Commentary on “Fidel Castro at the United Nations on U.S-Cuban relations” Essay

Commentary on “fidel castro at the united nations on u.s-cuban relations”            At the onset, it must be pointed out that the general feel of the piece is one of propaganda.  The entire report focuses on the side of Fidel Castro in his speech and the actions that he has taken against America.  The introduction already provides the reader with an insight as to the general theme and flow of the report when it characterized Fidel Castro as the successor of Batista and a young lawyer who public denounced the imperialist tendencies of the United States.He characterized the relationship as an imperialist one, in which the main beneficiary was the United States, and complained that the efforts of Cubans to improve their social and economic situation had prompted the Americans to label them communists. Further, he argued, the economic and military aggressions of the island’s giant neighbor infringed upon Cuba’s right to develop itself for its own people.

Castro also criticized the United States’ manipulation of regional and international organizations to serve its own interests.This passage in the introduction clearly shows the intent of the writer to portray Fidel Castro as a people’s champion.  This is then utilized by the writer to set the tone throughout the report that Fidel Castro has publicly vowed to alleviate the situation in Cuba.            Another matter which must be pointed out is the style of the writer in the attempt to generate support for the cause of Fidel Castro.  The constant references to the actions and speeches of Fidel Castro (e.g.

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Mr Castro said, Mr Castro spoke) are an attempt to pass off as a journalistic piece an essay or at best a personal opinion on the matter without regard as to the validity of the claims and assertions of Fidel Castro.  The writer is actually voicing out his sentiments through selected speeches and quotes from Fidel Castro.  The premise that the writer of this report seeks to create is that the poor situation that Cuba is in is actually caused by the policies and intervention of the United States and that Fidel Castro is the only person who is in the position to alleviate this situation.

  The title of the report “Fidel Castro at the United Nations on U.S.-Cuban Relations” attempts to lend journalistic competence to the article but as the supporting passages reveal is nothing more than a propaganda material supporting Fidel Castro.            The other factor is the motivation of the writer of this report or the background factor which influenced the creation of this piece.  Clearly, the report does not only make reference to the actions of the United States against Cuba and its effects but also tries to justify whatever actions and stand Fidel Castro has made in this regard.

What could Cuba do? Go to the United Nations and denounce this economic aggression? The United Nations has power to deal with these matters; but it sought an investigation to be carried out by the Organization of American States. As a result, the United States was not condemnedThis line tries to establish the fact that there is no longer any support that can be counted on from the international community and hints at the possibility of Fidel Castro taking matters into his own hands and employing drastic measures to remedy the situation.            In summary, this document leads to the conclusion that the writer behind this piece would either be a staunch supporter of Fidel Castro or Fidel Castro disguising himself as a reporter.

  While there is an attempt at journalistic competence, the failure of the writer to establish any sufficient basis for supporting the allegations of Fidel Castro and the clear bias that it presents leads the reader to think that this is nothing more than propaganda material for Fidel Castro to generate sympathy for his cause and justify his actions.


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