Com470 Behaviors of E-Tailing Essay

Behaviors of E-Tailing Maximino Ruiz University of Phoenix Behaviors of E-Tailing Technology changes the way companies do business throughout the globe. At one period in history when a technological change was introduced in an organization, it was a big deal because, unlike current advancements, the changes were not made so frequently. Every day, upgrades and new products are developed to make companies more efficient and productive. In the mid-1990s with the use of the Internet, companies realized that more people would be spending his or her hard-earned money online than ever before.They could also foresee that the number of people and dollars would increase through online sales from that point forward.

E-tailing is the virtual storefront for companies that allow these organizations to sell their services and products online. Several behaviors will be discuss that are associated with e-tailing. These particular behaviors each have a communication medium associated with how the business and customer interact with one another.

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In some circumstances the information is simply data for research purposes, but for an organization interested in making money, these mediums must enable e-commerce, or the exchange of money online for goods and services provided by a specific company. Product and service search is the first behavior that introduces e-tailing to the consumer. The phase of purchase and how the organization presents and sells its products is a determining factor in how successful a company can be over another.Partnership after the purchase in the final behavior associated with e-tailing. How an organization continues their relationship with its customers determines word of mouth advertising and repeat business. The first behavior associated with e-tailing begins with the consumer. The desire to research a product or service entices people to sit in the comfort of his or her homes and search for the items he or she desires most. Age, demographic, ethnicity, and sex are obvious just a few of the uncontrolled reason an individual would choose to visit a specific site.

The purpose is the need or desire of the consumer. Once a request is sent, the receiving company should provide a website that is appealing to the eye, simple to use and maneuver through, and create an element of trust and security. As more consumers turn to electronic commerce, online retailers are striving for a perfect shopping environment. (JCMC, 1999).

Through the use of banners, search engines, and capture pages advertised on social networking sites, it makes the chance of researching something new that much higher.The feedback from the research in the communication process sends the consumer directly to the desired page. The process enables and increases the chances of e-commerce through a virtual experience that takes customers to e-tail locations of their desires. Through the use of the Internet, companies no longer need to have a brick and mortar presence to receive traffic and generate revenue. The second behavior is the phase of the purchase when companies like Wal-Mart and Amazon. com go head to head to set themselves apart from one another to entice a larger customer base.

Options like free shipping, secure payment processes, live chats with a customer service representative, and warrantied return policies are what customers need in the virtual world of e-commerce to secure and comfortable to come back. The communication process associated with this behavior reverses because the e-tailer will make recommendations on additional products or services that the customer may need or should consider. When the consumer received this message, noise is reduced, thus increasing the chances of e-commerce because the consumer is already at the site for one product, but may leave with two.The last behavior associated with e-tailing would be the partnership potentially created after the purchase has been made. Consumers who make purchases online want to know the full story about the product or service and what he or she is involving themselves in. It is in the best interest of the e-tailer to keep their process simple and user friendly.

Too many options and side pages keep consumers from doing what companies need them to do, make purchases. E-tailing allows companies to remain clean and turn inventory over faster to make room for newer products.Customers dislike thinking they are required to pay one amount, and after charges, taxes, and fees pay a different. Online companies that inform their client base upfront about fees and charges have a better chance of keeping that business. Finally, learning about the customer through the use of consumer behavior and traffic recognition software enables the e-tailer to understand what their customers are most interested in, and willing to buy the most of. (ClickZ, 2011).The communication medium for this behavior begins when the customer is sent a message to inform that individual of the company’s gratitude for their business and a possible discount if they return for additional purchases.

Consumers can select if they whether or not he or she allows noise because they do not have to respond to the e-mails. However, this process also increases e-commerce because the notifications and surveys display a sense of loyalty to the customer as well and increases the chance of that individual opening the e-mail and being directed to the site for additional products he or she may be interested in.A persuasive message must be confident, logical, and positive if an organization expects to increase the chances of traffic. The chances of a consumer continuing his or her decision-making along the persuasive path increase when the organization is a subject matter expert, has excellent ratings and referrals, and can provide credibility to the information used in the persuasion process. An example of a persuasive message for a virtual audience could be; “Are you tired of paying too much for toner and paper when your company needs to print and keep records?Are the changes in technology keeping your business from expanding? Contact us at Max-Toner.

com to have one of our qualified business technology consultants go out to your company, free of charge, and conduct a no cost business technology assessment on your printing and scanning devices. This assessment is designed to show you how to increase efficiencies and reduce expenses associated with the cost of printing. Reduce real-estate through electronic document management software for easy and safe retrieval and filing.If you are interested in being able to acquire the latest technology at an affordable rental rate, Max-Toner. com can help your business reduce current expenses and increase productivity. Contact us today! ” The message should entice any organization to consider the idea of an individual visiting their location and conduct a no cost assessment on the organizations business technology. This message would increase e-commerce because every organization is interested in saving money in this current economy.

When the consumer decides to become a customer, Max-Toner. com will make its money in software and hardware upgrades and a five-year contract rental that acts similar to the lease of a vehicle. Paper, toner, service, and supplies are also conveniently provided so the customer is required to do business with Max-Toner. com for every other business need as well. Everything about the e-commerce and e-tailing business must be a comfortable and safe experience for the consumer.Not having a face-to-face conversation when purchasing a high dollar entertainment center or computer can make most experience nervousness, but companies have used the data collected of the years to make the experience online more enjoyable. Reference Page JCMC (1999). The Impact of Perceived Channel Utilities, Shopping Orientations, and Demographics on the Consumers Online Buying Behavior.

Retrieved from http://jcmc. indiana. edu/vol5/issue2/hairong.

html ClikZ. Marketing News & Expert Advice (2011). E-Tailing’s Critical Success Factors.

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