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Old Baldy illuminates the water with flashes of light to guide ships. Bald Head Island is the constant in my world of change. From the time my mother was in high school, an annual family vacation to Bald Head Island has existed in order to assemble the Speagle family.The precious memories created on the serene island of Bald Head will never be taken away from me, and the island will remain off the coast of Southport, North Carolina for as long as I remain on this earth.

The assurance Of a simple place, along with the memories it offered me, is enough to obtain contentment. Toward the end of July marks the time that my Uncle Hunter and Aunt Bee fly in from New York, my sister and nephew from Guam, my brother from Chicago, and the whole Speagle clan makes their journey to the beautiful blue house on Sand Piper Trail.Setting up lemonade stands, riding our bikes to the pool, and building sand castles are the childhood memories I keep with my siblings. Only a few years ago we were all children. Now, they are both married with children and live miles away. Despite change and distance, we unite each year on Bald Head Island. Through money struggles, Poppie’s cancer, my brother’s addiction, and my parent’s divorce, we continuously made our way to the island when the time actually came.

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The vacation stayed the same through the good and bad times, and I will always value the memories made.I am content with the thought of Bald Head Island being my family s place. Even when Poppie is gone, can remember him sitting on the front porch of the beach house in a rocking chair smoking a cigarette and telling jokes. When my big brother is miles away stationed in Hawaii, can remember the time he caught an alligator while we were fishing! These memories dwell in my mind, cannot be taken away from me, and can be used to feel close to my family even if they are not physically with me.

In order to obtain contentment, I keep important memories fresh in my mind and use hem to escape to a happy place.I can create a temporary vacation in my head in order to flee the grittiness of reality. In the future, I can visit the island and go to the turtle watch and find my initials carved into the wooden bench and I can visit the old blue house on sand piper trail and look for the old radio connected my phone to so many times to DJ our family talent shows. I will pass the brown villas and remember the first place my nephew stayed in on his first trip to the island. My family grew up and moved away, and I will soon e heading off to college and growing up too.

However, will have these picturesque memories to provide me with serenity when life becomes too much to handle. This island is where find my peace. Throughout my life, I was forced to grow alongside all the changes that inevitably happened to me. Nevertheless, found assurance and security in one simple place.

In modern day America, the desire for upgrades and bigger and better advancements to materials things would be a common issue, but what provides me with true contentment is this island and its simplicity.


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