselor because she is doing a fantastic job at saving lives.


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