College Admissions Essay

All my life I have received wisdom and insight from adult role models. Many offerings of guidance have been insignificant and rather useless, however there have been few instances in my 16 years where I was enlightened with information which changed my entire perspective. Out of all these rare exchanges of life knowledge, one remains the most vivid and meaningful in my past experiences. This occurrence took place when I was extremely young.

It was a normal afternoon in my second grade classroom when our class was summoned to the auditorium for an assembly.A guest speaker had a arrived to give an inspirational speech to the young students of Kumeyaay Elementary. To many children in the room, what the man said was nothing more than just a funny story and an afternoon of mild entertainment. I sat on the edge of my seat, trying to get a view of the booming voice over the heads of the students in front of me towards the end of the presentation.

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I finally acquired a good view of the speaker and listened intently to the words that changed my life.“Don’t ever get too comfortable with what you know, imagination is more important than knowledge. from that moment forward my life completely fell apart from something I thought was concrete and broke me out of my shell into the beautiful world of the abstract attributes of the human mind. As I began to grow older I noticed as my friends and even my older brother (whom I idolize) become more attached to reality and how they thought it was supposed to work. They formed concrete perspective and attached themselves to traits and opinions that created a type of biological programming to their minds and lives.Instead of conforming to my own social expectations and perceptions, I began to explore the limits and capabilities of my imagination.

I remained open to all possibilities and results and never believed anything to be absolute truth. `Although I have always been a skeptical learner and a free thinker I am an extremely trusting person. I believe in the incomparable motivation and talent of the human race as well as the human mind. My interest in growing and expanding the reality I contain inside my brain has directly corresponded to my pursuit of knowledge of the physical universe and how it functions.I believe that information is power but that it can be useless when interpreted or used incorrectly.

As I fueled my never-ending hunger for the most strange and perspective altering facts about the world around me I began to experience extreme joy in the newfound control I obtained over my consciousness. It is because of that advice that I was given long ago as a child that I took advantage of the opportunity to develop my reality in this way. Life is a journey of growth and expansion, and if you get too comfortable with how you believe the world should work, you will only deprive yourself of living through truth.


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