College Composition Essay

Abortion continues to be a controversy between pro and con supporters.

There are so many different opinions on why people are for and against abortion. I believe that a child is a blessing, and abortion stops a potential future president, an artist, or maybe even someone who can find a possible cure for cancer. What ever it is, we may never know, due to the fact abortion takes a life. My religious views, my personal views, and evidence are the reason I chose to be pro-life. To all abortions; there is a cause.As said in the article why women choose Abortion, 74% felt having a baby would dramatically change their life, 32% were “not ready for another child and 1% said they were “a victim of rape” (Lowen). Lacking a strong support system, being unprepared or being victims of rape are all reasons, why women and teens choose to carryout the abortion.

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Rape is foul. According to the article “Experts: Rape does not lower odds of pregnancy”, the odds of a woman’s chances of becoming pregnant are the same after rape as they are after consensual sex, according to medical experts (Dellorto) .Rape is something that no girl wishes upon themselves.

If a women or a teen becomes pregnant from this obscene act, their only thought could be that they do not want to have a child by their attacker, and abortion is something that can easily take away a possible struggle they may endure in their life. Arnold 2 Abortion is not always safe; it comes with several complications. You are more at risk for possible infections and diseases. National statistics on abortion show that 10% of women who undergo this suffer from immediate complications (Cunningham).Many times when having an abortion, women and teens do not realize the possibility of ruining their chance of becoming a parent. I think having an abortion is selfish, in the bible genesis chapter 1 verse 28 it says “be fruitful and multiply”(“Holy Bible”), this mean to have many children and grow in number, filling the earth, but doing it the right way and waiting until you are married. I believe that if you do it this way, you wouldn’t have to worry about struggling, because God will help you.

There are other and better options, than just settling for an abortion. I cannot tell you how to live your life, but if you chose to have sex both girl and boy, you should protect yourself with either birth control pills or a condom to ensure your protection. Many times teens or even adults fail to protect themselves and sometimes a female ends up pregnant, affecting her and her partner. Adoption is also a better option to those who are pregnant and do not have a clue on whether to abort their child or put them up for adoption.I do not agree with giving your baby up for adoption, but I think it is better to give your child to a family that would like to have a child, rather than aborting your child. Abortion is legal and I fell that it should be illegal. I know that women are given the right to decide whether they would like to keep their child or not, but why should we decide, it’s a life that is being killed.

I fell that if women make the decision to have sex, Arnold 3 they should be prepared for whatever happens next, whether it is pregnancy or possible infections.


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