College Application Essay

In search of daily inspiration and delight, I always look at artistic richness of the surrounding environment. Before visiting Flagler College, I heard a lot about its advantages, like suitable location, highly professional teaching personnel, up-to-date facilities, etc. Having entered the campus for the first time, I was simply overwhelmed with the beauty and coziness of St. Augustine, as well as with its Spanish Renaissance Revival style architecture.

I can appreciate this magnificence, probably, more than the others, because all my life I was in close contact with natural beauty and sculptural artworks, which are both presented in their gorgeousness at Flagler. My parents, antique dealers, implanted into my mind their love to arts and greatly contributed into the development of my esthetic sensibility and zest for life. That is why I find my true vocation in bringing the splendor of arts into the hearts of other people.I suppose that my father became a very successful entrepreneur not only because of his special knack for commerce. He is doing his business professionally and effectively for the reason that he is an artistically aware person, who has a finest taste and is a real expert in many different types of art.

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I always valued the most his true devotion to his occupation, and I intent to develop my personal identity in this direction, as well.Therefore, I want to learn the basics of entrepreneurship, and I am interested in joining a strong business program with the perspective of international studies. I have been cultivating the essential qualities of a good businessman on the arena of sport. My experience of being a surfer and a captain of my high school surf team helped me to gain characteristics, like determination, willpower, confidence, abilities to surmount the obstacles and to lead people.

I plan to continue my sports activity in the college, because I find it very useful for my personal development.Upon a balance, I think that Flagler College is a perfect place for me to acquire all necessary knowledge and skills to implement my objective. Individual approach, small class size and the opportunity to advance own personality are the most attractive features of Flagler teaching strategy, which definitely favor creating a unique learning environment and assisting students in realization of their potentials in preparation for future career.Bibliography:·         Flagler College. (2006, September 22).

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