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Common Mistakes You Never Knew You Were Making With Your DogAs a dog owner, you need your dog to have the most ideal life. After all, your dog gives you unlimited love and snuggles. If you’re like me, you will love them like a relative.

But since you’re a human, you may commit a couple of errors with your dog without acknowledging it. Here are a couple of the basic missteps, given to me by veterinarians and dog trainersNot doing your analysis before getting a dog To set yourself up for success with your dog, you have to be prepared from the outset.Owning a dog  is an obligation regarding the lifetime of that pet. Ensure you are set up before making that dedication. Pets require time and cash. You should also be cautious when choosing the kind of breed to adopt. “If you are interested in a specific breed of dog, do your research first. Do not make an impulse decision.

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Some dogs require a lot more activity than others, some dogs do not do well left alone for long periods, some do not do well with small children or cats.”Make a point to settle on the correct decision for your home and lifestyle. Obtaining your dog from a pet store In inquiring about the type of dog you ought to get, you should likewise examine where you will get your dog from.

“Often times pet stores obtain dogs from puppy mills. Puppy mills confine dogs in overcrowded and unsanitary, deplorable conditions. Their purpose is to churn out puppies for profit with little concern for the well being of the dogs. Do not support this cause.

Rescue a dog from your local animal shelter or carefully research a quality, reputable breeder” There are such huge number of incredible dog rescues out there, and a significant number of them will give a considerable measure of data about the dogs in their care. They’ll enable you to pick the correct dog for yourself. Waiting too long to socialize a puppyIf you choose to get a puppy instead of a grown-up dog, you have an incredible chance to train your dog according to your style.

You also have the duty of socializing them at an extremely youthful age.The general rule is to socialize your puppy early. “As a general rule, the earlier the better for socializing your puppy. The ‘magic’ window for socialization of puppies ends around 14 weeks of age. Up until then, they are very open to new experiences and are learning what is ‘normal’ in their world.” After 14 weeks, your dog can end up noticeably suspicious and dreadful, making socialization all the more difficult.

The more dogs you introduce to your new puppy, the better. It must be done in a protected domain however. Puppy classes, encased yards, or somebody’s home are preferable places. Stay away from walkways, dog parks, and anyplace else that you don’t have control of which dogs come and go.

Until the point that the puppy is completely vaccinated, he is in danger. Safe socialization is the key.Being inconsistent when training your dogOne of the most common mistakes dog owners make is not being consistent with their training.

“Inconsistency is commonly seen when pet owners do not follow through with a command or schedule routine for their dog. The consequences that result is a confused dog that will then assume that he/she does not have to do that particular command.” For example, if some pet owners enable their dog to jump, yet someone else in the family does not need them to, at that point the dog  will keep on jumping up unless everybody ask the same from the dog . If you’re experiencing difficulties staying consistent because individuals from your family have different desires of your dog, it’s justifiably correct to have a discussion with them about dog training.

A dog who has consistency will probably act the way you need them to.


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