Coffee Shop Essay

Why should I be nice to you?. Coffee shops and the politics of good service is the article of Emily Raine shows the issues of the working environment like coffee shop. Raine’s worked in good and bad conditions in many place for many years. She finds the ways that make her feel better and less stress at work. Raine’s deal with difficult kind of people like the manager, “the displayed that unique of pleasant customers”.

She was not happy because the “pay”, and the “long” hours that she has to work.She learned that good service doesn’t mean much of anything. The most important thing that I knew that every single customer service all know is, always be nice to the customers. I understand that the customer’s experience should always be the best it can possibly be, that you should always strive to make their experience better. No matter what they said to you, what they treat you, how rude and disrespectful they were and what they want from you.

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That is the most difficult thing to do, because you never know if they in the bad mood or good mood. If customers received a bad service because you in bad mood then it is very possible that could cause you in trouble or decrease the chance of those customer coming back to your restaurant. Why Should I Be Nice To You? : Coffee Shops and the Politics of Good Service is the article about Emily Raine’s opinions about the coffee shop. She used many examples to get reader attention and understand for her how difficult when working in the coffee shop.There are different between work in the “service jobs” “find dining to cocktail waitressing to hip euro-bistro counter work” and the coffee shop. She thought she got pay too little for the long hours, the boring at work and the tricky person like the “manager”. She talks about the Starbuck coffee shop, “where cheerful young workers are displayed behind elevated counters”. Starbuck has branded a new kind of worker, “the happy wholesome, perfume-free barista”.

She also compared the working environment of Starbuck and other companies finally she nderstood that there is no easy way to serve without being a “servant” and she always found that the best way to serve is to show actual emotion rather than affecting a smooth display of interminable patience of good will” also personality with a customer it very important of being good sever. I agree and also disagree with her opinion. I think that she already knew how much she got paid before the first day of work so why did she choose to work for that jobs. I understand that before the first day of work the manager explain for you everything that you need and how long that you have to work for each day.She shouldn’t complain about the pay and how long that she has to work because she already knew all of that. She said that “The managers demanding”, of course when you work under someone else, you have to follow every single demand of someone above you. You have to understand for them, because there is someone else above demand them to do that.

She feel that working in the coffee shop the time to interact with customer not too long “Unlike table service, where interaction with customers spans a minimum of half an hour, the average contact with a cafe customer lasts less than ten seconds”( Raine 213).Every job has a different time to communicate with your customer in restaurants. For example the time to communicate with the server and waitress in the restaurant is longer time than serving in the coffee shop.

Customers in the fast food restaurant and the coffee shop get order the food, the drink, and carry the food out to the table. When you serve in the restaurant, you need to stop by couple of time to ask if the customer need something else. In the coffee shop, the customer service stand behind the counter and get what the customers need.In the coffee shop not many people will stand up or ask you for something else, because the counter around the coffee shop is full of everything they need, sugar, milk, straw and napkin, the place where they can serve by themselves. But in the restaurant, they will ask you for a little thing such as napkin, refill the drink, or order something else for their table, because restaurants are fancier places than fast food restaurants or coffee shops. I believe that the way fast food restaurant run is get people in line, order what they want by take a little “trip” inside the restaurant.The purpose is get customer feel like they are not wasting time to get their food. “This means that in a given visit a customer might order from one worker, receive food from the next, then brewed coffee or tea from yet another, then pay a cashier before proceeding down the line of the counter.

Every employee has a different job and in some way you need more than three or four people to service you, and you don’t want to wait any longer to receive the food.She also complains “Our notions of good service revolve around a series of platitudes about professionalism; we’re at your service, with a smile where the customer’s always right”(Raine 214). Of course you need to smile at customers to show your happy personality so it make customer feel more comfortable when eating in your restaurant no matter where you work, not only in the coffee shop. The customer always right, I don’t thinks many place that have this rule, because sometime customers need more than what you can give.They need something over your work, that means you don’t have to follow their demand. She also said that the server at the Starbucks “where cheerful young workers are displayed behind elevated counters as they banter back and forth, calling out fancy Italian drink names and creating theatre out of their productive labor”(Raine 215).

All of this also depend on you, depend on your partners. You want to make your work become happy and cheerful, you can do that. The boss wants their employees feel comfortable at their work.Raine’s said Starbuck coffee has good benefits for their employees such as, health insurance, dental plans and other perks such as product discount and give away” (Raine 216).

I don’t understand what she talk about those unusual benefit. What is an unusual benefit for service?. I know that a lot companies offer good insurance for their employees. What is the difference between Starbucks benefits and other companies’ benefits? She needs to explain little bit more about the unusual benefits of Starbucks offer for their employees.The text was written in a way that was easily understandable, and also it was very easy to relate to. Most people have had an encounter with some type of customer service work, whether they were actually working, or they were being served.

I agree and also disagree with her opinion. Because there are a lot of different kinds of people that you have to service and you’re a worker you have to deal with your boss and follow their demand. After I read this article I also understand how difficult and hard time for service work behind the counter.I understand how difficult it was for her and other worker to deal managers. I suggest for Raine’s that changing the jobs until you find a better job is a good way to improve your work skills and have less stress at work and also my suggestion for the manager is as a manager you has to understand how hard your employees have to work. Try to put more people on the schedule and more than one people on one station that more easy for employees to do their work.

The more comfortable employees have the more success they could bring to your restaurant or the coffee shop.


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